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The Farmer’s Dog Food Reviewed: Pros, Cons, and Ingredient Analysis

Katelyn Son


Medically reviewed by

Ivana Crnec, DVM

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The Farmer’s Dog Food Summary

  • The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription-based service that makes use of quality ingredients and is available throughout the USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
  • The brand offers four different types of recipes: The Farmer’s Dog Chicken Recipe, The Farmer’s Dog Turkey Recipe, The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe, and The Farmer’s Dog Pork Recipe.
  • All of The Farmer’s Dog recipes are made in kitchens that are inspected by the USDA and with premium quality, human-grade ingredients.
  • The Farmer’s Dog offers automatic shipments (ranging from weekly to monthly) and easy pausing of the subscription plan in case customers are away or traveling.

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What is The Farmer’s Dog Food?

What is The Farmer’s Dog Food

The Farmer’s Dog Food is basically a service that strives to deliver fresh pet food using balanced and wholesome ingredients. The recipes are not just simple but are guided by science and prepared with love. The company was founded by Brett Podolsky.

The product contains human-grade meat along with fresh veggies brought together in USDA-certified kitchens. This creates recipes that exceed industry standards for dogs (AAFCO). Furthermore, The Farmer’s Dog Food is prepared fresh and retains its nutritional value.

Where is The Farmer’s Dog Food Made?

The Farmers Dog is located in New York, NY, United States.

How is The Farmer’s Dog Food Made?

The Farmer’s Dog Food is backed by years of research on pet nutrition. After consultation with some of the top veterinarians and pet nutritionists in the country, the brand was able to come up with a way to deliver food fresh to your doorstep.

After following the various quality and safety standards that were not usually followed, the company was able to come up with food that was edible by humans and dogs alike. Plus, the food is also nutritionally complete and offers a balanced diet for your dog.

Every ingredient that is used to prepare this dog food is human-grade. Furthermore, they are sourced from reputable food suppliers and local farms qualifying under the USDA standards.

Is The Farmer’s Dog Food Good for Dogs?

Yes, The Farmer’s Dog Food is good for dogs. This is because, unlike kibble, this brand offers fresh dog food made using high-quality human-grade ingredients.

The Farmer’s Dog Food does not contain any preservatives that are generally linked to health issues. This food comes packed with nutrients that improve not only your dog’s activity level but also their overall health.

Even if your dog is a picky eater, you can expect them to fall in love with this product. When not in use, you can simply keep it refrigerated for the future.

The Farmer’s Dog Food Reviewed

The Farmer’s Dog Food Reviewed

Overall, The Farmer’s Dog Food brand has been recommended by veterinary nutritionists. The dog food recipes have been created with the intention of providing optimal nutrition and supplements to your dog.

Unlike commercial dog food which can otherwise lead to digestive issues, The Farmer’s Dog Food does not contain any fillers and is therefore great for your dog’s digestive health.

The Farmer’s Dog Food Formulas:

Let us look at the Farmer’s dog recipes that are offered by this niche brand/food company.

The Farmer’s Dog Food Summary:

Farmer’s Dog pet food is manufactured fresh in facilities that meet the USDA standards for human food. In addition to their quality ingredients list in their pet food, you can also get customized service through the Farmer’s Dog website based on your dog’s needs.

You just need to go on their website and fill out a form that asks you the various details about your pet. It will ask you various things such as your pet’s body type, age, health, and eating habits. This will help them create the perfect food for your pet.

The product does not use any form of preservative, natural or otherwise. Additionally, it also does not use flavoring agents such as chicken powder and is true to what they write on its label.

What’s in a The Farmer’s Subscription Box:

Inside every subscription box, you will receive two weeks’ worth of fresh-frozen food packed with dry ice in a recyclable cardboard box. Inside the box is another recyclable container that contains the packaged meals. You get the food already pre-portioned, along with the instructions stating how much you need to feed your dog.

The Farmer’s Dog Food Pros:

The Farmer’s Dog Food Cons:

  • Might occupy excess space in your fridge
  • Could lead to food allergies in some dogs

The Farmer’s Dog Food Reviews:

This is among the most popular brand in the homemade dog food market today. It is perfect for dogs of all life stages thanks to its soft texture and innovative nutrient blend. These Farmer’s Dog meals are sure to be a hit with your pooch.

How does The Farmer’s Dog Food Work?

The Farmer’s Dog makes recipes that are exceptionally simple. They are made using USDA proteins that are mixed with natural produce. Additionally, it also contains the necessary vitamins and minerals. Each recipe is formulated by nutritionists and is balanced according to AAFCO guidelines. Additionally, every recipe can be consumed by humans owing to its purity.

The sign-up process is easy on this website.

You will be required to fill in details about your pet. These include breed, weight, age, activity level, and health issues that they might have.

You will then get a choice between turkey, beef, pork, and chicken, out of which you can choose three for the first shipment.






What Ingredients are in Farmer’s Dog Food?

Every ingredient that is used in the Farmer’s Dog Food is sourced locally from the USA. It contains whole foods and can be used with a topper. Whether it is a large dog or a small dog, you can surely be satisfied with this dog food delivery service.

The Farmer’s Dog Chicken Recipe

Ingredients: USDA Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, USDA Chicken Liver, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Fish Oil, and TFD Nutrient pack. This makes it a popular choice among many dog breeds. Additionally, it also contains 49% protein, 37% fat, and 1% fiber.

The Farmer’s Dog Turkey Recipe

Ingredients: USDA Turkey, Chickpea, Carrot, Broccoli, Parsnip, Spinach, Fish Oil, and TFD nutritional blend. It contains 38% protein, 26% fat, and 2% fiber. As a result, you can be sure that your dog will love this combination of meat and veggies.

The Farmer’s Dog Beef Recipe

Ingredients: USDA beef, sweet potato, lentils, USDA beef liver, carrot, sunflower seeds, kale, fish oil, and TFD nutritional blend. It also contains 41% protein, 31% fat, and 3% fiber. This real food meal plan can provide a wholesome, balanced diet to your pet dog, and watch your pet go nom nom on this delicious meal.

The Farmer’s Dog Pork Recipe

Ingredients: USDA pork, sweet potatoes, green beans, cauliflower, USDA pork liver, fish oil, and TFD nutritional blend. Additionally, it also contains 39% protein, 32% fat, and 2% fiber. This is the perfect replacement for dry kibble, thanks to its grain-free nature.

Is The Farmer’s Dog Food Raw?

No! The Farmer’s dog food is not raw. In fact, every recipe is cooked at low temperatures, following the USDA-facility standards. They can be served right out of the bag or mixed with some warm water if your dog prefers that way.

Has The Farmer’s Dog Food Been Recalled?

No! The Farmer’s Dog maintains a clean record when it comes to food production. Therefore, it has never had any recalls or any other issues, thanks to the rigorous safety standards that are followed in its kitchens. Additionally, they source ingredients only from trusted suppliers making sure that the production is safe.

How much is Farmer’s Dog a Week?

Farmer’s Dog food costs around $23/week to $40/week for a 15lb dog, depending on your subscription package. Dog owners can also expect a discount on their first box and their first order.

Is The Farmer’s Dog Food Worth it?

Is The Farmer’s Dog Food Worth it

Yes, absolutely! Farmer’s Dog food can make your busy life a lot more convenient thanks to its hygienic environment, convenient packaging, and timely service.

You can forget your pet’s food problems as they fall in love with mealtime once again.