What Is the Best Extra Large Dog House?

Our Top Pick
Confidence Pet XXL Waterproof Kennel

Confidence Pet XXL Waterproof Kennel

This large dog kennel protects with sturdy construction, and a raised floor keeps dogs dry and warm outdoors.

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Most Affordable
FLL Water Resistant Extra Large Dog House

FLL Water Resistant Extra Large Dog House

Priced at under $90.00, this is the most affordable dog house on this list by a significant margin.

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Best Natural
TRIXIE natural Cottage Dog House X-Large

TRIXIE natural Cottage Dog House X-Large

This outdoor dog kennel features a large roof overhang, steep roof slant, a raised floor, and is weatherproof.

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Best for Giant Breeds
New Age Pet ECOFLEX Lodge Style Dog House

New Age Pet ECOFLEX Lodge Style Dog House

This big dog house is suitable for dogs up to 200 pounds, which is larger than any dog house on this list.

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Best for Travel
Fit Choice Elevated Extra Large Dog House

Fit Choice Elevated Extra Large Dog House

This pet shelter is designed to be easy to disassemble, and it folds flat for easy storage and traveling.

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What are the Benefits of an Extra Large Dog House?

Protection and comfort are the main benefits of having an extra large dog house. Let’s take a close look at all of the benefits:

  • Protection. If your dog spends a good deal of time outdoors, then a dog house can provide them with shelter from the elements.
  • Comfort. Dogs like to have spaces of their own they can retreat to for comfort. An extra large house can provide that to dogs of any size.
  • Personal Space. Dogs are den animals which means they prefer to have a relatively closed space to live. A dog house can provide a space for them to be alone.
  • Storage. Some dogs like to hide toys, bones, and socks. They also enjoy having a safe place they can hide these items, and an extra large dog house is often just that.
  • Sleeping Spot. An extra large dog bed can also offer enough room for things like a dog bed and are generally easier to keep clean.
Best Seller
Confidence Pet XXL Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel
9.8/10Our Score
  • WATERPROOF – Re-engineered design helps to keep your dog dry during rain (though we’d advise bringing them in during torrential weather)
  • Made of tough and durable plastic for a comfortable, personal space for your Pet
  • Large room and internal volume for your dog

The Best Extra Large Dog Houses Reviewed

Here is an in-depth review of some of the best-selling extra large dog houses on the market.

Confidence Pet XXL Waterproof Plastic Dog Kennel

Summary: This heavy-duty dog house is made for extra large dogs and is waterproof with a raised floor. This helps to keep water out of the house and keep your pet dry and warm.

Assembly is an easy DIY project and requires no tools. Plus, this plastic dog house is a safe, budget-friendly, and quality product. Despite the large dimensions, this pet dog house can also be used for medium dogs that like extra space and comfort.

Features: Waterproof; Raised floor; Removable roof

Dimension: 44” x 43” x 49”

Material: Plastic

  • Removable roof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra large size
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily cleaned
  • Does not come with a door flap
  • Information on the product is difficult to find

Review: Customer reviews were mostly positive about this dog house. Happy buyers were satisfied with the quality, and nearly all of them said the house was bigger than they thought it would be. Their extra large dogs fit into the house comfortably, and they were happy to have a safe space for their dogs to retreat to when outdoors.

Others customers, it seems, could not figure out how to assemble the house and suggested watching a YouTube tutorial before starting.

FLL Water Resistant Extra Large Dog House

Summary: This outdoor dog house is made of high-quality, insulating plastic that is made to be UV-resistant and waterproof. The roof is removable, and the interior features a drainage system and a raised floor.

This helps to keep inside dry and warm for your dog. It is designed to be easy to assemble and weatherproof to offer both you and your pet some peace of mind. It is made for easy assembly and disassembly for easy cleaning and is suitable for dogs up to 80 lbs.

Best For: Medium and large breed dogs

Features: Heat insulating plastic; Dual air vents; Waterproof; Ground nails included

Dimension: 34.5” x 30.5” x 20.5”

Materials: Plastic

  • Dual air vents
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Elevated floor
  • Made of heat-insulating plastic
  • Includes ground spikes to firmly attach it to the ground
  • Customers complain the plastic is brittle and prone to cracking

Review: Most consumers liked this dog house. They said it seemed to keep their dogs warm by observing their body heat in the insulated dog kennel, and they were happy their dogs enjoyed the house so much.

