The Great Pet brand is an inexpensive and effective pet health brand that has an impressive number of options for cats and dogs. Their brand name sounds similar to an Emily Ecton novel you would find on Goodreads, and their products are just as good. They offer a host of unique pet products like:

Great Pet Great Calm Chews
  • Promote calm and reduce anxiety and related behaviors
  • Promote relaxation and restful sleep, without drowsiness
  • Helps during thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides, and new environments.

Great Pet: What is It?

Great Pet is a pet shop retailer that works with board-certified veterinarians and technicians to provide recommendations and products for dogs and cats. In addition to providing products to pet parents, they act as a resource for scientific pet health information. They also host resources that are easy to use, like recall information on pet products and a vet finder to find a vet near you.

Who Owns Great Pet?

Great Pet is owned by Covetrus, who acquired it in March 2022. Covetrus is a company that specializes in distribution and management in the veterinary care industry.

Where are Products of Great Pet Made?

All of the products that Great Pet sells are manufactured in the United States. It has a headquarters in San Diego, California.

Great Pet: What do they Sell?

The company of Great Pet sells a host of different products that contain all-natural ingredients. Some of the products that Great Pet sells include:

Great Pet: Dog Products

Great Pet Great Poop

The majority of the products that Great Pet lists are meant for dogs. These products include:

Great Pet: Dog Supplements

Supplements act as a tasty way to fortify your dog’s diet to ensure they are getting vital nutrients. The supplements that Great Pet offers are listed below:

  • Daily Great Multivitamins: These must-have supplements are key to making sure your dog is getting every nutrient it needs. They also contain probiotics and support a dog’s healthy joints and coat.
  • Digestive Support: A supplement that dogs will want if they have trouble with poop or sensitivity to foods. This will help your dog digest its food better and make cleaning up its poop a more pleasant experience.

Great Pet: Cat Products

Great Pet Great Poop for Cats

Cat products are another category of things that Great Pet sells. Some of the cat products available for purchase include:

Great Pet: Cat Treats

Cats are always more playful and relaxed after they have had a treat. The treats Great Pet sells include:

  • Great Calm Cat Treats: A chewy and delicious treat that contains cat-calming hemp ingredients. Using hemp protein powder, your cat will experience relaxation and joint pain relief.

Great Pet: Cat Supplements

Pet owners should be sure not to neglect supplements. Cats have complicated dietary needs, which are easy to miss out on. Great Pet offers a few cat supplements, including:

  • Great Kidneys: These chewable supplements contain an immunity-boosting astragalus extract and can improve your cat’s energy. The supplements are also a great way to fight off urinary tract infections.
  • Great Poop Total Digestive Support: An all-in-one formula that provides probiotics to improve your cat’s gut health. They also contain ginger root powder to soothe upset tummies, along with high fiber content. Diets that are high in fiber are an excellent way to increase the regularity of bowel movements and make it easy to digest food. You will be thankful that it also ensures you have a cleaner-smelling litterbox.

Is Great Pet a Good Brand?

Yes, Great Pet is a good brand for pet parents. They provide an inexpensive way to get great pet care for your dog or cat. Their suite of products has something for every pet owner, and they are highly reviewed on their different storefronts. They are an interactive brand that takes the feedback of customer reviews into consideration when developing products.

Where can I Buy Products from Great Pet?

dog and cat sitting on the floor

You can buy Great Pet products on their Amazon store page. They receive favorable ratings from customer reviews, and many of their products come vet recommended. Their multivitamins are delicious to dogs, and their products do well with pets with sensitive stomachs. Many reviews from pet owners noted that Great Pet products also played nice with senior dogs and other furry friends. On the Great Pet website, they often have limited-time coupons available at checkout.

Do Vets Recommend Great Pet Products?

Yes, Great Pet works with Vets that give input and recommendations to their products. Their treats and supplements provide an excellent way to fortify your furry best friends’ health and quality of life.

Great Pet: Why not Give Them a Try?

If you are in need of an inexpensive and vet-recommended brand to try out, Great Pet is a great place to start. Pet health issues can crop up when you least expect them. It is important to invest early into your dog’s health and diet so you can improve its health through all stages of its life.