A Guide to Probiotics for Dogs with Diarrhea

probiotics for dogs

Diarrhea is a widespread issue in dogs. A study determining the diarrhea incidence found out that 14.9% of dogs showing up for vet appointments have had one or more diarrhea bouts within the last two weeks. In this article, we will talk about dog probiotics for diarrhea.  Studies show that probiotics can be used to […]

Turkey Tail Mushroom: Risks, Side Effects, & Considerations

Dog owner taking dog to veterinarian

When your dog is ill, you do everything you can to alleviate their symptoms by making them comfortable, offering relief from discomfort, and keeping them calm. For this very reason, many pet parents reach for natural and herbal products that promise good safety profiles and minimal side effects. Since medicinal mushrooms have come on the scene in veterinary […]

How Turkey Tail Mushroom Can Assist With a Dog’s Cancer Treatment

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All dogs are at risk of developing cancer. It’s a cruel disease that attacks both purebreds and mixed breeds, shortening the life expectancy of special companions. However, treatments and natural remedies can help slow down the progression and even prevent the disease. By strengthening cancer-fighting cells, your dog may have the chance to fight for […]

Your Guide on Probiotics For Dogs With Cancer

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Sadly research suggests that almost 60% of pets will develop cancer at some point in their lives. This number is devastating and emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and therapy. Lately, dog food supplements like CBD oil, fatty acids, probiotics, and antioxidants are of particular interest due to their ability to mitigate the effects associated […]

How to Shrink a Dog’s Tumor: 11 Different Ways

Types of Tumors in Dogs

Our pets are important to us. So, when dog owners are stroking their dog’s fur and feel a lump that wasn’t there before, of course they’re concerned. Tumors mean cancer, right? Actually, it isn’t automatically the case that tumors in dogs indicate a serious illness. There are certainly benign tumors as well. Many types of fatty tumors […]

Can a Dog Overdose on Probiotics? Your Question Answered

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Probiotics are safe and support the dog’s overall health. But what happens if a dog eats too many beneficial bacteria? In this article, we will answer a popular question – can dogs overdose on probiotics?  Simply put, dogs cannot overdose on probiotics as they do not contain directly troublesome ingredients. However, too many good bacteria […]

The Best Probiotics For Dogs According to a Veterinarian

probiotics for dogs

Studies show that canine probiotics can help with an array of issues, including improved food intake, weight management, and a stronger immune system. They are also beneficial for managing food allergies, ear infections, and bad breath. Keep reading as we will explain how to shop for pet probiotics and choose the best probiotic supplement for […]

What You Need to Know About Prebiotics for Dogs 

what are prebiotic for dogs

You are probably familiar with the probiotics – the benefits and health claims, but what about prebiotics? Do not be confused – prebiotics and probiotics are not the same.  Defined as soluble and indigestible fiber, studies show that prebiotics act as standalone health benefactors. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know […]

Probiotics for Puppies: Are They Right for Your Pup?

probiotic for puppies

Not all microorganisms are potential pathogens – some bacteria and yeasts are health-boosting and available in the form of probiotic supplements. But are dog probiotics safe for suitable for young puppies?  Yes, when used responsibly and in the right amounts, good bacteria are safe for puppies. Studies show that probiotics support a healthy GI tract, […]

Dog Vomiting Blood: Causes and Treatment

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Dog vomiting blood can be scary for any owner, as well as unpleasant for the poor pup. Vomiting in dogs can have many different causes, which can indicate a wide variety of conditions.   In most cases, vomiting blood is a warning indicating the need for urgent veterinary attention. Keep reading to learn more about this […]

How to Keep Your Dog’s Joints Healthy

How to Keep Your Dog s Joints Healthy

One of the things all pet parents can agree on is the importance of joint health for their canine companions. Dogs are very active animals. All breeds love to run, play, and just have a good walk around the neighborhood. This means a dog owner needs to do what they can to support their dog’s […]

How to Handle Dog Diarrhea: The #1 Guide for Diarrhea in Dogs

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All dog diarrhea cases have one thing in common – an upset stomach. Considering how common an upset stomach is, it is easy to assume how common diarrhea is in dogs.  In fact, according to a study, 14.9% of dogs had diarrhea within the previous two-week period. Another study reported that 28.6% of dogs visit […]

Yogurt For Dogs: Is it Safe for Your Canine Companion?

holistic care for dogs

Can dogs eat yogurt? Yes, your pet can eat a spoonful of yogurt; most yogurts are safe for dogs. However, while offering your pet staples in your fridge may seem convenient, some care always needs to be taken before sharing our human foods with our furbabies. Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein. […]

What Can I Give My Dog For Pain Relief? Your Question Answered

pain relief for dogs

One of the most common questions that veterinarians are asked is, “What can I give my dog for pain?” In this article, we are answering this question and saving you the trip to the vet’s office. Seeing your dog in pain is a distressing situation, but before you start rummaging through your medicine cabinet for […]

What You Need to Know About Yeast Infection in Dogs

About Yeast Infection In Dogs

Is your dog acting like they want to crawl out of their skin? Scratching, redness, biting, and general irritation on the skin or ears may be signs of a yeast infection. What should you do? Yeast infections in dogs are uncomfortable and can be recurring if not treated. Unfortunately, topical treatment won’t be enough. Stick […]

