Best Elevated Cat Beds Summary

TUSATIY Elevated Cat Hammock Bed
  • The Cat Hammock Bed is used of breathable and soft canvas fabric, breathable, strong and durable and will not irritate pet skin.
  • Natural pine wood frame can provide more stable support. Our Elevated cat shelves don't shake and tip over, Holds comfortably up to 25 lbs.
  • The wooden cat bed can be easily removed and assembled from the stand. Easy to wash and dry.

Do Cats Like Elevated Beds?


Yes, cats like elevated beds. Cats feel comfortable and an advantage when they are in a higher-up position, like on an elevated bed or a cat perch. This is because they are able to scan the entire room, which gives them a sense of safety and security.

If you are looking for the perfect place to build a cat condo, make sure that there is a bit of elevation for your feline friend to scour the room. This is partly because cats are highly curious creatures.

Are Elevated Cat Beds Good for Joints?

Yes, elevated cat beds can be good for your cat’s joints. However, they should feature a lowered entrance for easy use. 

Having an elevated bed for your cat can be a good idea, especially if they suffer from bone problems such as arthritis. Elevation reduces the pressure on your pet’s bones that would otherwise have come from sleeping on the ground.

Additionally, several orthopedic beds are specially designed for senior cats or young cats with joint and bone problems. 

What are the Benefits of Elevated Cat Beds?

Elevated cat beds are easy maintenance and look great. They are also convenient for cats as they are comfy, safe, and relieve joint pressure. Here are the benefits of elevated cat beds:

  • A sense of comfort. There is no denying that elevated cat beds are much comfier than regular beds. Considering how much time cats spend sleeping, comfort is a paramount feature. 
  • Joint pressure relief. Lying on an elevated surface decreases joint pressure and makes older cats with arthritis feel more comfortable. Younger cats with bone and joint issues can also benefit from elevated cat beds. 
  • Medical issue control. A good elevated bed can help with skin problems like dandruff, sores, or loss of fur, thanks to the premium materials used to make the bed. It also retains the shedding fur helping the owner keep up with hygiene. 
  • Personal space and ownership. An elevated bed can become your cat’s own space. This is critical for the cat’s emotional wellbeing as it has a safe space to withdraw when tired from the environment. 

The Best Elevated Cat Beds Reviewed

If you are searching for the best-elevated cat bed on Amazon or Chewy, chances are you are overwhelmed with the number of choices. To help you decide which elevated cat bed is right for your refined feline, we have selected and reviewed several products. 


Summary: This elevated cat bed is not only stable but also features a removable fabric that is machine washable. The bed is made with solid wood and is ideal for small dogs or even large cats. This bed’s high-quality design can be well integrated with your home decor, considering how easy it is to assemble. Additionally, it is also perfect for outdoor use making it one of the best cat beds in the market today. 


  • The material of the bed is highly breathable and comfy 
  • The bed is machine washable 
  • Can be easily be used both indoors and outdoors
  • The frame of the bed is heavy-duty, deluxe, and stable
  • This cat furniture also helps prevent various types of skin diseases 


  • The pet cat bed is prone to damage caused by claws 
  • The bed does not come with replacement covers 

Review: This modern cat bed is not only simple in design but also the perfect lounger for your feline friend. Being machine washable and sturdy in design, the fabric is great on your pet’s skin. The off-ground suspended design ensures airflow making this the perfect cat perch.


Summary: This cat tower is the perfect gift for your pet, thanks to its minimalist design. The cat bed is just the right shape to allow your feline to recline and have a lazy day in the sun. The product also features a sisal mat and a scratching post in addition to the bed, creating a safe and comfortable for your pet.


  • The cat bed features a premium design
  • Made with a combination of felt, plush, and sisal 
  • Durable cat tower suited for large cats or even small dogs 
  • Can be machine washed for a hygienic home


  • Might experience damage from your pet’s claws
  • Several similar products within the same price range are available 

Review: Most reviews on Amazon are good for this product. The stable and sturdy design of this cat tower makes it the perfect buy for your pet. The sisal mat scratching post also caters to your cat’s needs making it the ideal place for them to rest after a tiring play session. The solid wood design ensures the durability of the product.


