Which Dry Shampoo is Best for Cats?

  • Best Overall Dry Shampoo for Dogs: Honest Paws Dry Shampoo for Pets 
    Oatmeal and lavender pet shampoo that cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes, and deodorizes at the same time. 
  • Best Scented Dry Shampoo for Cats: Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath
    This shampoo is gentle on the cat’s skin, has thousands of 5-star Amazon reviews, and does not affect topical flea treatments.
  • Best All Natural Dry Shampoo for Cats: TropiClean Deep Cleansing Waterless Shampoo for Cats
    This easy-use USA-made dry shampoo features a botanical blend of extracts and helps reduce dander. 
  • Best Hypoallergenic Dry Shampoo for Cats: Dr. Cuddles Natural Dry Shampoo
    Vet-formulated hypoallergenic dry shampoo for cats with daisy and starfruit suitable for cats with sensitive skin.
  • Best Moisturizing Dry Shampoo for Cats: Breezytail Waterless Cat Shampoo
    Ultra-moisturizing and no-rinse foam shampoo made with six cat-friendly botanicals and no hidden ingredients.
  • Best Eco-Friendly Dry Shampoo for Cats: John Paul Oatmeal Waterless Foam Shampoo
    Soothing and nourishing oatmeal dry shampoo for cats from a cruelty-free brand that donates to wildlife foundations.

How Does Dry Shampoo Work on Cats?

How Does Dry Shampoo Work on Cats

The dry shampoo for cats works by absorbing sebum, eliminating odors, and removing dirt without the need for water. In simple words, the ingredients in the dry shampoo bond with dirt, oil, and debris and are then wiped off with a towel.

Depending on the exact formula, some dry shampoos for cats offer other benefits such as hydration, conditioning, detangling, and deshedding.

What are the Benefits of Dry Shampoo for Cats?

The main benefit of dry shampoo for cats is convenience. Dry shampoos are easy to use for the owners and spare the cat the inconvenience of being bathed with water.

Here is a more in-depth review of the benefits of the dry shampoo for cats:

  • Ease of Use. Bathing with water can be messy and time-consuming. Plus, most feline friends hate water, and bath time can make them anxious.
  • Quality Pet Care. Cat grooming is important – it supports skin and coat health which, in the long run, decreases hairballs and prevents excessive shedding.
  • Better Hygiene. Cats with long fur pick up dirt and debris. This leads to mat formation and poor coat quality. Dry shampoos help with these issues.
  • Quick Results. If you are traveling or simply on the go, using a dry cat shampoo is more than practical. The results are quick and easily visible.

The Best Dry Shampoo for Cats Reviewed

There are many brands offering different dry shampoos for cats. They have various formulas and are suited for specific skin and coat types. To help you choose the best dry shampoo for your cat’s needs, we have reviewed the best products on the market. 

Honest Paws Dry Shampoo for Pets

Summary: This all-natural dry cat shampoo is an excellent product made with soothing and nourishing oatmeal, lavender, and aloe vera. It helps detangle the cat’s coat, moisturizes the skin, and eliminates bad odors. Plus, it is enriched with provitamin B5 thus nourishing the skin and coat. The shampoo is suitable for both cats and dogs and comes in an easy-use bottle. Last but not least, it has a budget-friendly price. 

  • Natural oatmeal and lavender formula
  • Smoothes and detangles the cat's coat
  • Cleanses and deodorizes
  • Can be used for both cats and dogs
  • Made in the USA
  • Often out of stock due to high demand

Review: The shampoo is natural, safe, efficient, and easy to use. Pet owners like the overall effect of the shampoo and its simple application. They are also happy with the dry cat shampoo’s affordable price tag.

Vet's Best Waterless Cat Bath

Summary: Made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, neem oil, oatmeal, and vitamin E Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath conditions the cat’s coat and soothes dry skin. Featuring a vet formula, the shampoo is efficient and safe for cats older than 12 weeks of age. This premium quality shampoo is USA-made and does not wash away topical flea and tick treatments.

  • Vet-formulated, no-rinse formula
  • Made with natural, cat-safe ingredients
  • Doesn’t wash topical flea and tick treatments
  • Free from parabens, sulfates, and dyes
  • Light and fresh, calming scent
  • Often out of stock due to high demand

Review: With its high ratings on Amazon and veterinarian-recommended formula Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath is the best dry cat shampoo on the market. It contains natural ingredients and is easy to use. However, some cat owners dislike the fact that the product has neem oil in its ingredients list.

TropiClean Deep Cleansing Waterless Shampoo for Cats

Summary: Made of high-quality and natural ingredients derived from pet-friendly botanicals, this dry shampoo is quick and easy to use. Plus, it helps manage excess dander and moisturizes the cat’s skin while deodorizing the coat. This deep-cleansing and no-rinse formula is gentle and can be used as part of the daily grooming routine. 

