K9 Dog Backpack Products Summary

  • K9 Sport Sack Dog CarrierBest overall dog backpack carrier
    This compact yet befitting dog carrier is adjustable to your requirements, thus serving as the best dog backpack carrier.
  • K9 Sport Sack Rover 2 Dog CarrierBest backpack carrier for large dogs
    Equipped with large pockets and suitable for dog breeds, this backpack is the right fit for large dogs.
  • K9 Sport Sack Trainer Dog CarrierBest backpack carrier for small dogs 
    Comfortable to carry with padded straps, this dog carrier is the best pick for small dogs.

Is K9 Sport Sack Safe for Dogs?


Yes, the K9 Sports sack is safe for dogs. The K9 dog backpack is designed with proper cushioning and additional features like carabiner safety clips, adjustable straps, and lumbar support padding and straps to make it comfortable for the dog and the carrier. The ergonomic design ensures that the K9 dog backpack can withstand every adventure.

K9 Dog Backpack Company Information

The K9 Sport specializes in making sack bags. The company started back in 2011 and is loved by more than 2,50,000 dog owners worldwide. No matter your dog’s breed or size, K9 Sports sack dog carriers have bags for all dogs. 

The company goes by the tagline No Dog Left Behind. The carriers are fabricated considering proper health and safety protocols. Also, these bags are developed under the supervision of dog trainers and veterinary professionals. 

The carriers are made to stay fit and active. The K9 Sport sack bags are for all dogs – big, small, fat, and thin. 

K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier
  • The K9 SPORT SACK AIR SMALL is designed for dog breeds that weights up to up to 30lbs (13kg). The K9 Air - Small will fit dogs with the length of 13-17 in (33-43 cm) and have a girth up to 27 in (69 cm).
  • Typical dog breeds that will fit this size backpack include Cavalier King Charles, Mini Dachshund and Toy Poddle.
  • Use it as a dog travel bag for hiking, bikes, subways, shopping, motorcycles, skiing, dancing..heck the possibilities are endless!

What are the Benefits of K9 Dog Backpacks?

Try again if you think practicality is the only benefit of the K9 dog backpack. Here is an in-depth review of the benefits of the K9 dog backpack:

  • Easy Hiking With Your Pooch. Dogs make great companions. But they might not enjoy during long hikes due to arthritis and joint issues. This doesn’t mean that you have to leave them at home. The K9 dog backpack equips you with a variety of carriers so you can carry your pet on your back – comfortably and effortlessly.
  • Not Just Hiking, Though. You can get accompanied by your pooch not only while hiking. But take them with you while shopping, bike riding, walking – you name it. The K9 dog backpack serves all purposes. Plus, you can store a water bottle, collapsible bowls, or some dog treats in the backpack. 
  • Adjustable and Comfortable. Making your dog feel uncomfortable would be the last on your list. That’s what the K9 dog backpack ensures. The ergonomic design and padded structure will make your dog feels comfortable throughout.

K9 Dog Backpack Products Reviewed

So, what are the best K9 dog backpack carriers? Here are the best ones you should consider before clicking checkout.  


Summary: Are you looking for a compact yet befitting sack dog carrier? K9 Sport has this adjustable backpack that can suit your needs. If your dog is small in size and measures about 13 to 17-inch in length, this small size pet carrier is the best. 

This K9 dog backpack comes in a range of colors and features mesh ventilation on the sides. It also has wide shoulder straps for added comfort. 

Best use: for dog breeds like Cavalier King Charles, Mini Dachshund, and Toy Poddle, as a travel bag for hiking, biking, shopping, motorcycles, etc

Sizes available: Extra small, medium, large, small


  • Available in plenty of colors
  • Mesh ventilation on sides
  • Wide base and lumbar support
  • Wide shoulder straps 
  • Carabiner safety clip 
  • Sternum straps present


  • Expensive

Review: The product has over 300 reviews with 72% five-star reviews on Amazon. Users love it for their dog’s comfort, adjustable straps, and other unique features. 


Summary: If you are looking for a perfect dog carrier backpack for large dogs, K9 Sport has got you covered. Rover 2 dog carrier by K9 Sport is primarily made for large dogs. It easily fits dogs with a length of 26 to 29-inch with a girth up to 40-inch.

The bag has a twin purpose that can be used as a dog carrier and a backpack on bike rides. It has too many pockets considering every requirement. It has a waste dispenser, dual pockets, side venting zippers, and many other features. 

Best use: for dog breeds like Basset Hound, Clumber Spaniel, and Goldendoodle, used for hiking, skiing, dancing, traveling, outdoor use, etc. 

