What is a dogPACER Treadmill?


dogPACER is a reputed company known for its exclusive range of dog treadmills. If you want to get your dog moving but cannot for any reason whatsoever (read: unsuitable weather, an important meeting, guests at home), dogPACER treadmills are here to train your dog indoors.

dogPACER has partnered with SAS Mechanical Design LLC to develop two treadmills for dogs of different sizes and breeds. Both the dogPACER treadmills are not only attractive but functional too. This is all thanks to a talented engineer who helped the company design an intuitive machine.

dogPACER Treadmill Features

So, what makes dogPACER treadmills stand out? What makes them different from a human treadmill? Here is a rundown on the various features that dogPACER treadmills flaunt.

Easy to Install and Get Started. The whole process of setting up and installing the dogPACER treadmills for obese dogs is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions laid out in the instruction manual. Treadmills take just over 20-30 minutes to set up.

Control Speed and Incline. Although dogPACER treadmills come with three pre-programmed exercise regimens to work out your dog, you can still have control over the speed. You can customize the speed levels, increments, and degree of angles depending on your dog’s requirements so as not to hurt your dog’s knees. If your dog is obese or under therapy, controlling the incline is essential to avoid any pain and complications.

Train Your Dog Indoors. There are situations when you cannot take your dog outside for a run. External factors like the bad weather, busy street, risks of allergies, and so many other things can affect your plan. You no longer have to be concerned because dogPACER treadmills are the solution you are looking for. Their flat surface allows your dogs to train indoors without any risk of injuries.

Easy to Adapt to. Your pet will have no difficulty training on one of the dogPACER treadmills. The pre-programmed exercise regimens, the speed control feature, the flat surface, and the convenience of training indoors allow dogs to get adjusted quite easily. Simply put, your dog will love it. 

Compact and Portable. DogPACER treadmills are portable. Once the workout is completed, you can fold the pet treadmill and keep them aside. This makes them easier to store.

dogPACER Treadmill
  • A consistent regiment of exercise and diet will lead to a healthier, happier and longer life for your dog.
  • Every day is a perfect day for exercise when you are indoors. No issues with rain, sleet, snow or bad weather.
  • Our patented folding technology makes this the worlds only folding treadmill for dogs!

What are the Benefits of dogPACER Treadmills? 


From superior craftsmanship to useful accessories, dogPACER treadmills enjoy a competitive edge over their counterparts. In addition to ensuring efficient and safe dog walking, here are the benefits of the dogPACER Treadmill:

  • Functional and Aesthetic. dogPACER treadmills are a supreme example of functionality and aesthetics. Because of their attractive designs and intuitive details, the dogPACER treadmills are durable. The dogPACER treadmills are substantially longer than regular treadmills, providing a larger running surface, allowing dogs to take their strides easily.
  • Safe. Control options are incorporated into the side panel of the dogPACER treadmills, allowing dog owners to modify settings while the dog is still on the treadmill. This design aims to enable dogs to exit the treadmill without feeling rushed or anxious. Dogs can securely leave the treadmill while their owners can operate on the sides.
  • Offers Comfort And Portability. dogPACER treadmills are designed to allow dogs to exercise anywhere without difficulty. Since these treadmills are lightweight and can easily be folded, they offer mobility and portability.
  • Accessibility. dogPACER treadmills are cost-effective and affordable. Other treadmills are way expensive and offer much less than dogPACER treadmills. They are easily accessible on online shopping platforms like Amazon, and you can get them delivered to your doorstep.
  • Programmed Exercise Regimens. Training your dog with dogPACER treadmills is easy. It does not require any prior knowledge. The digital LCD display features pre-programmed exercise regimens that you can select based on requirements. Treadmills allow dogs to adapt swiftly and become accustomed to them.
  • Warranties and More. dogPACER treadmills come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty with a lifetime warranty on the carbon steel frame. So, you don’t have to worry about any damage that could possibly happen while using the treadmill.

What Are The Disadvantages Of dogPACER Treadmills?

