Great Lakes Pet Treats is a pet treat exclusive brand that impressed us with its selection. The wealth of options that we looked at includes:

  • Bacon rolls
  • Dog Donuts
  • Small Batch Cat Treats
  • Rawhides
Great Lakes Pet Treats
  • Great Lakes Pet Treats sells a variety of Rawhides, Natural Parts, Cookies, Biscuits, and Snacks for dogs
  • They also make various flavors of small-batch cat treats 
  • Their treats a high-quality and made with all-natural products

Great Lakes Pet Treats: What is It?

Great Lakes Pet Treats is a pet treat supply store with over 30 years of experience in the industry. They started out as one of many small businesses and, through their work effort, established themselves quickly. They are dedicated to producing high-quality products that improve pet wellness. Although they started with dog products, they are also committed to improving cat wellness as well.

Who Owns Great Lakes Pet Treats?

The Great Lakes Pet Treats company is family owned by a family in Michigan.

Where are Great Lakes Pet Treats Made?

Many of the products that Great Lakes Pet Treats make are made in the USA. They have a headquarters in Burton, Michigan, where they manufacture some of their products.

Great Lakes Pet Treats: What do they Sell?

As their name suggests, Great Lakes Pet Treats primarily sells treats for your pets. The categories of products that Great Lakes sells are listed below:

Great Lakes Pet Treats: Dog Products

Great Lakes Pet Treats Bully Sticks

Aside from their jerky, Great Lakes Pet Treats bread and butter products are their dog products. The dog products that Great Lakes Pet Treats sells include:

  • Treats: Rawhide, Natural Parts, Cookies, Biscuits, Snacks

Great Lakes: Dog Treats

Dog treats are a fun way to engage and stimulate your dog outside of their dog food meals. Great Lake Pet Treats sells a decent number of options, which include:

  • Rawhide: Rawhide chips, Rawhide Donuts, Rawhide Knots, Rawhide Rolls, Pressed Bones, Munchy Treats
  • Natural Parts: Stuffed Bones, Beef Trachea, Bully Springs, Bully Sticks, Natural Cow Ears, Femurs, Knuckles, Pig Ears, Dog Bacon Rolls, Shanks
  • Cookies, Biscuits, & Snacks: Dental treats, sweet potato chips, soft chews, meat sticks, Great Lakes duck sticks, bone biscuits, chewy dog jerky, dog bones, peanut butter flavored biscuits, squash dog treats,

Great Lakes Pet Treats: Cat Products

Great Lakes Pet Treats Buffalo Meat Strips

While the selection of cat products is less than dog products, they still offer some basic all-natural options for cat lovers. These options include:

  • Cat Treats: Beef lung, buffalo meat, chicken, shrimp

Great Lakes: Cat Treats

Great Lakes offers a small selection of single-ingredient cat treats that are all-natural and high in protein. They are also grain-free as well as gluten-free. The cat treats Great Lakes Pet Treats sells include:

  • Freeze Dried Beef Lung: Made from 100% pure beef lung. They are freeze-dried to maintain their nutritional value and freshness.
  • Freeze-Dried Buffalo Meat: This treat contains high-quality free-range and grass-fed buffalo meat. Buffalo is leaner meat compared to beef and has lower cholesterol.
  • Freeze-Dried Chicken: The ingredients from the cat chicken treats come from USA-farmed chicken. They come in the form of bite-sized soft chews.
  • Freeze-Dried Shrimp: These treats are made easy to chew and contain 100% pure shrimp.

Is Great Lakes Pet Treats a Good Brand?

Yes, Great Lake Pet Treats is a good brand. They have 30 years of experience in the pet industry and are a family-owned business. They make all-natural treats that are high-quality and highly reviewed by customers reviews. Their years of experience have helped them create delicious products that both pet owners and their pets love.

Where can I Buy Products from Great Lakes Pet Treats?

Great Lakes Pet Treats products are available for purchase from their official website at They offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more and regularly run different coupons you can use at checkout. Great Lakes Pet Treats are also available in local pet retailers and grocery stores in the United States.

Do Vets Recommend Great Lakes Pet Treats Products?

Cat and dog together on floor indoors

Yes, Great Lakes Pet Treats come vet recommended. One reason that vets recommend Great Lakes Pet Treats is that they contain treats with all-natural ingredients. It is important to consider the quality of the ingredients that you feed your pet because it can have an effect on their health outcomes.

Great Lakes Pet Treats: Why Not Try Them?

If you are looking for a highly reviewed and tasty treat for your cat or dog, you should give Great Lake Pet Treats a try. They offer a big selection of different pet treats that are fit for any breed or age range of pet. They are also constantly introducing new products, so there is always something to come back to try out. Be sure to add Great Lakes Pet Treats to your wishlist.