German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia: Helpful Treatment and Prevention Tips

How to treat german shepherd hip dysplasia

Yes, German Shepherd hip dysplasia is a common orthopedic problem. Nearly 20% of German Shepherds suffer from the condition. This implies that the chances of your German Shepherd developing hip dysplasia are 1 in 5. This probability is even higher for dogs whose parents had the disease. As you may know, hip dysplasia mostly affects […]

What Dog Breeds Are Prone to Hip Dysplasia? Your Question Answered

As a dog owner, you know that choosing a dog breed is about more than how she will look on your Instagram feed. There are so many other factors to be considered when choosing a dog breed. Some factors are simple such as size and physical appearance while others are much more complicated for example […]

Top 11 Golden Retriever Gifts

Top 11 Golden Retriever Gifts

You’ve just brought your golden retriever puppy home. Congratulations! But now you need to ensure that you spoil it with lots of golden retriever gifts! What are the best gifts for golden retrievers? The items you buy should involve playtime, since golden retrievers love to play, but they should also form part of how you […]

A Guide on How to Groom a Golden Retriever

How To Groom A Golden Retriever

Grooming your golden retriever is important to keep his or her fur and skin healthy. But, it also gives your pet lots of other benefits.  Why should you groom your golden retriever? Regular grooming will help to prevent your dog’s fur from becoming matted or tangled, which isn’t just unhygienic because of how it traps […]

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live? Your Question Answered

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live?

No one wants to think about losing their pet. We all want our dogs to live forever because they’re our fur babies. That said, it helps to know how long our golden retrievers will live so we can ensure we give them a healthy life that could potentially increase their lifespan.  Do golden retrievers have […]

Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Learn How to Manage Your Dog’s Fur

Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

You love your golden retriever – he’s fun, loving, playful, and who could forget that he has such a gorgeous coat? But if you’re owning a golden retriever for the first time, you might wonder if he’s going to shed a lot of his fur. It seems like his fur is all over the furniture […]

Healthiest Dog Breeds: The Top 30 Healthiest Dogs

Healthiest Dog Breeds

Curious as to what the healthiest dog breeds are? You’re not alone. Everyone wants their dog to live as long as possible. While there are some breeds that are more prone to health problems, there are others known for longer than average lifespans. In this roundup, we’re sharing the top 30 healthiest dog breeds based […]

How Do I Find Responsible Dog Breeders Near Me?

Who wouldn’t want to welcome another puppy into their lives? Before you buy one though, you should always go to a responsible breeder. Unlike puppy mills and pet stores, they are concerned about the animal’s wellbeing. Before you take the next step and become a new dog owner, learn more about finding dog breeders near […]

Golden Retriever Grooming Basics 101

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Golden Retrievers are beautiful and they have AMAZING hair, but taking care of that amazing fur can be really stressful. If you decided to take your golden to a groomer, get ready to pay and if you plan on doing it yourself, you’ll need at least 3 hours to complete the task. Some people believe […]

All About Golden Retrievers

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History: Golden Retrievers have become one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Because of this, there are a lot of theories about how they were developed. For many years it was generally accepted that Goldens were direct descendants of some Russian circus dogs purchased by a member of the English gentry. […]

Top Reasons to Own a Golden Retriever

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The Golden Retriever is the third most popular dog in the United States. For many people, the golden retriever is more or less the quintessential dog. When they think of dogs at all, they think of golden retrievers. When people decide to settle down in the suburbs with their picket fences and families, the dogs […]

How much does a Golden Retriever Cost? Your Question Answered


“Where can I buy a Golden Retriever puppy?” “Why should I worry about finding a responsible breeder” and “How much does a Golden Retriever cost?” are questions we get asked very frequently. Real numbers: First, let’s talk about expectations. On average a Golden Retriever can cost anything from $500 to $1,000 from a regular seller. […]

Top 5 Most Famous Golden Retrievers


1. Tucker Budzyn Tucker is one of the most famous Golden Retrievers on the Internet right now, with more than 3 million followers between YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. This gorgeous pup is famous thanks to his cheeky personality, and most recently, for the way he reacted when he saw a hair clip for the first […]

Why is My English Bulldog Shedding so Much?