The three main downsides of using dogPACER treadmills are:

  • Lack of a Mileage Tracking Feature. Most treadmills now have a mileage tracking feature that allows owners to keep track of details such as how many miles the dog ran and other vital statistics. dogPACER treadmills don’t come with a  mileage tracking feature.
  • Lack Of Customization and Remote Control Features. Although three pre-programmed exercise regimens are good, the lack of customization limits the usability of the treadmill. Additionally, all the features and controls need to be operated manually. Allowing owners to control the treadmill using a remote control would make it easier.
  • Sluggish Customer Service. There’s a lot of room for improvement in customer service. The lack of a 24/7 support team makes it difficult to reach out about any concerns.

Dogpacer Treadmills Reviewed

dogPACER offers two different models based on the weight and size of the dog. Let us look at their features, pros, and cons.


Summary: The lightweight dogPACER LF 3.1 treadmill features patented folding technology and can be used as an alternative to taking your dog outside to exercise. It allows you to train large dogs without having to leave your house.

The dogPACER LF 3.1 treadmill is suitable for dog weight of up to 180 pounds. Its standout features include the flat surface, speed and incline adjustment, pre-programmed dog training routines, and noise control.


  • When folded, the dimensions are L-42.28 “H-8.5″ W-22”
  • When open, the dimensions are L-76.77″ W-27.16″ H-46.18″
  • Height: 46 n
  • The height of overhead Bar: 36.5 in
  • Running area: 7i1″ X 16.5″
  • Product Weight: 84.4 Lbs


  • Quick installation
  • Flaunts three indoor exercise programs
  • Allows you to modify the pace and incline to fit your dog’s needs
  • Sturdy design that prevents it from being easily damaged
  • Foldable and will help you train your dog indoors
  • Ideal for medium dogs
  • Offers excellent value for money, as other treadmills with similar features cost far more than dogPACER treadmills


  • Hard-to-reach customer support
  • Lacks a remote control
  • The belt requires adjustment every two weeks

Review: Dog owners say that the dogPACER LF 3.1 treadmill “works great” and is “worth every penny.” Some owners complain about the lack of customer support. The overall Amazon rating for the product is 4+. 


Summary: The dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill is a variant for small dogs built in a smaller size, weighing up to 55lbs. The sturdy design combined with pre-programmed workout regimens makes the treadmill an excellent choice. 

Plus, the machine is quiet and dog-friendly. It is also space-friendly as it does not take too much space. Simply put, the dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill is a cost-effective option for smaller dogs.  


  • The width of the deck: 16 inches
  • The length of the deck: 38 inches
  • Speed Rating: 0.5 to 7.5 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0.5 mph
  • Maximum speed: 7.5mph
  • The incline has an angle of 4.5 degrees
  • Item Weight: 48 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: up to 55 Pounds


  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Comes with multiple pre-programmed workout regimens
  • Ideal for smaller dogs
  • Does not occupy much storage space at all
  • A sturdy design
  • Whisper-quiet operation


  • Not ideal for dogs that weigh over 55lbs

Review: Pet owners say that the dogPACER Minipacer Treadmill is “amazing” and “works well for dogs.” Some mention that the assembly instructions “could have been clearer.” The overall Amazon rating for the product is 4+. 

dogPACER Customer Reviews


Overall, both the models of dogPACER serve their purpose well. Considering the Amazon reviews, these treadmills are ranked in the top 10 treadmills that provide your dogs the freedom to train indoors.

dogPACER treadmills are easy to assemble and get started with. Their sturdy design, low motor noise, pre-programmed workout routines, speed and incline control, portability, patented folding technology, flat surface, and affordability, along with various other factors, make the whole process of training the dog quite convenient.

However, the only drawback is the lack of support and assistance from the company. If you run into a problem or receive a defective model, getting in touch with the customer service representatives is pretty tough. Additionally, the inclusion of more pre-programmed fitness programs and remote control can take the experience to the next level.

To sum up, both the models of dogPACER treadmills are a value for money and are highly recommended to help your dog get the training it requires and stay in shape. Get these best dog treadmills today.