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Every year, hundreds of pets die in the United States because of heartworm disease. Canine heartworm is very serious and prevention and treatment are key. This is where Heartgard for dogs comes in.

This heartworm medication kills the parasites when they’re still in the larval stage. This means that the larvae never grow into adult worms and don’t lodge themselves in your puppy’s lungs or heart.

The Dangers of Heartworms for Dogs

Heartworm is a serious condition that, when untreated, can lead to fatal consequences. The risk of infection is especially high during mosquito season, as these animals are the carriers of the disease. No region of the United States is safe from heartworm-carrying mosquitoes. Thus, preventative care is a must in all states.

When infected mosquitoes bite a dog, they pump the larvae into a dog’s bloodstream. You won’t see any signs of heartworm days after infection, but after six months the worms are fully grown. This is when they attach themselves to the lungs, right before they travel to the heart.

Heartworm infection causes depression, lethargy, and respiratory problems. But if the infection goes unnoticed, several organs may start to fail. In severe cases, this can lead to the death of your beloved pet. Luckily, there are ways of preventing this terrible outcome!

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure!

Preventing heartworm disease in dogs is crucial. Only by taking preventative measures can you make your puppy safe from these worms. It is much better to stop the larvae from entering the bloodstream than to treat foot-long worms already lodged in the heart and lungs.

If you want to keep your pet safe, ask your veterinarian about how you can prevent heartworm. They will tell you all about Heartgard and other medications available on the market. With the help of these drugs, you can keep your puppy happy and healthy!

What Is Heartgard for Dogs?

Heartgard is a medication prescribed by vets used to prevent heartworm in dogs. It is also used to treat and control hookworms and roundworms. Instead of taking care of the foot-long worms in a dog’s body, it kills the baby larvae before they can grow.

Another important fact about this medicine is that it comes in a chewable tablet form. Since dogs love chewable treats, they will most likely love this med. Furthermore, the chewables are beef-flavored and easy-to-give for owners, as they don’t need to hide any pills in food.

All in all, this is a safe and effective drug. It is even the heartworm preventative drug vets recommend the most!

A Look at What’s Inside: Heartgard Plus for Dogs Ingredients

There are two active ingredients in Heartgard for dogs: Ivermectin and Pyrantel. The former kills the larval form that causes heartworm. The latter helps a dog’s body fight roundworms and hookworms.

The best thing about these two active ingredients is that they’re safe and great at their jobs. Most dog breeds (but not all) react well to Ivermectin and Pyrantel. Thus, there are virtually no dangers or downsides to giving your pup Heartgard Plus.

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Delicious Chewables to Help the Medicine Go Down!

Any dog parent who has had to feed their furry companion pills knows how much of a hassle that can be. Luckily, Heartgard for dogs look like dog treats and taste like them too, making them easy to administer!

What dog doesn’t love to chew? And what dog doesn’t adore a beef-flavored snack? Thanks to the Heartgard chewables, giving a pup their medication has never been easier. Simply feed them one tablet a month and they’ll be protected against heartworm disease. If your dog tends to swallow chewables whole, break the tablet into pieces and feed them to your dog.

You will soon see how easy it is to give this important medication to your dog every month!

If you have a doggo that sees right through the betrayal of trying to give them sneaky medicine, there are many other easy ways to get a dog to swallow a pill!

 Why Heartgard Plus Chewables Are Better Than Other Heartworm Pills for Dogs

When choosing a preventative drug for heartworm in dogs, there is no better pick than Heartgard. Firstly, it is the one most recommended by vets to treat heartworm disease. Secondly, it is safe for puppies as young as six weeks of age. Thirdly, the monthly dose is easy to administer and very convenient for owners.

On top of all this, it is the only drug on the market for heartworm prevention and intestinal parasites. It treats and controls three species of hookworms and two species of roundworms — something other brands can’t do. By choosing the Heartgard Plus Chewables you’re making your puppy safe against a multitude of dangerous parasites!

Heartguard? Heartgard? Which Dogs Should Not Be Taking This Medication

Heartgard is a great drug for the treatment of heartworms. Most breeds tend to react very well to these chewables. However, some herding breeds such as the Australian Shepherd, Collies, Greyhounds, and Whippets may show adverse reactions to this medication.

This is due to the fact that the MDR1 gene in these dogs isn’t able to process Ivermectin as well. If you give them a chewable with a high dose of this chemical, they may develop side effects.

If you are in doubt about whether or not your pup can take this med, check with your veterinarian.

Dogs That Are Out in the Field Need Protection the Most!

All dogs should take meds that prevent heartworm disease. But dogs that spend most of their time outside are especially at risk of getting infected.

So, if your dog loves the outdoors, don’t forget to give them a dose of Heartgard for dogs every month. You will be protecting them from unnecessary health complications, such as organ failure!

Heartgard Plus for Dogs Products Available

Heartgard Plus has tablets for all dogs. Which kind you should buy depends on your dog’s body weight. The heavier they are, the larger the dose of Ivermectin and Pyrantel they need.

Heartgard 01-25 lbs

Smaller dogs need all the protection against heartworm, roundworm, and hookworm they can get. They can be very sensitive to a high dose level of the active ingredients, which could become dangerous.

For this reason, Heartgard Plus Chewables are available for dogs whose body weight is between one and twenty-five pounds.

Heartgard Plus 26-50 lbs

Medium sized dogs are also covered by Heartgard for dogs. The package for pups who weigh between twenty-six and fifty pounds is completely safe for them. Each chewable has the right dose of the active ingredients, making them safe and effective.

Heartgard Plus 51-100 lbs

Even the largest dogs need to be protected against all kinds of worms! This is why Heartgard Plus developed a formula for the heaviest dogs out there. They might be big, but their size doesn’t intimidate heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms!

Possible Heartgard Side Effects to Be Aware Of

Side effects are very rare, but they do happen. These include tremors, dilated pupils, loss of body weight, and, in extreme cases, death.

Adverse reactions almost always occur when the dose level given to the dog was too high. Keep in mind that the right dose for all dogs and puppies is based on their body weight. Giving a small dog a large dose of Ivermectin or Pyrantel could trigger the side effects we listed above.

The best way to make sure these accidents don’t happen is to follow the vet’s rules and be mindful!

Heartgard Amazon? Are Heartgard Chewables Available on Amazon?

Amazon is probably the most convenient marketplace for the majority of Americans. What better way to get your dog’s medication than delivered straight to your door? However, it is not that simple with the Heartgard for dogs.

To get this medicine, you first need to get your dog a heartworm test. If they test negative, your vet will prescribe it to you. Once you have your prescription, head to a pharmacy and get your preventative heartworm chewables!

Can You Get Heartworm Medicine Without a Vet Script?

Only dogs that test negative for heartworm disease can take preventative medication against it. If you were to give Heartgard to a dog who has fully grown worms in their lungs or heart, they could die. They would react so severely to the medication that their organs could start to shut down.

For this reason, only doctors can prescribe heartworm medicine. You won’t find these drugs over-the-counter without a vet script.

This doesn’t mean you won’t find websites advertising prescription-free heartworm medicine, though. But you should always keep in mind that this is not only illegal but also very dangerous.

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Find a Bargain with Heartgard Coupons Online

What dog owner doesn’t want to save a few dollars when buying much-needed medicine for their pups? Luckily, they can!

On the Heartgard website, you find that they have several offers that save you money. These include discounts on heartworm-preventive meds and on their line of fleas and tick control.

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