Summary: This elevated cat bed is made of solid wood and consists of a breathable cushion that is easily washable. The material of the cushion is such that it is easy on the skin of your cat or dog. Additionally, it can also be used outdoors, giving it an all-rounder application.


  • The bed is great for large cats and small dogs 
  • Can bear weights up to 15 pounds 
  • A non-slip pad on the legs makes the cat bed stable
  • The cushion on the top can be used alone 
  • Unique sofa design that ensures that your cat cave bed is a good fit


  • There is a strong plastic odor that comes from the bed while new 

Review: This elevated pet bed makes the perfect cat furniture for your home. The sofa-style design, breathable cushion, and comfy material of the bed are not only water-resistant but also heavy-duty. Detailed instructions are provided with the cat bed that helps you assemble it without any problem.


Summary: This elevated pet bed has an off-the-ground design that increases airflow giving your pet a sense of cooling. Additionally, the material of the pet bed is not only breathable but also very comfy making it perfect for outdoor use. This bed can easily blend in with your home decor, thanks to its premium design.


  • Elevated design assists in providing a cooling function for your pet
  • The fabric of the bed is highly breathable, thus preventing hotspots 
  • Reduces unnecessary pressure on your pet’s joints 
  • The frame of the bed is lightweight yet durable 
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor use as an integral part of the pet house 


  • Does not feature any scratcher, which has to be purchased separately. 
  • Lacks memory foam and is not ideal for older cats 

Review: This elevated pet bed is perfect for providing a cooling surface for your pet, thanks to its off-the-ground design. With a durable steel frame, the product is strong and can support the weight of most pets of varying sizes. Additionally, it is also easy to clean and available in a variety of sizes and colors.


Summary: With a contemporary design, this detachable wicker cat bed is the perfect addition to your home. The product is highly durable, thanks to its hand-woven rattan build. The cat bed also provides a secured place for your pet, giving them their privacy as and when required.


  • This cat bed is perfect for pets weighing up to 22lbs.
  • The contemporary design blends well with any home decor 
  • The cushion is soft, removable, and can be machine washed


  • The product does not have a scratching post
  • No place to store catnip and cat toys
  • While this is a perfect cat house, it is not ideal for larger cats 

Review: Most people on Amazon have given this product a positive review. However, there were some people who did not like the design of this cat house. But due to the all-rounded and heavy-duty built of the product, this is among the best cat beds in the market today. 


Summary: This round cat bed is perfect for all seasons as it features two contact surfaces. For the summer, you can use a mesh that provides airflow. During winter, a soft plush mat can be used to keep your pet warm. The round shape gives your cat a sense of security as they curl up for their naps.


  • This cat bed is perfect for all seasons with its two contact surfaces
  • Easy to assemble and comes with all assembly tools
  • The hammock of the bed is built off the ground and prevents moisture buildup
  • Two fur balls that provide endless entertainment for your cat 


  • Not ideal for heavy cats 
  • Does not feature a self-warming design 

Review: This product is easy to assemble and features good reviews on Amazon. It is easy to clean and can endure most small to medium size pets. It comes with two surfaces for your pet, depending on their requirements. It comes with the tools that would be required to build this at home.

What is the Best Elevated Cat Bed?


Looking back at all the factors that decide a good elevated cat bed, the TUSATIY Elevated Cat Hammock Bed seems to be the perfect fit. With a solid wooden design, the bed features a fabric that is removable and washable. 

Being easy to assemble, this is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. A contemporary design also ensures that it matches with the rest of your home decor, making it the perfect fit for your pet.

The best elevated cat bed needs to be high-quality, durable, and comfortable. Here are some of the key features

  • Should be strong, durable, and easy to assemble
  • Should be able to survive daily wear and tear
  • Should be easily washable despite the material (microfiber, suede, faux fur) 
  • Should be aesthetically appealing and match well with the decor of your home
  • Should be multifunctional (collapsible) and easy to store.