  • Deep-cleansing and no-rinse formula 
  • With a blend of botanical extracts 
  • pH-balanced and fit for cats and kittens
  • Sweet and fruity scent of coconut and berries 
  • Made in the USA by a family-owned brand
  • Some owners dislike the fruity scent 

Review: Buyers state that the absence of synthetic formulas makes TropiClean Waterless Shampoo for Cats a great choice. Cat owners say the shampoo is easy to use and gives excellent results. There are some complaints about the fruity scent of the product.

Dr. Cuddles Natural Dry Shampoo

Summary: Veterinarian formulated for sensitive skin Dr. Cuddles Natural Dry Shampoo is free of detergents, parabens, and alcohol. It is made with pet-safe ingredients like plant proteins, aloe vera, and cucumber extract. The pleasant daisy, pine, and starfruit scent keep the cat fresh-smelling for quite some time after the dry bath.

  • Vet-formulated for sensitive skin
  • Cleans, deodorizes, and detangles
  • Tearless and non-irritating formula
  • Available in two sizes (1.7 oz and 5.1 oz)
  • Can be used for both cats and dogs
  • More expensive than similar products

Review: Consumers note that the Dr. Cuddles Natural Dry Shampoo is an excellent choice for those concerned about their cats’ sensitivities. Its hypoallergenic formula offers peace of mind to pet parents, although its price per bottle is higher than some of its competitors.

Breezytail Waterless Cat Shampoo

Summary: The Breezytail Waterless Cat Shampoo is a cruelty-free foam cleanser made with a natural formula of six botanicals, allantoin, and hydrating D-panthenol. The high-quality pet shampoo offers deep moisturization that helps soothe dry skin and manages dandruff. As an easy-use product, it is perfect for quick baths and cats that hate water.

  • Made with six cat-safe botanicals
  • Hypoallergenic and extra-moisturizing
  • Protects the natural skin barrier
  • Free from harsh chemicals
  • Excellent for cats that hate baths
  • The fragrance can be too strong for some cats

Review: Customers say the Breezytail Waterless Cat Shampoo is a great option for cats that hate regular baths with water. However, some customers complain that the fragrance is too intense for their pets. There are also some comments about the price of the products which is on the higher end of the specter.

John Paul Oatmeal Waterless Foam Shampoo

Summary: The John Paul Oatmeal Waterless Foam Shampoo is specifically formulated to bond with dirt and oils so they can be easily brushed out of a pet’s fur. It uses the same all-natural botanical extracts as their Paul Mitchell brand for humans, but it is pH balanced for animals. Plus, the brand donates to wildlife foundations.

  • Oatmeal-based and fit for sensitive cats
  • Made with human-grade ingredients
  • With aloe, sweet almond oil, and chamomile
  • pH-balanced and free from harsh chemicals
  • Concentrated formula for better efficacy
  • May leave a greasy residue on the cat’s coat

Review: The majority of cat owners say that the John Paul Waterless Foam Shampoo is great to use in between regular baths. They also mention that the shampoo’s concentrated formula allows for using a small amount of product for a full bath. However, some users complain that the shampoo leaves a greasy residue.

How do I Shop for Dry Shampoo for Cats?

What is the Best Dry Shampoo for Cats

Here are the factors cat owners need to consider when choosing a dry cat shampoo:

  • Ingredient Quality. The first thing is to check whether the ingredients are of high quality and pet-safe. Usually, dry shampoos contain aloe vera, almond oil, vitamin E, fatty acids, and oatmeal.
  • No Harsh Chemical. The dry shampoo must be free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, MEA, and DEA. Allergens and artificial ingredients (colorants and fragrances) are also considered hazardous.
  • Scent. This is not the main consideration, but it is definitely something you should think about before purchasing. The dry shampoo should have a scent that is pleasant for both you and your feline friend.
  • Price. The price of the product is worth considering, especially if you plan on using the shampoo regularly or if you have more than one cat. The price is not a definitive guide of the product’s quality, but it is a good indicator.
  • Brand. Finally, pay attention to the brand’s reputation. A reliable shampoo manufacturer will be open about its ingredients and their sourcing. You can also get useful information by reading reviews from previous customers.
Best Seller
Honest Paws Dry Shampoo for Pets
10/10Our Score
  • Cleans, deodorizes, and hydrates coats without water!
  • Safe for dogs and cats
  • An easy foaming formula, no startling sprays
  • Eco-friendly (free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates) 

How do You Wash a Cat With Dry Shampoo?

Typically you would apply a dry shampoo spray on your cat’s fur and wipe in the direction of the fur. You can also use a comb to help the shampoo penetrate deeper.

Once the combing is done, and the dry shampoo is evenly distributed all over the cat’s body, use a clean towel to wipe off the excess foam.

If your cat is fussy about the bath, spray the dry shampoo on your hands and massage it into its fur. The towel wiping part is the same as you do not want to leave product residues in the cat’s fur.

This is a basic usage guide – so be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before using the dry shampoo for cats to clean your feline friend.