What is FirstVet Pet Insurance?

What is FirstVet Pet Insurance

FirstVet provides pet owners with on-demand video consultations from qualified veterinarians. It is a digital veterinary platform that is based in Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden. It was founded by David Prien and co-founders Joakim Widigs and Lars-Martin Norviit.

FirstVet.com is a startup brand that offers expert advice and pet care through professional veterinary advice, treatment recommendations, and referrals to your local vet clinic. They also offer your pet’s medical records which can make it easy for your regular vet to make an easier diagnosis for the problem.

Their app aims to offer help and advice related to health troubles your pet might be facing. It helps pet parents determine if they need to seek professional care for a pet suffering from common health problems.

The brand provides consultation, medicinal prescriptions, and related services through its mobile app and its website.

It has 4 investors including Cathay Innovation and Mubadala Capital Ventures. The brand closed its last Series B funding round on Nov 20, 2020.

The brand’s small animal vets have years of experience treating a variety of conditions. They help you manage:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Eye and ear problems
  • Itching and skin problems
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Injuries and other accidents
  • Accidental poisoning or toxin ingestion
  • Wellness care
  • Rehabilitation and post-op care
  • Behavioral problems
  • Single consults and 24/7 calls and visits
  • Expert vet care at an affordable price
  • Discounts on long-term subscriptions
  • Free access to educational articles & blogs
  • $5 off a single consultation

FirstVet Pet Insurance Reviewed

Here is a more in-depth review of this pet insurance.

FirstVet Summary:

FirstVet offers advice and simple suggestions on practical measures you can take at home to help your pet. Their vets also help to answer all pet health questions and provide symptom information. They specialize in problems related to vomiting, diarrhea, skin problems, first aid, nutrition, and behavior.

If your pet needs to visit a clinic in the event of a larger problem that cannot be solved online, they will redirect you to a registered vet or veterinary clinic near your home.

FirstVet Type of Availability:

It is available 24/7 and 365 days a year. They operate in 7 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland).

FirstVet Price:

A single consultation costs $35 and it lasts for 15 minutes.

FirstVet Subscription Type:

There are two subscription options:

  • 6-month subscription
  • Annual subscription

FirstVet On-Demand Consults:

It is possible to book a single consultation as the brand offers its services throughout the year. Each consultation lasts 15 minutes, costs $35, and needs to be pre-booked.

FirstVet Emergency Fund:

No, the insurance plan does not offer an emergency fund.

FirstVet Pros:

  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Professional vet visits online
  • Help cut down your visits to a clinic
  • Pay per consultation ($35), or get unlimited vet visits
  • No registration fee
  • Low-cost video vet consultations
  • Over 700,000 satisfied pet owners
  • Experienced, licensed vets, 24 hours a day

FirstVet Cons:

  • Prescriptions available in only select states
  • Treats only small pets
  • Cannot legally diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication for your pet

FirstVet Reviews:

Most users of the FirstVet app have found it to be helpful overall. They have explained that the vets associated with the app are both knowledgeable and compassionate. Furthermore, the vets are efficient listeners and take their time to fully understand the situation before offering their opinion.

The vets offer solid and transparent advice and save pet parents from having to go all the way to a clinic. This not only saves time but also travel expenses as carrying a pet is not an easy task. Additionally, COVID-19 made us realize the benefits of staying at home. The users also mentioned that the vets follow up immediately through email in the form of detailed notes.

What does FirstVet Pet Insurance Cover?

What does FirstVet Pet Insurance Cover

The insurance provides these benefits: 

  • Unlimited vet visits for just $90
  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Prescriptions (in select states)
  • Billed annually

What Pets does FirstVet Cover?

FirstVet covers several pet species, including:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Other small pets

What are FirstVet’s Insurance Plan Options?

The insurance has two plan options:

  • 6-month subscription for $65
  • Annual subscription for $90

What does FirstVet Coverage Exclude?

Given below is the list of aspects not covered under the insurance’s membership plan:

  • Does not prescribe medication unless certain requirements are met.
  • Does not sell any medications.
  • Does not cater to large animals.
  • Cannot diagnose any medical conditions.

How Does FirstVet Work?

  • Step 1: Download the app and register
    You need to download the FirstVet App from the IOS app store or Google play. You then need to create an account using your email and mobile phone. After that, you have to create a profile for your pet(s).
  • Step 2: Schedule a video appointment
    In order to schedule an appointment, select the pet from the app and pick a date and time that suits you. You have to ensure that your pet’s information is correct and up to date within the app. You need to then describe the symptoms and questions/concerns that you have before the video call. If required, you can also add pictures and videos.
  • Step 3: Your first video call
    When it is time for the call, you will receive an email. You need to log in to the app through your phone or tablet and you will be connected to the vet.
  • Step 4: Professional advice, instant triage, and recommendations for continued care
    The vet will help you manage your pet’s illness or any injury they might have right from home. However, if your pet requires more detailed treatment or urgent care, you will be directed to your nearest clinic or emergency care facility.

Is FirstVet Pet Insurance Worth it?

Yes, absolutely! FirstVet is the next step when it comes to treating common problems your pet might be facing at home. It saves you the trouble of having to go all the way to a physical clinic.