JustFoodForDogs sells pet food products with an emphasis on transitioning your pet from their current diet to fresh whole food products. They operate justfoodfordogs.com, which is where they stock food products for pets.

We liked that they use only high-quality whole-food and the additional services that they have to offer to assist pet owners in making the best nutritional choices for their pets.

  • JustFoodForDogs is a pet food retailer that stocks a wide variety of pet food products
  • Their products are available on justfoodfordogs.com and on Amazon.
  • They sell pet food products with the aim of transitioning your pet over to fresh whole food products
  • They have a custom nutrient-rich diet service that could give your dog a complimentary nutrition consultation and medical record review
  • If you choose to utilize the diet service, you will receive a vet-recommended menu along with a fresh meal prep, and delivery service

What is JustFoodForDogs?

JustFoodForDogs is a pet food retailer that sells pet food products that emphasize transitioning your pet to fresh whole food products. They operate justfoodfordogs.com, where they stock these food products for many pet parents. Their food recipes contain high-quality nutrient blends that have been FDA approved to improve the quality of your pet’s life.

The company was founded by Shawn Buckley, who started JustFoodForDogs after being dismayed by the quality of ingredients in dog food ingredients in commercial food brands. The company has since created a way to deliver fresh food right to its customers’ doorsteps. All its canine daily diets have gone through the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) testing and approval.

Their process is a little different from other pet food brands. Many products from this company require a freezer and a refrigerator to be properly served. Whenever you get a new delivery of JFFD pet food, you will need to put it in the freezer and thaw it in the fridge to prepare it for serving. The plus side is that this food lasts for up to a year when frozen. The shelf time is much longer than many other food brands, which only last a few months on your home shelf. 

Best Seller
Pet Food: Chicken & White Rice
9.4/10Our Score
  • The Chicken & White Rice meal is one of our most requested diets and is loved by dogs.
  • This recipe is the ideal mixture of freshly cooked chicken white rice with long grain as well as carrots, spinach, and apples.
  •  It is high in calcium as well as phosphorus, which makes it ideal for the growing puppy and nutritiously balanced for the long-term food needs of both pups and adult dogs.
  •  This is not the typical rice and chicken dog food.
  •  This is the real food for truly good dogs.

Who Owns JustFoodForDogs?

JustFoodForDogs is owned by Shawn Buckley, who is the current CEO and original founder of the company. It is incorporated as a limited liability corporation (LLC) and is headquartered in Irvine, California. JFFD has between 250 and 500 employees working for them. The company is privately held and has undergone three funding rounds. These funding rounds have accumulated $11 million; the last round was in 2018. One funding round was part of a series, while one was a private equity round. The latest 2018 round was a venture capital funding round.

Where are JustFoodForDogs Products Made?

JustFoodForDogs makes food that is specially hand-crafted for your pet in various kitchens in California and Delaware. These kitchens are open to the public, meaning people can observe the food-making process. They use a minimal amount of cooking on their pet food recipes to ensure that the nutritional integrity of each meal is preserved. You can pick the meals up from these locations. These human-grade ingredients are otherwise fit for human consumption, which is why they have the name.

What does JustFoodForDogs Sell?

Just Food for Dogs Sampler Variety Box

The JustFoodForDogs company sells a wide variety of pet food products for pets and pet parents, including the following:

  • Pet Food: They provide dog food, cat food, and customizable dog meals for purchase by their customers.
  • Pet Treats: The only treats they offer are Dehydrated chew dog treats.
  • Pet Supplements: There are several supplement options for purchase, including Probiotics, Joint Care, and Omega 3. There are also calm and skin & allergy care supplements. The calming pills help dogs cope with external stress, and the skin & allergy pills reduce scratchy skin irritation.
  • Books: JustFoodForDogs sells a book called Big Kibble. This is a close-up examination of the lack of regulation in the pet food and diet industry. It also includes nutritionist advice on how a pet owner can dramatically improve their dog’s quality of life by choosing better ingredients.

What Dog Products Does JustFoodForDogs Sell?

JustFoodForDogs sells whole food and human-grade dog food products that fall into several different categories. You will find categories like food, treats, and supplements. They take an evidence-based approach to keeping their products up to date with the latest research. The products they use are all fresh food products that undergo clinical feeding trials that JustFoodForDogs does themselves. Because of these high standards, they freeze all their food products and you’ll need to defrosted them before you serve the food to your dog. The different types of dog they offer includes fresh frozen, pantry fresh, vet support, custom diets, and nutrient blends.

Dog Food Products 

JustFoodForDogs has many different food products for every kind of dog, from a farmer’s dog to a show dog. These dog food products can be found below:

  • JFFD Fresh Frozen: These are gluten-free and grain-free recipes that include combinations of venison, turkey, fish, beef, and lamb proteins with different vegetables. These vegetables include russet potato, whole wheat macaroni, sweet potato, brown rice, and squash. One popular dish is the Fish & Sweet Potato which features a gluten-free and grain-free experience that is perfect for both puppies and adult dogs.
  • JFFD Pantry Fresh: Non-refrigerated whole food recipes comprise the Fresh Pantry category. These products are shelf-stable for up to two years. You will find delicious recipes that help boost a dog’s immune system, like the Metabolic Support dish. Other dishes include Turkey & Whole Wheat Macaroni, Beef & Russet, Chicken & White Rice, Balanced Remedy, Joint & Skin Support, and low protein renal support.

