Best Hanging Cat Beds Summary

  • Best Hanging Cat Bed Overall: Doralus Cat Hammock Macrame Cat Swing Bed              
    Made of top-quality materials, this elegant-looking and super comfortable hanging cat bed is a customer favorite.
  • Best Minimalistic Design: ComSaf Reversible Cat Hammock                                   
    Suitable for use in all seasons, the hanging cat bed, with its minimalist design and wide array of features, is sure to be a bang for your buck.
  • Best Window Seat: PETPAWJOY Cat Window Perch                                                         
    This hanging cat bed is made of strong and breathable material with an extra cute and secure design. 
  • Best Style and Design: ONENIN Cat Cage Hammock Double Layer Cat Bed                    
    This double-layered hanging cat bed is made of high-quality materials, easy to clean, and brilliantly designed 
  • Best for Kittens: Pedgot 3 Pack Reversible Cat Hanging Hammock                   
    Designed for kittens, this three-pack reversible cat hanging bed is made of strong and breathable material. 

Are Hanging Cat Beds Safe?


Yes, hanging beds are safe, and cats love them. However, you need to do your research before purchasing one for your cat. Be sure to get a cat hammock that suits your cat’s needs.

The right hanging cat bed should be made of solid and durable material and sold with a guarantee that it can hold your cat’s weight. 

Are you worried about your cat rolling off in their sleep and waking up? The perfect hammock bed is safe and will not allow for such a scenario to happen. 

Are Hammocks Good for Cats?

Yes! Hammocks most definitely are good for cats. The one thing your cat appreciates more than catnip is a good, long nap. Any cat parent wants only what’s best for their pet, so why not give them the tool to enjoy the best snooze of their lives?     

Hanging cat beds are super comfortable and allow your cat the privacy and space it needs just for itself. They give cats their territory at your home, provide them with a vantage point from where to see the house, and confidence in their wellbeing and safety, all in the comfort of their bed. 

In simple words, the cat hammock or hanging cat bed is a must-have pet product for any doting cat parent.

What are the Benefits of Hanging Cat Beds?

Given below is a list of benefits to having a hanging cat bed:

  • Comfort. Getting your pet the comfort of a cat hammock is sure to soothe it and make it feel happy and relaxed. With a great view out of the cat cave and a comfortable pad to themselves, they’re sure to be extra thankful and pay you with some cuddle time.
  • Sense of Safety. Cat bed hammocks are also suitable for rescue cats who tend to be very skittish and hide under the furniture. By allowing them to perch in a spot where they have a better view of their surroundings, your cat is likely to get used to your home quicker than if they went without a hammock.
  • Anxiety Relief. Your cat’s hammock is not only a place where they sleep but is their haven. Whenever they feel threatened or even anxious, watch them retreat to their trustee hammock. It is a place of comfort to them.

The Best Hanging Cat Beds Reviewed

From soft plush pads to solid wood frames to wall-hanging designs – there are different types of hanging cat beds. Given below is a review of our top 5 favorite cat hammocks. 

dolarus cat bed

Summary: Made of cotton rope, this Doralus Cat Hammock Macrame Cat swing bed is one of the best sellers. It is very durable and strong. Not only that, this macrame cat bed is a stylish and elegant boho addition to your home décor. Flaunt it in your living room or backyard – the choice is yours.


  • Aesthetically very pleasing
  • Made of durable material
  • Very comfortable
  • Suitable for all types of pet cats
  • Detachable and washable


  • Not very easy to clean

Review: With a 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, this Doralus macrame cat hammock, with its comfortable make, aesthetic design, and robust build, it’s a must-buy for any cat.


Summary: Reversible and easy to clean, the ComSaf Reversible Cat sleeping bed is suitable for all seasons, super comfortable in make woven with breathable material, has adjustable straps with hooks made of metal, and is perfect for any small pet.


  • Easy to clean
  • Reversible
  • Has straps that can be adjusted
  • Woven with breathable material
  • Portable
  • Suitable for most small animals


  • Straps are not durable

Review: With a 4.6 out of 5 reviews on Amazon, this pet product is an easy-to-use, portable, reversible, and comfortable cat scratching post perfect for your cutie cat.


Summary: The PETPAWJOY cat window perch is designed safely and cutely. Made of a breathable mesh Teslin, this hanging cat hammock is 100% cat safe, easy to clean, and very high quality.


  • Easy to clean
  • Cute design
  • Potent suction cups 
  • Suitable for most small animals
  • Removable


  • Could be more durable

Review: With a 4.2 out of 5 stars, this PETPAWJOY cat window perch is a must-have for any cat who values a good view as much as a cozy and comfortable perch.


Summary: The ONENIN cat cage Double Layer cat window hammock is, as the name suggests, a double-decker cat hammock. It can be used in any season, is durable and comfortable, is very easy to maintain, and is available in various colors.


  • Has two layers
  • Durable and comfortable in make
  • Suitable for most indoor cats
  • Multi-season use
  • Available in various colors


  • Doesn’t come with a hanging stand 

Review: With a 4.4 out of 5 stars review on Amazon, this ONENIN Pet Hammock Double Layer Cat bed is double the fun for the price. A must-buy for any cat lover.


Summary: The 3 in 1 pack Pedgot reversible Cat Hanging Hammock with its affordable price is a steal. It offers three reversible, comfortable, hook adjustable, easy to clean hanging hammocks for your small pet or pets.


  • 3 hanging hammocks
  • Double-sided aka. reversible
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Multi-season use
  • Suitable for most small animals including small dogs


  • Not suitable for large cats

Review: With a 4.1 out of a 5-star review on Amazon, this three-pack Reversible Cat Hanging Hammock is an excellent buy for anyone who has newly adopted kittens or a small pet.

What is the Best Hanging Cat Bed?


Our top pick, the Doralus Cat Hammock Macrame Cat Swing Bed, has it all – it is comfy, stylish, and durable – the three things one must look for in any suitable product for their pet.

Want to bump up the comfort even more? Consider the following features when choosing a hanging cat bed: 

  • Source of Heat. There are two types of cat hammock bed: one that doesn’t run on electricity but keeps your cat cozy with its own body heat, and the second is powered with electricity and works with heat pads. The heated cat bed is often low on electricity consumption. That being said, make sure they are safety tested and/or MET certified.
  • Size. Some cats like to sleep on small beds, others on big ones. Depending on your cat’s preference, be sure to get them a cat house and other cat furniture they will love lounging/sleeping on. You can also facilitate your cat with cat toys for added fun.
  • Padding. Make sure the heated bed you invest in is well padded. Your cat’s bread-making habits would be very satisfied in a pet bed with good padding. Add more blankets for extra-extra comfort. All according to your cat’s preference, of course.
  • Ease of Cleaning. Easy cleaning is always an essential factor to consider when buying pet supplies. The heated cat bed should have ease of cleaning. This would make it easier to keep the place your pet spends its most time and sleeps sanitary and clean.
Doralus Cat Hammock Macrame Cat Swing Bed
  • Enchanting place for your cat to relax.
  • The rope we use is strong and durable.
  • Adding your home elegant and stylish.