Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherd dogs are two of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. Combine the two and you’re onto a winner! Find out everything you could possibly need to know about the German Shepherd Lab mix in this short guide.

Lab German Shepherd Mix: The Best of Both Breeds

The Labrador Retriever or Golden Retriever are always labeled as the ultimate family dog with very friendly temperaments. But choosing a canine friend is not a decision to take lightly. Before jumping on the Retriever bandwagon, consider a German Shepherd Lab mix!

Labrador Retriever Meets German Shepherd

Both of these dog breeds are large, friendly dogs ideal for family environments. Why no one thought of mixing these two breeds earlier, we have no idea.

Lab and German Shepherd Mixes are Busy Bodies!

Both breeds are quite energetic and require lots of exercises, so it’s no surprise that the German Shepherd Lab mix needs around 2 hours of exercise… per day!

A Brief History of this German Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd Lab mix first came about sometime in the 1980s when all sorts of unusual mix dog breeds were walking the streets. But the German Shepherd is a much older dog, dating back to the early 20th century when Captain von Stephanitz, a German officer, bred the dog to be a sheepherder and later a police dog.

German Shepherd Lab mixes are still used as police dogs today!

Comparing the Breeds of the Shepherd Lab Mix

Each Sheprador is a unique dog that will fill your heart and home with joyous doggy love. German Shepherd dogs have been mixed with a lot of different dog breeds, creating the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix and even the Welsh Corgi Shepherd mix. But it’s the Sheprador that’s always the best mix when it comes to energetic, loving and loyal family canine companions.

Labrador vs German Shepherd Temperament

Labrador Retrievers are known for being kind, gentle and trusting. Just like German Shepherds, they are highly intelligent too.

German Shepherds may be big dogs, full of energy and excitement but they’re ultimately loyal, faithful companions.

Labrador vs German Shepherd Weight

The German Shepherd is a heavy dog, so most German Shepherd mixes, like the German Shepherd Border Collie mix, weigh on the heavy side regardless of the other breed.

A Labrador fully grown will weigh between 25kg and 35kg.

A German Shepherd fully grown will weigh from 26kg to 40kg.

A German Shepherd Lab mix could weigh anywhere from 30kg to 80kg.

Labrador vs German Shepherd Lifespan

The average Labrador life expectancy is 10 to 14 years, while the German Shepherd is 9 to 13 years.

Mix breeds can have pretty serious risks of illness; however, so those last years can be very painful for you, your wallet and of course your beautiful dog. German Shepherd Lab mixes are particularly susceptible to hip dysplasia.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppies!

Even from a very young age, a German Shepherd Lab mix puppy needs careful attention paid to their coat. They have what’s called a double coat, made up of two layers of fur. The undercoat is close to the skin while the overcoat is much longer and will shed regularly.

Brush your Sheprador every day (bath time is only once a month, luckily) to keep that double coat in glossy condition. You also want to make sure your Lab mix puppy is kept cool, as the coat doesn’t do well in hot weather! Think of your German Shepherd Lab mix as a larger, friendlier Siberian Husky when it comes to warm climates.

Shepherd Lab Mix Colors

It’s usually the Labrador Retriever that determines the double coat color, but it really does vary and you can’t tell what color coat a German Shepherd puppy will have until it really starts growing.

German Shepherd Black Lab Mix

Bring a slice of dark chocolate into your life! The black Sheprador is almost a chocolate color all over from nose to tip of the tail.

German Shepherd Yellow Lab Mix

The yellow German Shepherd Lab mix is a soft, sandy color very similar to that of the Labrador Retriever, but with cute dark muzzles and signature German Shepherd ears.

For a really golden yellow mix breed, nothing beats the Golden Shepherd mix dog.

Black German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Mix

Despite the German Shepherd being black, the Labrador Retriever coat is much lighter, so usually, you’ll end up with the classic tan colored coat.

3 Reasons People Love the Lab Shepherd Mix

  1. Courageous, friendly, loyal and kind are all words that describe Shepradors, Labradors and the German Shepard.
  2. A German Shepherd Lab mix is usually wary of strangers and makes an excellent watchdog.
  3. You can train Shepradors very easily to go on hikes, runs and other energetic, sporty activities by your side.

Shepherd Mix Puppies are Cute! And Extra. But Mostly Extra Cute!

A German Shepherd mix puppy is so adorable! Just bear in mind that even with a full background history and details regarding the grandparents of the mix puppy on either side, it’s so difficult to predict adult height, weight, coat color etc. If you can’t commit to energetic, fun-loving dogs, consider different breed dogs.

German Shepherd Lab Mix Puppies for Sale!

German shepherd and lab mix puppy for sale! Can you think of any better words you’d love to hear?

German Shepherd Lab Mix Price

Puppy prices can range from $200 to $600, depending on the breeds, owner, family history and age of the German Shepard lab mix pup.

Finding Reputable Sheprador Breeders

The magic words are “we’re OFA certified” when it comes to finding a reputable Sheprador breeder. Ask to see their certificate and check with the OFA offices if you’re feeling cautious. The more history they have on each pup the better!

German Sheprador Rescue

Shepradors make amazing rescue dogs and police dogs, so you may be able to find retired Shepradors looking for a loving home.

Even in a German Shepherd Mastiff Mix, Those Ears are a Dead Giveaway!

Any German Shepherd mixed breed is instantly recognizable by the ears, muzzle, and face. They are truly beautiful, no matter what anyone at the kennel club says about purebred dogs being better. You won’t find more loving, family friendly animals.

3 Facts You Didn’t Know About This German Shepherd Labrador Mix

  1. Despite being very excitable, the Sheprador is very easy to train due to their high intelligence!
  2. They love to dig so dog-proofing your backyard is a must.
  3. Stand them next to a Corgi German Shepherd mix for a hilarious photograph!

Labrador German Shepherd Mixes are Real Brainiacs!

These breeds are very intelligent, so not only will training them to be a treat but you’ll also need to get them lots of dog puzzles and challenges to keep them busy. If not, you’ll find your slippers chewed up in no time at all.

Perfect with children, sporty families, and canine lovers, you need a German Shepherd Lab mix in your life!