Vet-Prescribed Food for Dogs 

Pantry Fresh Renal Support Low Protein

JustFoodForDogs also has several vet-prescribed food options for dog owners. These dog meals include the following:

  • JFFD Vet Support: This set of dog food products comes vet recommended so you can provide fresh dog food without preservatives for dogs with health problems. These dog meals contain no preservatives but do require a vet prescription to purchase.
  • JFFD Custom Diets: This is a service that starts with a pet consultation backed by the JustFoodForDogs veterinary team. You receive fresh meal prep and delivery and a nutrition plan to get your dog up to speed on its digestive health, allergy management, skin health, and many more.

DIY Homemade Food for Dogs 

JFFD DIY Homemade Kits are a set of products that give customers the tools to prepare their fresh dog meals. You can find the categories they come in below:

  • Nutrient Blend: Included in these food meals are a protein base and different vegetables such as sweet potatoes, cranberries, or brussel sprouts. Since it is a DIY meal, you also receive a set of instructions on how to prepare these ingredients into a nutritious meal. These nutrient blend meals give you more direct control of the nutrients you can provide your dog in each serving.

JustFoodForDogs: Cat Products

JustFoodForDogs sells two different categories of cat products namely food and treats. Each category only has one type to choose from on their online site. These high-quality cat products are packed with quality. Because of this, they are some of the best cat food products on the market. These fresh cat food recipes are made from human-grade food ingredients with no preservatives. They regularly audit their products to ensure they are  healthy and that you can thawed them and serve fresh food to your adorable feline.

Cat Food Products 

JFFD sells cat food in one category, which includes the following:

  • Just Cats: The JustCats food section contains just the Fish & Chicken dish for cats. This cat food dish has no preservatives and is gluten-free. There are no growth hormones used in the fish or chicken ingredients, and it is ideal for adult cats. It contains a hydrating food recipe filled with a delicious nutrient blend that makes it a good pick for cats with sensitive GI tracts or allergies. The food ingredients include wild-caught Alaska Pacific cod, chicken thighs, chicken hearts, chicken liver, sardines, along with various other nutrients from JFFD’s nutrient blend. All the meats in this dish are USDA-certified certified.

Cat Treats

JustFoodForDogs sells a single category of cat treats, that you can find below:

  • JustCats Food: This brand category contains a single recipe, the Salmon Bark for Cats. The cat food recipe is an excellent treat that for cats of all ages can enjoy. It contains wild-caught salmon and is low in fat. Pet parents will also be glad to know that it is low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Cats with food allergies will enjoy the ingredients because they do not cause much inflammation. This lack of inflammation also makes them suitable for cats with GI disease.

Is JustFoodForDogs a Good Brand?

Yes, JustFoodForDogs is a good brand. The reviews of their food products are filled with customer testimonials about how switching to JFFD turned their pet’s life expectancies around. Since these meals are hand prepared in JFFD kitchens, you can rest easy knowing your pet’s health is in good hands.

There are many options for pet parents whose animals can’t digest other pet food brands. One downside to this brand is that since its high-quality recipes are fresh, you will often need to freeze and then thaw many of your pet’s meals. This can be difficult to remember at first and may cause you to delay a pet’s meal. However, after working it into your routine, you will find a well-balanced remedy for this difficult task. JustFoodForDogs also offers meals that don’t need freezing, so you don’t necessarily need to feel locked into this system if you don’t like it.

Another reason to think JustFoodForDogs is a good brand is the overwhelming amount of praise it gets online through their reviews and customer referrals. Many people have personal pets that find them delicious and easy to digest. Some of the reviews mention that they bought the product out of desperation after trying every other brand as well as DIY products. While the brand can be pricier than others, that is just another mark that it is a high-quality brand.

Where can I Buy Their Products?

You can buy JustFoodForDogs on their website, justfoodfordogs.com, and on Amazon. Petco retailers also offer these products on their shelves. You could also find their products in popular general stores in the U.S., like Walmart.

Do Vets Recommend JustFoodForDogs Products?

Yes, JustFoodForDogs has many vet-recommended products. This brand is unique because it employs its veterinarians and conducts clinical trials on its pet food. Their vet support line of dog food products requires a prescription to purchase and helps alleviate different conditions that your dog may have.

They also have a custom a nutrient rich diets service backed by an internal veterinary team that provide more than just food. This team will give your dog a complimentary nutrition consultation and medical record review. Afterward, you will receive a vet-recommended menu, fresh meal prep, and delivery services.

Why Choose JustFoodForDogs?

There are many reasons why someone would want to choose JustFoodForDogs. JFFD is a transition for many pet parents because the recipes include whole foods. If your dog is an integral part of your life, then transitioning them to a whole-food diet is a great idea. Your dog will take around 5 to 10 days to transition to a fully whole-food diet. 

Another reason to choose JustFoodForDogs is that they use a facts-based approach that makes them the only high-quality whole-food company to commission their own digestibility studies at a big university. The data from the studies they make were published in “Translational Animal Science,” and they regularly use sites that are published in the Journal of Animal Science. This brand is an excellent choice for people who love to get invested in the science of dog feeding.

The feeding trials that JustFoodForDogs does are wholly unique in the pet food market.

“JFFD is a healthy option for a whole food balanced diet for your pets! You may notice that  JFFD does not sell an all-meat recipe, rather they provide a mixture of animal protein and plant source. While it is true that dogs are under the order of carnivora, their digestive system had evolved and adapted to an omnivore diet when they were domesticated. You may also notice that JFFD plant sources are rich in carbohydrates. In normal circumstances, dogs require a high-protein, high-fat diet, but because their bodies also produce digestive enzymes specific for starches shows that they also need carbohydrates to meet their energy needs.” – Athena Gaffud, DVM