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Your Guide to Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test Team


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find my pet dna dog dna test

Every pet owner thinks they have the best dog in the world — this assertion is 100% correct. All pups are the best in the world, 100% good boy/girl, no Snarl!

Now that we all agree your pup is unique, different from others anywhere globally, do you sometimes wonder what constitutes his genetic makeup; what makes him so special? Why does she have spotted fur? Why are his eyes two different colors? Why does he bark anytime something walks past the window?

Here comes the DNA test! Yes! DNA dog test is a thing. They provide a lot of information about your dog’s genetic makeup, family history, and susceptibility to disease in the future. Plus, it is actually nice to give correct information about your dog when admirers ask about his breed.

Just like we have it in human DNA tests, where there is a pie chart or something similar that depicts the percentage breakdown from ethnic regions all over the world — a dog DNA test shows you what your pup is actually made of. And maybe you will be able to discover his great-grandfather was a Boston terrier, and that’s why he is sweet, smart, and easy to train. When you probably thought he was a mastiff all this while.

About Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test

dog dna test by find my pet dna

The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test is an excellent example of a dog DNA test kit that allows you to check your pup’s breed information without boring a hole in your pocket. This testing kit also has a health test unavailable in other dog DNA tests within its price range.

Although, Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test does not contain the same numbers of breed in the dog database of Embark and Wisdom panel DNA tests which is over 350 in both – it actually provides accurate results for general mixed-breed questions.

The sample collection process is simple, swab the inside of your dog’s cheek, placed it in the return bag, seal and send it back to Find My Pet. You will get results confirming whether your dog is a pure breed or not in a couple of weeks.

How Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Tests Work

find my pet dna dog dna test kit

Although this test is all about your dog, the lack of opposable thumbs and maybe a few other things mean he won’t be able to provide a sample by himself. Helping your pup take a swab sample is easy. It is a matter of rubbing the inside of his cheeks with the provided buccal swab or a backup swab if the first is destroyed. Alternatively, you can take your pet to the veterinarian to draw blood samples to send to Find My Pet DNA Dog. This means a trip to the vet and additional cost to decipher your dog’s ancestral history.

Collecting a swab sample is only a part of the press; you also need to register your test on the company page to get feedback about the test status. According to Find My Pet DNA Dog, results can take up to two to four weeks to be available.

Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA 4.0 Enhance Test

Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA 4.0 Enhance Test

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  • The Find My Pet DNA Dog test screens samples with a database of over 200 dogs to determine breed history and ancestry.
  • This dog DNA test kit includes health screening not seen in other test kits of the same price.
  • DNA test results are available in three to four weeks or less, which is marginally faster than many other dog DNA tests on the market.
  • It is inexpensive when compared to Embark and wisdom panel.
  • Easy-to-use sample swab DNA collection kit.
  • Via supplementary test, you can have your pup tested for Wolf, Fox, and Coyote DNA.


  • The Health screening results are not a concrete diagnosis
  • It doesn’t give a comprehensive breakdown of all mixed-breed dogs like in Embark.
  • It crosschecks DNA samples with only a database of 200 breeds.

What’s in the Box

The Find My Pet DNA Dog test kit includes:

  • DNA sample collection buccal swab
  • Instructions
  • Stabilizing fluid
  • Return sample bag
  • Prepaid return envelope

The Bottom Line

The Find My Pet DNA Dog test kit is a perfect choice to consider if you want to decipher your dog’s ancestral and potential health state without breaking the bank. It is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other testing kits within the same functional range. Although this DNA testing kit does not match Embark or Wisdom panel in terms of breeds (350+) and genetic markers used for testing, it provides more than enough data to answer many ancestral and potentially life-threatening diseases. If the prices of Embark or The Wisdom Panel 3.0 are out of your reach, the Find My Pet DNA Dog test kit is a good option to consider.

Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test: Key Considerations

Number of Breeds Detected

In Find My Pet DNA’s FAQ, it boasts about using a database of American Kennel Club (AKC) validated breeds to analyze each dog DNA to determine its breed mix. This database is not as good as it sounds. It only contains only the most common North American dog breeds, with Pit Bull, a notable absentee. In addition, dog clubs such as United Kennel Club (UKC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), do not accept breed identification tests for dog registration. On the other hand, Wisdom panel and Embark analyze over 250 different dog breeds types and varieties.

Health Screening

It is impossible to identify the potential health status of your mixed-breed dog without genetic testing. Find My Pet deduce this information from the identified breed mix. For example, you might get “your predominantly Boston Terrier might be prone to inherited cataracts, discuss with your vet for possible advice.” In comparison, Embark screens your dog for over 200 genetic diseases that include but are not limited to dilated cardiomyopathy, degenerative myelopathy, glaucoma, and MDR1 drug sensitivity. Embark health screening covers all the major body systems.

Turnaround Time

After receiving your Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test, take a swab sample of your dog, activate your package on the Find My Pet Website, and return the prepaid mailing parcel to the company. You will receive results in two to four weeks.


Most Dog DNA tests are accurate. Pet owners, especially owners of rescue dogs, can only predict a dog’s breed at a 25% accuracy. DNA tests can accurately predict a dog’s breed at 90-95%. Just as physical devices need to be calibrated periodically to ensure accurate results, laboratory processes are regularly tested against known procedures to ensure they are still valid. To constantly produce accurate results, Find My Pet DNA runs a number of known control dog tests every day to ensure it continues to churn out the right results. Should a control test return a false negative, all dog samples from the same processing batch are re-tested.


Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA 4.0 Enhance Test – $70

Our Final Thoughts

Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test kit can reveal valuable information about your dog’s ancestry and health history, but we recommend Embark or Wisdom DNA test for a comprehensive breed and health breakdown. These companies have a comprehensive breed database. They also have an excellent customer team that explains complex information to confused dog owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Find My Pet DNA only process dog DNA?

Although the company uses a generic name, “Find My Pet DNA,” it currently only provides dog DNA tests. There is no information on the company page about plans to expand to other animals like horses, birds, cats, etc.

Which DNA test offers more information between Embark Wisdom panel and Find My Pet DNA?

When compared to its competitors, you might be overpaying for what you get on the Find My Pet DNA platform. For instance, Embark presents the result of DNA analysis via an interactive website and not as a static PDF found in Find My Pet DNA. In addition, as new dogs with genome similar to your dogs are added to the database, you’ll get notifications.

What information will I get from the Find My Pet DNA tests?

From all indications, Find My Pet DNA only provide information about your dog’s breed mix. If you need to know if your dog is susceptible to a disease in the future, you have to deduce it from the genetic disease predispositions the result provides. You will be advised to discuss the possibilities with your vet.