What Is the Best Heated Dog House?

Our Top Pick
Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Dog House

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Dog House

Featuring a removable floor, vinyl door flap, and heavy-duty side braces, this is our top pick.

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Best Ventilated
Rockever Store Insulated Dog House

Rockever Store Insulated Dog House

Using a window and a large doorway, this pet house offers great air circulation.

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Best for Travel
O-WareHem Weatherproof Collapsible Dog House

O-WareHem Weatherproof Collapsible Dog House

Made for small pets, this collapsible dog house includes a door flap and is weatherproof.

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Easy Maintenance
A4 Pet Weatherproof Large Dog House

A4 Pet Weatherproof Large Dog House

The floor is easily removable and sturdy enough for daily cleaning and easy maintenance.

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Most Affordable
ZENY All Weather Plastic Dog House

ZENY All Weather Plastic Dog House

Priced at around $50.00, this is the most affordable heated outdoor dog house on this list.

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What is a Heated Dog House?

A heated dog house is a specific dog house or kennel that ensures warmth. The heated dog house is insulated and has a heating pad, controlled by a thermostat. The goal is to keep the dog warm.

Most heated pet shelters are designed to be used as outdoor dog houses.

Are Heated Dog Houses Safe?

Yes, the heated dog house is safe.

A dog house heater is designed to run near constantly to keep the heat up in a dog’s shelter, and many of them are insulated, so the heating element does not need to work as hard.

Certain shapes may retain their heat better, which also helps to relieve some of the work the heater has to do.

For example, igloo dog houses are efficient in trapping body heat with their dome structure, while a more traditional square dog house takes an additional energy source to heat.

Best Seller
Petsfit Weatherproof Wooden Outdoor Dog House
10/10Our Score
  • Large Dog House Outdoor Suitable for Medium to Large Dog Breeds 
  • Durable Construction and Easy Assembly - 100% made of Finnish spruce panels
  • Protective Design and Open-up Roof with High-quality Pneumatic Braces 

What Are the Benefits of Heated Dog Houses?

Protection, warmth, and comfort are the main benefits of a heated dog house. Let’s take a closer look at each:

  • Protection. Providing a heated dog house that is water-resistant, wind-resistant, and UV-ray-resistant will provide them protection from the cold winter elements.
  • Warmth. Keeping a dog warm is the reason for a heated dog house. The pet bed, heated or otherwise, will offer them even more heat in the winter months.
  • Comfort. Providing a place for your dog to retreat when stressed or tired is imperative to make them comfortable, especially in the cold.

The Best Heated Dog Houses Reviewed

The heated dog house comes in different shapes, designs, and sizes. Here we will review some of the best-selling heated houses for dogs, which you can easily find on Amazon and Chewy.

Petsfit Weatherproof Wooden Outdoor Dog House

Summary: Made of 100% Finnish spruce panels and stainless steel hardware, this dog house was built to last. The panels are thicker than the competitors, and the roof opens up with high-quality pneumatic braces.

This, combined with the removable floor and support rails, make for easy cleaning and for great stability. The roof is made of weatherproof asphalt and is slanted to keep rainwater out. The feet are adjustable, so it is easy to level out the dog house and provide a secure footing.

Best for: Dogs of all sizes

Dimension: 45.6” x 30.9” x 32.1”/28.2”

Material: Wood

Features: Solid wood construction; Vinyl door flap; Weatherproof; Stainless steel hardware; Slanted asphalt roof

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Adjustable feet
  • Predrilled screw holes
  • Asphalt roof for protection
  • Door flap included
  • Requires a bit of DIY know-how to assemble

Review: Many pet owners gave this dog house a positive review, with some saying it worked great for their ducks and rabbits and their dogs. They liked the durability and appearance of the house and told their dogs to seem comfortable, warm, and dry in cold weather.

Critical reviews came from people who had issues assembling the house. They said the instructions were not helpful, and there were missing pieces such as screws and supporting planks.

Rockever Store Weatherproof and Insulated Dog House

Summary: The deluxe, solid wood construction of this dog kennel is sturdy and waterproof to protect small dogs and big dogs from the elements while outside. It features insulated walls and a vinyl door flap to keep the air inside at a comfortable temperature.

This wood dog house is UV-resistant, rainproof, and anti-rot, so it is built to last. As a bonus, the roof is slanted away from the entrance to keep rainwater out.

