Kuoser is a company that provides a host of pet products, mainly for dogs. They provide essential clothing to help your dog thrive in different climates and stylish suits to help your dog stand out in social situations.

We liked the quality and uniqueness of Kuoser products and the large selection they offer. Kuoser includes a trademarked tag that ensures each clothing item has undergone a rigorous quality assurance process.

  • Kuoser dog coats are a fantastic way to keep smaller and older dogs warm when the weather turns cold.
  • Many of the Kuoser dog sweaters are offered in quilted and pullover varieties that are as fashionable as they are warm.
  • Kuoser includes a step-by-step guide on measuring your dog’s size and sizing recommendations so you can better know which one to order.
Kuoser Easy Walk No Pull Dog Harness
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  • Reflective tape for safe travel at night
  • Features safety buckles
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Breathable and comfortable mesh

Kuoser: What is It?

Kuoser is a pet supply company that specializes in dog clothing and accessories. They provide dog jackets, dog winter coats, and other apparel for small and medium dog breeds like chihuahuas or golden retrievers. Their dog hoodies and fleece vests can keep your dog warm in the rain and cold. They are known for their high-quality standards and fun selection of apparel items. Dog clothing can also protect your dog from dirt and grime, increasing your dog’s hygiene and wellness.

Who Owns Kuoser?

Kuoser is owned by Suzhou Polang E-Commerce Co., Ltd and was founded in 2016. 

Where are Kuoser Products Made?

Kuoser products are sourced and manufactured globally. The company has headquarters in the United States and China.

Kuoser: What do they Sell? 

Kuoser mainly has a large selection of different products for pets. These products include:

Kuoser: Dog Products

Kuoser Turtleneck Knitted Dog Sweater

The Kuoser catalog is primarily focused on dog products. They have many different options and sizes for different kinds of dogs. These products are listed below:

  • Dog Apparel: There are many kinds of dog apparel, and it is the most popular item that Kuoser sells. They have dog sweaters, dog coats, life jackets, dog recovery suits, and many more. Many apparel options include clothing for events or seasons like weddings or Christmas.
  • Dog Leashes: Kuoser offers a few varieties of leashes that vary in color and design. Many of their leash options offer different places to hold the leash and where they clip on.
  • Dog Harnesses: Harnesses are an excellent way to get better control over your dog while still being lightweight. These harnesses make it harder for your dog to slip a leash and prevent them from injuring their throat or neck by tugging too hard. Some use clips, and others use velcro to keep themselves in place.
  • Dog Travel Carriers: These lightweight and small backpacks can safely contain your dog while you travel around. They can be worn on your back or front and are designed not to sage or allow your fur baby to slip out.

Kuoser: Dog Accessories

Dog accessories are a great way to increase the convenience of playing and walking with your dog. Kuoser offers a few different dog accessories to choose from. These selections include:

  • Easy-Walk-No-Pull Dog Harness: A dog harness that features reflective yarn tape, making your walks safer at night. It has safety buckles that are easy to secure and unfasten, and freely adjustable. The harness is made of breathable mesh that is lightweight and comfortable for your dog, and the leash hole is conveniently located.
  • Durable Solid Color Dog Leash: This nylon dog leash is composed of high-density webbing that increases its durability. It also features a full 360° rotating clasp that protects your hand from rope burn.
  • Double Handle Dog Leash: A leash with two handles, allowing for much greater control. It also includes a stronger clip that has been upgraded with a thicker thumb release. Its extra resilience makes it ideal for medium to large dog breeds.

Kuoser: Dog Apparel

Dressing your dog up for a special occasion is an enjoyable experience. Some dog apparel is also incredible at keeping your dog cozy and warm in the cold. The dog apparel options that Kuoser offers include:

  • Kuoser Warm Jackets: The warm jackets often come with insulated harnesses strapped over plaid dog coats. They are often made of polyester fiber and have both a leash hole and a collar hole.
  • Kuoser Life Jackets: Life Jackets are equipped with flotation devices and feature many cute designs like fish scales and shark fins.
  • Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Coat Jackets: These jackets contain a warm fleece lining that allows them to handle adverse weather conditions like wind and rain reasonably well. A cold-weather dog coat is one of the best ways to warm up your dog if they are losing body heat due to age or illness.
  • Kuoser Tuxedo Suits: A small selection of adorable tuxedo suits complete with a bowtie and exquisite detail. They feature adjustable velcro collars and a leash hole.
  • Kuoser Bikinis: Dog clothes aren’t all about preparing for cold weather. With a dog bikini, you and your furry pal are set for a day at the beach under the blazing sun.
  • Kuoser Hoodies: Dog hoodies are a fashion-forward way to keep your dog warm while looking like a miniature version of you. They are suitable for winter and autumn wear while being extremely comfortable and don’t restrict your dog’s movement.
  • Kuoser Sweaters: Kuoser has many sweaters featured, including turtlenecks, Christmas sweaters, and British-style sweaters. Each knitted sweater is warm and comfortable, thanks to being made from acrylic yarn. Many include and leash hole and harness hole to add extra convenience.

Does Kuoser Sell Cat Products? 

No, Kuoser does not sell cat products. Their product catalog is designed for dogs. While cats can wear dog clothes, the sizes are somewhat different. This means that some cats may have trouble finding a size that fits them. 

Is Kuoser a Good Brand?

Yes, Kuoser is a good brand because they offer comfortable dog clothes for many different seasons and situations. No matter what the occasion, Kuoser will have a nice product that can accommodate. Kuoser is a good brand for small and medium sized-dogs looking to stand out in public. Your furry friend will be able to stay warm and stylish in doggie apparel. If you have a large dog, you will find a smaller selection of products that will come in your dog’s size. The sizes range from XXS to XXL, which may be too small for larger dog breeds.

Where can I Buy Products from Kuoser?

Owner hugging dog

Kuoser products are available on their official website at Kuoser.com. Since Kuoser sells varied products, you can also find them in other places. Be sure to look out for the different promotions that they are running to save some money at checkout. Kuoser has an Amazon storefront where you can purchase their products, as well as in-person retailers like Walmart.

Do Vets Recommend Kuoser Products?

Yes, veterinarians recommend Kuoser products because they are high-quality. Many breeds of dogs will want to wear clothing to keep them warm in cold weather. Small dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with chronic illnesses may benefit from an extra way to retain body heat. 

Kusoer clothing can also prevent your dog from becoming wet in the rain. Things like booties can protect your dog from ice or toxic chemicals they might get exposed to by walking around. Protective clothing is a vet-approved way to deal with arthritis and joint pain because they keep your dog’s limbs warm.

Kuoser: Why Not Try Them Out? 

Whether your pets are new to dog clothing or have tried several brands before, why not let them try Kuoser out? They have many high-quality turtlenecks, hoodies, and sweaters for everyday wear. Many of their products are water-resistant and windproof, which makes them versatile in different climates. Kuoser generally has positive reviews on different storefronts, which praise the excellent quality and perfect fit of many of the products.