Other buyers were unhappy with the quality of the plastic and complained that there were no insulating materials on the inside walls.

TRIXIE natural Cottage Dog House X-Large

Summary: The weatherproof design of this wooden dog house features a raised floor and an asphalt roof for great protection from the outdoors. The adjustable feet are made of high-quality plastic so that they won’t rot with long-term outdoor exposure.

The slanted roof and overhang keep rainwater from entering the house, and the solid pine construction is made to provide a sturdy and cozy place for your pet. It is suitable for dogs up to 90 lbs.

Features: Asphalt roof; Anti-rot feet; Elevated floor; Weatherproof

Dimension: 34″ x 29” x 36.5″

Material: Glazed pine

  • Asphalt roof
  • Rot-free, adjustable feet
  • Elevated floor
  • A dog door is available
  • Weatherproof
  • The door flap is not included

Review: Most people who rated this dog house gave it positive ratings. Dog owners said it was great for their large breed dogs, while others said this house was a great pump house for their pond or a shed for their mower once the house was modified.

The most common complaint, however, was how it was treated during shipment. These buyers were disappointed to receive a damaged house in the mail when they were expecting something brand new.

New Age Pet ECOFLEX Lodge Style Dog House - X Large

Summary: The slanted roof keeps rainwater away from the entrance to this beige & green cabin-style dog house, while the raised floor keeps pets off the ground. The sides are made of a solid wood/plastic composite to offer lasting outdoor use that comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

The pet dog house is available in sizes that are suitable for dogs up to 200 pounds and as small as 30 pounds (can be used as a dog house for both large and small dogs, or even as a cat house). It can be painted for an even longer life and to make it more eye appealing for dog owners.

Features: Easy assembly; 10-year warranty; ECOFLEX material

Dimension: 42.5” x 32.5” x 29.5”

Material: ECOFLEX wood/plastic composite

  • Suitable for dogs up to 200 lbs
  • Assembly requires no tools
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • A separate door flap is available for purchase
  • Slanted roof and raised floor
  • Does not come with a door

Review: Reviews on this house were mixed, with only 48% of reviews being 5 stars. Those that rated it highly gave it praise for how easy the assembly was and they liked the look of it. Some even said it was a great fit for their goats and tortoises.

The most common pain point, however, seemed to be the price. Those who gave it a one or two-star rating often noted the quality does not reflect the price in their reviews.

Fit Choice Elevated Extra Large Dog House With Strong Beam Support

Summary: The PVC covering on this shelter is water resistant and features a roof that opens up to allow more ventilation. The large support rods run the length of the dog house and provide it with enough strength to support large-sized dogs up to 180 lbs.

This is a great travel pet kennel that folds neatly so it can be easily stored and does not require much space. You can set this dog house outdoors while camping or relaxing and know the strong support beams and heavy-duty PVC cover will protect your pet in almost any weather.

Features: 600D PVC construction; Full-length support beam; Screened top; Water resistant

Dimension: 48.8” x 35.8″ x 48.8”

Material: 600D PVC oxford cloth

  • Extra mobile
  • Supports up to 180 lbs
  • Made of 600D PVC
  • Water-resistant
  • No tool assembly
  • Not built to be a permanent structure

Review: Many owners of large dogs were happy with this dog tent. About 80% of reviews were positive and expressed satisfaction with the build and ease of assembly, and the bag it comes in.

Other consumers, however, were almost exclusively upset about a tear their dog managed to produce in the fabric of the house.

What Should I Look for in an Extra Large Dog House?

When searching for an extra large dog house, there should be some considerations. We list some of them below:

  • Material. Consider the pros and cons of different build materials. Plastic is generally cheaper but can crack and become brittle. Wood dog houses may fade over time, and the wood can shrink, causing leaks. The best dog houses tend to be made of heavy-duty materials like wood.
  • Build Quality. Some dog houses are one piece of plastic, while others require some DIY work to assemble. This can affect the quality of the build. If it is a multi-piece plastic dog house, then it may have clasps or clips that hold it together, which may unfasten. Wooden dog houses are screwed together but are generally more expensive.
  • Function. Some dog houses are better suited for certain environments than others. Insulated dog houses are better for cold weather, igloo dog houses are great at keeping the wind out, etc.
  • Size. A dog should be able to stand up and sit down naturally inside a dog crate or house. If you have an extra large dog breed, this would mean a rather sizeable dog house.