Fomo Bones Review: Does This CBD Dog Product Work?

If you buy something from a link on our site, we may earn a commission. See our advertising disclosure.
If you buy something from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.
See our advertising disclosure.

CBD oil is becoming widely popular as a natural way to treat chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, and other ailments in humans. It’s so useful in humans that CBD products like FOMO Bones have been created for pet owners to treat pain and anxiety in pets.

Learn more about the benefits of CBD for pets and read our FOMO Bones review to determine if these are the right cannabis treats for your dog!

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What is FOMO Bones?

FOMO Bones is a CBD product that offers calming dog treats infused with CBD isolate. In addition to CBD isolate, the treats also contain other ingredients like valerian root, passion flower, l-tryptophan, and chamomile to reduce stress and anxiety.

CBD, short for “cannabidiol,” is found in the cannabis plant, and is one of over 100 different cannabinoids that have been identified in the plant. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds that interact with our endocannabinoid system, which dogs also have! This system regulates all kinds of functions in our bodies including sleep, appetite, and mood.

As previously mentioned, FOMO Bones uses CBD isolate. This is CBD which has been isolated from all the other compounds found in the cannabis plant, including THC–the compound responsible for the psychoactive effect most commonly associated with marijuana.

Although CBD isolate is sometimes heralded as “pure CBD,” a study actually found that full-spectrum CBD (which contains all of the naturally occurring compounds of the cannabis plant) can provide more substantial health benefits, since these compounds work together in a synergistic way to support the body’s wellness.

A Lesson on CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD dog treats and CBD oil products for animals became popular and vet-recommended after medical marijuana showed robust results in helping anxiety, pain relief, seizures, and other medical conditions in humans.

CBD is now being used in dog treats and other products to treat similar ailments in pets, and with little to no THC included. Again, THC is the compound responsible for psychoactive effects and that feeling of getting “high.” THC is unsafe for animal consumption, though, so any CBD product you purchase for your dog should never contain THC levels that are higher than 0.3%.

As mentioned above, cannabinoids like CBD interact with a mammal’s endocannabinoid system, which can help with things like stimulating appetite, allowing us to have a more restful sleep, or improving our mood.

In pets, CBD is a great option to turn to for dogs and cats who deal with stress from things like separation anxiety, environmental stressors (thunderstorms/fireworks), or changes to a daily routine (hospitalizations, traveling).

CBD is also commonly used to help pets with insomnia, pain (great to use to help with side effects from cancer), and inflammation (which can be a source of pain).

How It’s Made: The FOMO Bones Ingredients List

The active ingredients in FOMO bones are CBD isolate, passion flower, l-tryptophan, valerian root, and chamomile.

These are all ingredients that can help your dog better manage stress and feel more relaxed.

Remember, though: according to studies, CBD isolate isn’t as potent as full-spectrum CBD, as only full-spectrum CBD will contain all of the naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, which all work together to provide more substantial health benefits.

How Many CBD Products Do They Sell?

There are many different ways to give your dog CBD oil, from flavored treats to CBD-infused peanut butter or coconut oil.

Dogs can be picky, so it’s great to be able to try different products to see what works best for your pet.

FOMO Bones has only one product, however, which is their Calming CBD Soft Chews.

CBD/Hemp Oil for Dogs: How to Choose The Right Brand for Your Pup

It’s important to find a CBD brand that has high-quality, all natural ingredients.

You also want to be aware of any ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction in your dog. For instance, FOMO Bones contain Soy Lecithin, so they may not be the best option for dogs with soy allergies.

 The 3 Main Items You Must Look For

  1. THC levels – Your dog’s CBD treats should contain less than 0.3% THC.
  2. Other ingredients – Make sure your treats are organic, all-natural, non-GMO, and that they don’t contain any fillers. Soy-free, corn-free, and dairy-free treats are ideal.
  3. Variety – If your dog has high levels of anxiety or chronic pain, you will most likely be giving them these treats daily. With that in mind, it’s nice to have a variety of different flavors for your pup to enjoy, and the ability to switch between an oil, a chew, or peanut butter is especially important.

FOMO Bones: Bottom Line

FOMO Bones is a great option to turn to if your dog is dealing with stress or anxiety. The ingredients in their treats are all aimed at helping dogs feel calmer and more relaxed during stressful situations.

However, FOMO Bones currently only offers calming chews for dogs, so there isn’t a diverse variety of products to choose from, which may present problems for pet parents with picky eaters.

FOMO Bones also uses CBD isolate in their products instead of full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD can have a significantly more positive impact on the body because it contains a lot more cannabinoids.

We personally recommend the Honest Paws CBD brand. Not only does Honest Paws offer full-spectrum CBD across a range of diverse products (CBD oils, CBD dog treats, CBD-infused peanut butter and coconut oil), but they have hundreds of glowing reviews on their website touting the real benefits their products have provided to dogs and cats.

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