When looking for a four-legged companion, you can’t go further than the wonderful Golden Retriever. If their warm smile has not won you over immediately, the rest of this article will explain how and why they are the best for those in need. And for those who want to know where to find the best Golden Retrievers, we will discuss the difference between a Golden Retriever breeder and a Golden Retriever rescue.

Why Golden Retrievers Make Great Pets?

Golden Retrievers make fantastic pets because:

–   They are naturally good-natured and helpful.

–   Have easily managed needs and fur.

–   They have a healthy nasal passage that allows for breathing in higher altitudes (such as on planes).

–   Not known for being aggressive (And are safe with children).

–   Can be highly trained.

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance: When You Get A Golden Retriever Dog, You Both Get a New Lease on Life!

In the united states alone, 2.7 million adoptable cats and dogs have their lives cut short because they could not find a forever home. These animals have already been fully trained, vaccinated and understand how to live in a home.

By choosing a rescue Golden Retriever, not only do you give them a new lease on life but you yourself will be a hero in the world (And your new puppy) eyes.

Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale Near Me? Whether Golden Retriever Puppy or Grown Doggo: Goldens Need Rescuing Everywhere!

By choosing to adopt a Golden Retriever from an animal shelter, not only are you taking your pet to a forever home and giving it a life worth living, but you are freeing up that sheltered spot for an animal in need. It is also common knowledge that a Golden recuse puppy is far cheaper than going to a breeder.

Plus, you see what you get. Unlike a puppy mill or a pet store who dub you in with a small puppy, you won’t have any surprises as the dog is past its puppy stages.

Visit a Local Dog Golden Rescue Facility or Dog Shelter and Find Your Potential Furrever Friend!

We have put together a list of the main Golden Retriever Rescue centers and highly encourage anyone that is interested to investigate these options first before going to a breeder.

Golden Retriever Rescue Florida

A seasoned and veteran rescue organization with over 200 volunteers, Golden Retriever Rescue Florida is the go-to place for the panhandle state.

Golden Retriever Rescue Ohio

There are two excellent Golden Retriever rescue centers in Ohio. Be sure to check them both out. The first, GR Rescue serves Northwest Ohio, parts of the Dayton & Columbus areas and in Cincinnati, as well as lower Michigan. The 2nd, Golden Treasures Rescue is an all-volunteer rehousing service for Golden Retrievers in the Ohio area.

Golden Retriever Rescue Colorado

The Golden Retriever Rescue in the Rockies is the best organization for Adopting Golden Retrievers in the Denver and Boulder areas.

Golden Retriever Rescue NC

Triad Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. (TGRR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, humane treatment and placement of homeless Golden Retrievers, and to the education of the public about the breed.

Golden Retriever Rescue PA

Delaware Valley Golden Retrievers Rescue has successfully placed 5,000 puppies as a non-profit charity organization. They accept donations to operate as well as new owners looking for ESA animals.

Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue

In North Carolina, the best resource and rescue agency is the Golden Rescue Centre Neuse River. They have a range of pups and older dogs looking for their forever home.

Golden Retriever Rescue California

In California, there are two different agencies for Golden Retriever adoptions depending if you are located North or South in the state. To the north, there is the NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue Center, a non-profit all-volunteer organization that specializes in rehoming goldies. To the south, there is Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue who not only look for new owners but also for foster home volunteers.

Golden Retriever Rescue NJ

The Golden Retriever Rescue New Jersey is the best place to adopt in the state, from New Jersey, Westchester County, NY to Rockland County, NY.

Miniature Golden Retriever, White Golden Retriever, Red Golden Retriever: There’s a Retriever Out There Waiting for You!

Did you know that there is more than one type of Golden Retriever? That’s right and as a future owner of one of these bundles of sunshine, you get to choose the puppy that is right for you.

The normal Golden Retriever is a known for its gold or blonde coat, soft eyes and playful nature. But this breed also comes with the following additional variations.

Miniature Golden Retriever – specially breed to be smaller than the normal Golden Retriever, the miniature golden is perfect for a family or owner living in a smaller space (Such as in a city). They are not pure Golden Retrievers, mostly mixed with a poodle or some other smaller dog.

White Golden Retriever – Also known as a very-pale Golden Retriever, the white Golden Retriever is gaining popularity for their snow-white coats. Watch out, any fur left behind will be more noticeable the lighter it is. Commonly found outside the USA in Europe, but are starting to become more frequent in local shelters.

Red Golden Retriever – Easily distinguishable by their darker and red fur, the Red Golden Retriever is one of the more rare varieties of retriever.

Black Golden Retriever – The opposite of a white golden is the black Golden Retriever. Their fur still has the same golden shine, but pitch black coloring that makes their eyes pop. However, this breed is generally not pure and is found most commonly when Golden Retrievers are breed with black Labradors.

All Dogs Can Be Emotional Support Animals: Take the First Step to Get Your ESA!

Whilst any dog can become an ESA they are very different from your common family pet. It is important that owners understand that the rules governing ESAs and the process required to become approved.

–   Find a mental health professional who is qualified to approve ESAs in your state.

–   You must then visit them to discuss your mental health, which can take days to weeks (that is if you can get an appointment quickly!). If they are not covered by your insurance, this can be expensive.

–   You will have to answer questions about your history that you might not be comfortable discussing with a stranger (Despite them being qualified to help you, it can be embarrassing for some to discuss mental health).

–   It can take weeks for the paperwork to be processed, with no guarantee that the doctor will approve your ESA request.

However, with CertaPet, we can help you navigate this minefield to receive your ESA quickly and easily.

How CertaPet Helps People Get Their ESA Letter

CertaPet can simplify this process, by putting you in touch with expert professionals near you that understand your needs, and allow you to receive your ESA letter discreetly and without spending time and money on mental health programs.

Plus it will be much quicker, getting connected to a LMHP and your letter in hours, not weeks.

Take the 5-minute, free pre-screening today to see if you qualify!

Skip the “Golden Retriever for Sale” Ads! You Can’t Go Wrong with Rescuing a Golden!

By rescuing a Golden Retriever you will add immeasurable joy and sunshine into your life. All these doggos want is to be loved and have someone to love in return!