What is a Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test?

What is a Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test

The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test is a simple at-home test that can provide valuable insight into your dog’s ancestry. This test works by analyzing a simple mouth swab from your dog’s cheek and then comparing this sample to over 250 dog breeds worldwide, looking for matches based on their genetic makeup.

Once the health test and breed analysis are completed, you will receive a comprehensive report that tells the breed mix that makes up your dog, as well as information about any genetic diseases and predispositions that may be present in their family tree up to their great-grandparents.

Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA 4.0 Enhance Test
  • Extensive AKC Breed Database Recognized and respected worldwide, the AKC is the foremost authority. Our dog DNA test will allow you top know your dog’s unique personality traits and help you come up with the best training and parenting strategies.
  • The Find My Pet 4.0 Enhance dog breed test identifies about 100 of the AKC certified dog breeds found in your dog’s DNA, the results can be used as a handy guide when you need to discuss the associated ailments and personality traits of your dog’s breed and background with your vet.
  • In just under a minute, you can use your Find My Pet DNA 4.0 Enhancekit. Send it in and you'll get the results you need in just 3 to 4 weeks.

Does the Find My Pet DNA Test Work?

Yes, The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test works.

The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test looks at genetic markers in the dog’s DNA and compares those results to a database of hundreds of other dogs. If the test finds that your dog is a match with one of those dogs, it will tell you which one it is.

How Accurate is the Find My Pet DNA Test?

The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test is very accurate.

It uses a proprietary process that combines genetic markers from 250 breeds and crossbreeds to create a DNA profile for your pet. This means that you can be sure that the results are accurate.

The Find My Pet DNA test uses an incredibly sensitive technology called STR (short tandem repeat) analysis. This powerful technique allows scientists to analyze small amounts of DNA, making it possible to identify even closely related animals that are difficult to tell apart visually.

How Long do Find My Pet DNA Test Results Take?

The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test results take approximately two to four weeks from the day your dog sample is received. Once your dog sample is obtained, it will be analyzed by a team of scientists who are experts in canine genetics.

How Many Breeds Does Find My Pet DNA Test for?

Find My Pet DNA Test test for over 250 dog breeds using the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed database.

This means they use information from the AKC, which has been recording dog breeds since 1884. The AKC has over 170 years of research into what makes up each breed, so it makes sense that they would be able to provide accurate information on your dog’s ancestry.

Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA 4.0 Enhance Test

The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA 4.0 Enhance Test is a veterinary test that can be used to identify your dog’s breed and genetic health. The test uses cheek swabs and requires only a small amount of saliva. The DNA result is an easy-to-read certificate listing your dog’s breed and its percentage breakdown.

The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test can test for breeds, including Boxer, Collie, German Shepherd, English Bulldog, Poodle, Beagle, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Pitbull, Miniature Schnauzer, and many more.

How Does Find My Pet DNA Test Kit Work?

The Find My Pet DNA test kit includes everything you need to collect a sample from your dog. You’ll receive a swab with a cotton tip that you rub on your dog’s cheek to collect cells from the mouth’s surface for genetic testing.

Once you’ve collected the sample, it’s time to ship it back to the lab for analysis. The lab will analyze your dog’s DNA and compare it against other dogs’ DNA samples to determine its breed composition, personality traits, ancestry, and health condition.

It takes about two to four weeks for results to come back from the lab, but you’ll get an email letting you know when they’re ready, so there’s no waiting around for them!

What’s in a Find My Pet DNA Test Kit?

The Find My Pet DNA Test Kit includes:

  • Return sample bag
  • Prepaid return envelope
  • DNA sample collection buccal swab
  • Instructions
  • Stabilizing fluid

Find My Pet DNA Test Pros:

  • The dog DNA test kit is quick and easy to use
  • The health risk results are accurate for most breeds
  • The test can be taken in the comfort of your own home
  • Inexpensive compared to the wisdom panel premium, DNA my dog DNA test kit, Orivet and Embark dog DNA test.
  • Dog owners can have their rescue dogs and mutts tested for Wolf, Fox, and Coyote DNA.
  • Includes health screening

Find My Pet DNA Test Cons:

  • For multiple dog health screenings, you need different health kits for each one.
  • Results of mixed-breed dogs are not as comprehensive as Embark.

Find My Pet DNA Test Reviews:

The reviews for Find My Pet DNA Test are fairly mixed on Amazon. Many pet owners were very pleased with how easy it was to use the kit and how quickly they got results back from the lab; they call it one of the best dog DNA tests out there.

A customer said he also liked that he didn’t have to take his Labrador retriever and Border collie to facilities where they might be exposed to a disease. However, a few people complained that they didn’t get the results back on time even though they followed all the instructions correctly.

How Much Does the Find My Pet DNA Test Kit Cost?

The Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test costs $70.

Are Find My Pet DNA Test Kits Worth it?

Are Find My Pet DNA Test Kits Worth it

Yes, the Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test is worth it.

The test is easy to use and provides a lot of information about your pet, similar to a human DNA test. Dog DNA tests are a great way to find out more about your dog’s heritage.

The Find My Pet DNA test will tell you your dog’s breed mix and how closely related they are to other purebred dogs in their genetic database. The test also tells if your dog has any inherited diseases, so it’s a good idea to conduct this breed identification test on all your pets.

The health screening reveals the state of wellness and any underlying health issues your pet may have. The test results can be used to ensure you’re choosing the right breed for your lifestyle.

Find My Pet’s DNA test kits are a helpful choice for pet owners who want to keep their dogs happy, healthy, and safe. There is no risk involved in the testing.

You will love how easy it is to obtain DNA samples from your dogs and mail the same for analysis by Find My Pet scientist. Although it might take a little more than two weeks for the results to come back, you will be glad you did when it comes.