Sizes available: Large, X-Large, XX-Large


  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Suitable for all body types
  • 60-day quality guarantee
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Made of polyester
  • For dogs up to 80lbs in weight
  • Separate torso adjustable belts


  • Bit expensive

Review: This dog backpack carrier fits large dogs well, allowing users to go hiking with their dogs comfortably. Users are glad to find this product as there are not many durable and comfortable dog carriers for large dogs. 


Summary: Do you have a small breed dog? This K9 Sport Sack Trainer dog carrier is the best fit if they weigh less than 30lbs. It is also helpful to measure your dog’s length and girth. 

This bag fits dogs with a length of 10 to 13-inch and a girth of up to 23-inch. It’s best for pups that love to accompany you wherever you go. Don’t know how to carry them around in subways or while biking? This dog carrier is a perfect pick for you.

The backpack is comfortable to carry with padded wide shoulder straps. It has side pockets and a safety loop at the top as well. In all, it’s a complete package to carry a small dog or cat.

Best use: for dog breeds like Cavalier King Charles, Mini Dachshund, and Toy Poodle, for hiking, subways, biking, motorcycling, skiing, etc

Sizes available: X-small, small, medium, large


  • Best trainer backpack and cat carrier
  • Best for small dogs
  • Available in 4 colors
  • 60-day quality guarantee
  • Keeps dog safe and secure
  • Mesh on both sides
  • Sides pockets available


  • Bit pricey

Review: The product hasn’t gathered too many reviews yet. But the majority are positive customer reviews where users appreciate the quality of the bag, its size chart, and comfort. People find it perfect for biking, riding, and walking as well. 

How do You Get a Dog in a K9 Backpack?


The process for getting your pooch in a K9 dog backpack is the same as that of a crate, but it often differs from how your dog perceives it. Give your dog some time if they do not get in a K9 backpack at first. 

Every dog reacts differently to the process. Stay calm and be patient throughout the process and make sure that the dog is comfortable at its best. 

Follow these steps if you are a first-time user. 

Lay Down Your Dog Next to You. Find a calm place and keep your K9 dog backpack with some dog food or snacks. Keep your dog closer to you and ask them to sit down. 

Unbuckle the K9 Backpack. Unbuckle all the straps of the backpack in front. Open the front zipper to the lowest and open the bag wide. Make sure the bag is laid down flat all this while. 

Lay Your Dog Over The Bag. Now, just pick your dog in the most caring way. Pick up and make him sit over the open area of the bag. Carefully, put their front paws one at a time into the front armholes of the carrier. Once you are done with both the paws, stretch the bag a bit upwards to buckle the collar enclosures to the back of the dog’s neck. 

Tuck The Backside Of The Dog. Now, make sure your dog is lying down or sitting over the bag. Carefully tug the back paws and the rest of the dog’s body into the carrier pouch. Ensure that your dog is not anxious.

Zip The Carrier. Once the dog is carefully placed inside the carrier entirely with the dog’s tail and back paws completely inside, zip the carrier to the top with the help of a zipper attached in the middle. Next, it is recommended to unlock the collar enclosure and thread it through the zipper loop (if available) and then lock the collar buckle again after tightening it to the point of making sure the dog is comfortable and not choking. This keeps the dog extra safe and won’t allow the dog to escape. It locks the zipper while traveling too. 

Buckle the Lumbar Straps. Next, you need to make sure the lumbar of the dog is straightened not to pose any problems. For this, unique lumbar straps are attached in the middle of the backpack. Buckle and tighten them appropriately to provide lumbar support. Repeat the same with the straps below it (found in the bag’s lower part). Buckle the side-angled cinch straps as well. These straps ensure that the dog doesn’t lean back with the carrier while traveling and stays snug. 

Clip the Carabiner Safety Clip. Last but not least, don’t forget to clip the carabiner safety clip found in the front below the neck of the dog to the collar. K9 Sport sack bags also have a carabiner safety clip in the back. You can tuck and use this clip to the collar if your dog prefers so. 

Get the Carrier on Your Back. Finally, it’s time to pick your carrier with your dog and put it on your back. For this, put your dog with the carrier on a flat elevated surface (like a high-rise table). Loosen the shoulder straps at your convenience before wearing them. The shoulder straps should be facing you. Get one shoulder strap on your shoulder one at a time. When both straps are over your shoulder, raise the carrier higher above such that the dog can watch from above your shoulder. Now tighten the shoulder straps by pulling them downwards and lifting the bag upwards. Buckle the last chest clip over your chest and tighten them to keep the bag in place. 

Is the K9 Dog Backpack Worth it? Our Final Thoughts

Yes, the K9 dog backpack is worth it. Though priced a bit high, they are comfortable and durable. Plus, they keep your dog tightly snugged up when you carry them. 

The quality of the K9 dog backpack is excellent and fits dogs perfectly. These bags come in a range of colors, including light grey, and flaunt a robust warranty policy for added versatility.