Best for: Small, medium, and large dogs

Dimension: 45″ x 31” x 31″

Material: Wood

Features: Insulated; Vinyl door flap; Anti-rot materials

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Solid wood construction
  • Window for ventilation
  • Elevated floor
  • Vinyl door flap
  • More expensive

Review: Reviews on this cabin-style dog house were largely positive. Buyers were happy with the construction, saying it was sturdy and easy to assemble. They liked the predrilled screw holes, but some mentioned the corners may need to be sanded to avoid the possibility of splinters.

The most common complaint was about the price. Dissatisfied consumers mentioned prices in nearly every negative review and said it was not worth what they paid.

O-WareHem Weatherproof Collapsible Dog House with Flap for Small Dogs

Summary: The collapsible nature of this dog house makes it great for traveling and easily storing when not in use. It is made of weatherproof oxford cloth and includes a removable door flap. The design assembles easily with no tools and keeps pets warm and comfortable in a winter-proof shelter.

The small size of this dog house is great for puppies, cats, small dog breeds, and rabbits and provides them with a cozy place they can feel safe and secure.

Best for: Small dogs, puppies, and cats

Dimension: 14.9” x 15.7”; 15.7” x 19.6”

Material: Oxford cloth

Features: Collapsible; Weatherproof; Easily assembled; Oxford cloth

  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Waterproof
  • Easily assembled
  • Includes removable door flap
  • Detachable design makes it easy to store
  • Not a great permanent outdoor structure
  • Only suitable for small pets

Review: Reviews on this dog kennel were sparse, but those who left positive ratings were impressed with the construction and apparent quality. They said it was well made, and they loved that the door flap was clear so they could see inside. One buyer even said they had had this dog house for 13 years and counting.

There was only one negative review, and their complaint was about coyotes.

A4 Pet Weatherproof Large Dog House

Summary: With 12 mm thick wooden panels and adjustable feet, this dog house is built to tolerate outdoor use. The floor is removable, and the roof hinges upward to offer an easy way to clean the house.

The roof is made of waterproof asphalt, and the raised floor keeps pets off the ground and dry. This ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. This model is an excellent insulated large dog house.

Best for: Dogs up to 80 lbs

Dimension: 42.5” x 23.2” x 32.6”

Material: Solid wood

Features: Hinged roof; Adjustable feet; Removable floor; Thick wooden panels

  • Thick 12 mm panels
  • Removable floor
  • Suitable for large dog breeds
  • Hinged roof opens for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable feet
  • The holes for the hinges are not predrilled and require some measuring

Review: Most customer reviews expressed satisfaction with this house. These buyers were happy with the build quality and said they were happy there was space for their heated dog beds inside.

Critical reviewers were upset with the lack of predrilled holes for the hinges on the roof and said the whole thing felt “lightweight” once it was put together.

ZENY All Weather Plastic Dog House

Summary: The deluxe construction of this dog house provides a comfortable and superior activity space for your pets. The sloped roof drains water from the entrance, and the raised floor keeps pets away from dirt and moisture.

It features dual air vents to keep the interior dry and fresh. The pet dog house is easy to assemble, and all required accessories are included. This plastic dog house is durable and comes at a budget-friendly price.

Best for: Small and medium dogs

Dimension: 27″ x 25.6″ x 27″

Material: Plastic

Features: Weatherproof; Durable plastic; Raised floor; Dual air vents

  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Raised floor
  • Well ventilated
  • Affordable
  • Only suitable for small and medium dogs

Review: Happy pet owners said this pet product was great for their small dogs and cats. They said it made an excellent cat house, and they were happy with the sturdy construction and weather resistance.

Other customers, however, were less than pleased. These customers said the plastic felt thin and brittle and doubted its ability to withstand the elements.

What Should I Look for in a Heated Dog House?

When shopping for an insulated dog house, there are several things to consider:

  • Insulation. The average temperature where you live will determine what kind and how much insulation you will need to keep your dog comfortable. A door flap will do great to keep heat in as well, but not every heated dog house comes with one.
  • Heated Bed. A thermo bed can assist the dog’s body temperature in heating the house, and the insulation will keep the heat in. A great option in this category will most likely be machine washable or be made of orthopedic foam.
  • Exterior Material. Most likely, you will want something sturdy like solid wood or wood composite. Wooden dog houses tend to last longer in the climate than plastic dog houses, although they can be prone to shrinking and leaking over time.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Heated Dog House?

You will want to purchase a heated dog house before the cold weather comes. Your furry friend will appreciate having it sooner than later so it can have a toasty place outside to retire to at the end of the day. Keep an eye out during the spring months because there are often sales on seasonal items like heated dog houses, and you may be able to find one at a discount.