It’s a question that we hear quite often. With a short coat, the English Bulldog is not thought of as a mega shedding breed, and when those hairs do start dropping en masse owners get concerned. Read on to learn what to do when dealing when English Bulldog shedding becomes a problem. Hairs everywhere can […]

An Overview of The Bolognese Dog aka Bichon Bolognese

A dog of Italian nobility, the Bolognese dog is a charming and sweet-natured dog, who has become well-known for its cotton ball look. If you’re looking for a cuddly dog to join your family, then look no further! Because of their friendly nature and small size, these little dogs make great pets. A Brief History of […]

The Alpha of All Dogs: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog or Vlcak

A military dog during the day and a sweet loving pup at night, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a dog breed not meant to be taken lightly. Intelligent, protective, and quick-witted, this dog breed is sure to keep you on your toes at all times! Meet the Czechoslovakian wolfdog aka A Wolf Dog Hybrid These dogs […]

Meet the Jindo Dog: The Great Korean Hunting Dog

A medium-sized dog primarily bred for hunting and guarding, the Jindo is easily considered one of the most popular Korean dog breeds today. Similar in appearance to the Shiba Inu and the Akita, the Jindo is a fascinating dog breed but is one that requires plenty of research for those considering owning one. Meet the […]

Meet the Cute and Cuddly Cavapoo

Cavapoos are a result of breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a poodle. Also known as a Cavoodle, the poodle part of the crossbreed is usually a Miniature Poodle.  If you’re lucky, this crossbreed will bring you some of the best characteristics of both breeds. Meet the Cute and Cuddly Cavapoo Puppies! A rose […]

Introducing The Toy Poodle!

Toy Poodles – they’re pint-sized, playful, and not just companions for people with posh inclinations! If you’re thinking about sharing your life with a Toy Poodle, be prepared to have another “person” in the house. Poodles of any size personality plus! These little guys and girls make great emotional support animals. They’re intelligent, affectionate and […]

A Guide on Golden Retriever Rescues and Breeders

When looking for a four-legged companion, you can’t go further than the wonderful Golden Retriever. If their warm smile has not won you over immediately, the rest of this article will explain how and why they are the best for those in need. And for those who want to know where to find the best […]

Japanese Dog Breeds that Make Great Pets!

Japanese dogs – they’re cute, they’re cuddly, and we often find them as the subject of silly dog memes circulating around the internet! Read on and find out why Japanese dog breeds make for the perfect pet! A Great Origin Story Even though Japanese dog breeds look like harmless little pups that couldn’t even hurt […]

The Kangal Dog Breed: A Guard Dog Par Excellence!

The Kangal dog is the most famous of the Turkish sheepdog breeds. It is a giant of a dog, with a personality to match. Fearless and rugged when guarding flocks against predators out on the pastures. Patient and loyal when protecting its family. This is a superior watchdog, simultaneously intelligent and endearing. A Brief History […]

A Gentleman’s Terrier: The Manchester Terrier Dog Breed

Are you a fan of handsome dogs? If so, you’re in for a treat, because the Manchester Terrier is one of the smartest looking dogs this side of the Irwell River! The sleek-coated Manchester Terrier is a super match for an active family. It loves to exercise and is an alert and lively breed that […]

Fluffy, Cuddly and Cute: The Cavachon Dog Breed

The Cavachon is the delightful combination of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. These are happy-go-lucky, people-friendly dogs. They make for wonderful family pets. They are as happy cuddling with you on the couch as they are out and about seeing the world. Prepare to have your heart melted by this adorable […]

Poodles 101: The Ultimate Guide to the Poodle

All the poodles! These rather regal dogs make fantastic emotional support animals. They’re friendly and kind, very affectionate and will stay loyally by your side for life. Bred in 3 super cute sizes to suit all kinds of households, there’s bound to be a pup for you. Find out if the poodle is your spirit […]

Introducing the Active Plott Hound Dog Breed

The Plott Hound isn’t necessarily a well-known or common breed, but it is one to be proud of. In terms of this dog breeds history, nature, and abilities, this is a dignified, loyal breed. The Plott Hound is well suited to strong dog lovers. If you are looking for a dog that is tough, active, […]

The Big, Brave and Bold Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed

Everyone knows of the Schnauzer breed, but have you ever heard of the divine Giant Schnauzer? This pup is a bigger, even more lovable version of the well-known classic Standard Schnauzer canine companion. With its bold look, imposing size and fiercely loyal personality, this dog is a real win for those seeking a doggo for […]

Terriers 101: A Guide to the Terrier Breeds

There’s nothing quite like Terrier pups. With their distinct features, unique personality and impressive history, this breed will keep you on your toes. Expect never to have a dull moment in your life with Terrier breeds by your side! What’s in a Name? Defining Terrier Breeds! The name “Terrier” is a Latin word for ‘terra’, […]

Your Ultimate Guide to The Boxer Dog Breed

You’d never know it, but the Boxer dog was originally bred as a guard dog. Often referred to as the “Peter Pan” of dog breeds, Boxers tend to stay in Neverland until they are around three years old. Don’t fear the long puppyhood, though – this breed is silly, full of joy, and sweet as […]

Everything You Need to Know about the Collie Breed

Do you remember the 1950s show Lassie featuring a gorgeous and courageous dog? Lassie was always ready to save her family members from whatever trouble they got into. But Lassie was much more than just a loving puppy that came to the rescue when needed. Lassie was the dog who sent the Rough Collie breed […]