All dog owners hope to spend their precious 15-20 years with their pet cat or dog in healthy bliss. While ailments may come up here and there, modern technology and research have afforded us products like those of Dope Dog that allow us to prepare for and maybe even avoid such eventualities. Recently, companies like Dope Dog have developed cannabinoid-infused products to promote your pet’s health and well-being. This article gives you a comprehensive overview of Dope Dog products. 

Dope Dog Mobility Munchies
  • A supportive recipe for hip and joints
  • Contain CBD from hemp extract
  • Oven-baked with all-natural ingredients
  • Free of wheat, corn, and soy and contain no artificial colors or flavors
  • Made in small batches in the USA

The Dope Dog: What is It?

Dope Dog is a pet health wellness brand that produces high-quality 100% pure CBD isolate made in USA products. Dope Dog products are not only amazing for your pets’ health but are sure to be a hit in the snack department too. Hitting two birds with one stone, Dope Dog products are made for dogs by dog lovers like you. 

Who Owns Dope Dog?

Co-founders Erin and Michael, along with their marketing executive and chief treat officer Zoey and James (respectively), built Dope Dog from the ground up. Having seen their own dogs go through various ailments and issues with no holistic products to treat them, the vision for the Dope Dog company came out of this vacuum in the market. After extensive research and investigation on CBD products, they established this company to spread wellness.

Where are Dope Dog Products Made?

With their main office headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, all the CBD hemp used for the products is locally sourced are produced right here in the United States of America.

Dope Dog: What do they Sell?

Given below is a general category of goods sold by Dope Dog:

Dope Dog: Dog Products

Given below is a more detailed list of Dog products sold by Dope Dog:

Dope Dog: Dog Treats

Here is a list of CBD calming dog treats from Dope Dog:

  • Calming Crunchies: Made naturally and deliciously and baked with six wholesome ingredients, these treats are perfect for you to give to your pet when they need affirmation. Infused with CBD, they can be used to calm your dog in situations where they need calming.
  • Mobility Munchies: Made with ingredients and supplements that are great for hip and joint health, these crunchy and delicious munchies are natural and have no artificial coloring or flavor.
  • Belly Bites: While these treats can be enjoyed by all dogs to keep their gut healthy, these treats are especially great for dogs that struggle with GI Tract issues. These oven-baked bites made of wholesome ingredients lack any fake preservatives and are not only healthy but also very natural.

Dope Dog: Dog Supplements

Here is a list of dog supplements from Dope Dog:

  • Dope Dropper Mobility: Made with a wild Alaskan salmon oil base that supports 200mg of CBD from hemp, this product has been proven to support healthy joints and longevity. This dropper makes it convenient to supplement your pet with CBD.
  • Dope Dropper Calm: Available in quantities of 200mg, 500mg, and 1200mg, these droppers are an easy and convenient way to soothe your dog from separation anxiety.
  • CBD Starter Kit: Unsure of where to start? This easy-to-use and simple-to-figure-out CBD Starter Kit could be a great asset when starting your dog off safely on its CBD journey.

Dope Dog: Cat Products

Dope Cat cat nip

Given below is a detailed list of cat products sold by Dope Dog:

Dope Dog: Cat Treats

Here is a list of cat treats from Dope Dog:

  • Dope Cat Nip: With catnip infused in a spray, use this to engage your cat while playing. Spray it wherever and don’t worry about it leaving a mess.
  • Dope Cat Dropper Tuna: Gluten-free, safe, and free from additives, Dope Cat Dropper Tuna helps you deal with fussy cats who do not want to eat their food. With its enticing smell, just two to three drops will make any meal enticing and eat-worthy in your cats’ eyes.

Is Dope Dog a Good Brand?

Yes! Dope Dog products are good and safe for your pets. The CBD infusion and formulas in different products have undergone rigorous research and testing to ensure their quality and safety. Not only are Dope Dog products stellar, but the brand also goes beyond its products and market. Via its impact initiative, Dope Dog has collaborated with local animal welfare organizations to help and support rescue doggy in need.

Where can I Buy Products from Dope Dog?

You can buy Dope Dog products from their official website.

Do Vets Recommend Dope Dog Products?

Cat and dog together on floor indoors

Yes, vets recommend Dope Dog products! The growing popularity of Dope Dog Products in recent years has been no mere coincidence. As researchers delve deeper into CBD oils and their associated products for pet health and well-being, they keep finding qualities that make them suitable to deal with several ailments. All this being said, it is always best to get recommended CBD dosages for your pet from your vet.

Dope Dog: Why not Give Them a Try?

The Dope Dog products are reliable and high quality. Not only are these products best sellers, but CBD products are also recommended by vets for pet pain alleviation.