Everything You Need To Know About Digestive Enzymes For Dogs

Digestive Enzymes For Dogs

The way your pet digests their food may not be something you’ve ever had to worry about before. As pet owners, we trust that if we see a healthy firm poop, then the dog’s digestive system is doing its job. But if loose stools, diarrhea, regurgitated meals, or stinky farts have become a daily punishment, you may […]

Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs: Our Top 12 Choices

Natural Anti Inflammatory for Dogs

When you know your four-legged friend isn’t feeling well, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. It also leaves many pet parents wondering if they are doing all that they can in order to ensure their pet’s happiness and well-being. In so many cases, we find out about our pup’s distress once they […]

What You Need to Know About Dog Anxiety

People can experience a range of anxiety symptoms – from a nervous heart flutter to a full-on panic attack. Having anxiety is one of the many ways dogs are like their pet parents. Just like us, their nervousness is normally nothing to worry about. It’s quite understandable that you pup may be a bit anxious […]

Dogs and Fireworks: A Recipe for Disaster

Dogs and Fireworks

Dogs and fireworks do not make for a winning combination. As most pet parents know, New Year’s Eve and July 4th, along with days featuring lightning and thunder, are some of the most s tressful days for us when it comes to our canine companions. No dog owner enjoys seeing their pup scared or nervous […]

The Best Home Remedies for Dog Hair Loss + Causes and Symptoms

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All dog lovers know that taking good care of your best friend is a labor of love. You thoroughly enjoy the time you spend going on walks, making sure they eat properly, and choosing the perfect toys and treats. Regular grooming, bathing, and a good diet shows in a healthy coat, so when there’s hair […]

Lyme Disease in Dogs: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatment

Lyme Disease

Not many people are familiar with Lyme disease, and the harm that it can cause. For many pet owners, it is not something they worry about, because only five percent of the dogs suffer from the terrible disease. In most occurrences, the dog is diagnosed positive for the antibodies. If your canine friend displays signs […]

Dog Limping: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Dog Limping

Dogs are hyperactive bundles of joy, always hopping and bouncing around. Therefore, if your dog is limping and perceives moving and using its legs as a challenge rather than an enjoyable activity, you need to call your trusted veterinarian and schedule an appointment ASAP. Dog limping is a distressing condition for both you and your […]

How to Identify and Treat Liver Disease in Dogs

liver disease in dogs

When pet owners hear about canine liver disease, they can be forgiven for being alarmed. People and their pooches have such a strong bond that pet parents will go out of their way to make sure their dog is well cared for, often purchasing pet insurance just in case. The liver is a very important organ. Incredibly, […]

Dog Skin Problems: A Guide to Symptoms and Treatments

Dog Skin Problems

If I have one pet peeve, it’s a furry friend that scratches and licks itself all night. Unfortunately, it’s not always their fault when skin conditions strike. When your dog’s scratching instinct is in full force, it may be because they have a skin problem. Smelly sores, bald patches, skin flakes, or pus are sure […]

Your Guide to Holistic Cancer Treatment for Dogs

Most Common Types of Cancer in Dogs

“Your dog has cancer. I’m sorry.” Six words you wished you’d never hear. Yet, here you are. Or maybe cancer has been a recent topic of conversation, and you’re here to learn about holistic treatment options should you ever be faced with the dark diagnosis. With a 50-50 chance of your senior dog developing the disease, it’s […]

Dog Dandruff: A Definitive Guide

dog dandruff 1 dog dandruff

You might be familiar with the itchy, irritating symptoms that come along with dandruff. No matter how much you itch your scalp, you can’t seem to find relief. Dandruff is common in humans, so much so that companies have special lines of dandruff products. What pet owners may not realize is how commonly dandruff may also occur in our dogs and cats. That’s […]

Why Does My Dog Fart So Much? A Helpful Guide for Pet Owners

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Has Fido’s flatulence become a problem? When friends and family evacuate the room due to the dog’s gas, it may be time to ask, “Why does my dog fart so much?” Passing gas is normal and a healthy bodily function for humans and their four-legged friends. Dog farting happens to release gas from the digestive […]

Dog Shedding: How To Stop The Fur Frenzy

dog shedding 1 dog shedding 1

Are you one of the thousands of pet parents who keeps a lint roller in their car… And at their office… And maybe every room of the house? Do you avoid wearing certain colors other than that of your dog’s coat? Do you find yourself vacuuming to no avail? If you answered yes to these […]

Buying Dog Food With Probiotics: What You Need to Know

Buying Dog Food With Probiotics

Supporting your dog’s digestive health is for more than scooping up firmer poops in the garden. When your dog is healthy, its body can absorb nutrients from its food, break the food into pieces, and use it to make its immune system stronger.  Often, digestive supplements are needed to ease digestion problems. Probiotics are a popular choice, and what’s […]

Dog Ate Probiotics: Side Effects and Benefits

Dog Ate Probiotics

If your dog ate probiotics and you are wondering about the benefits and side effects he will experience, this guide is just for you. One of the best ways to ensure your dog stays healthier and happier is to feed a good-quality probiotic supplement from a reputed brand to your pup. What can Probiotics do for Dogs? […]