Best Large Cat Beds Summary

Western Home Faux Fur Dog Bed & Cat Bed
  • Cozy, furry and soft plush, a self-warming fluffy calming dog bed is reminiscent of a mother's fur coat. 
  • The anti-slip design at the bottom of the fluffy dog bed can provide better stability, and your dog can play and rest securely in the calming dog bed.
  • Donut cuddler original calming dog bed is ideal for pets who love to curl up, raised rim design provide head and neck support, to ease the muscle soreness and joint pain for your loyal friend.

Do Cats Need a Big Bed?


Yes, large size cats that weigh more than 15lbs need big beds. However, some small cats like to stretch themselves out, play, and sleep with all comfort might also need big beds. Some keep their cat toys inside the bed, taking extra space.

If you have a large feline best friend, you can also use a bed originally designed for small dogs. However, in such a case, the dog bed will have to check all feline quality criteria and offer enough space for your cat to cuddle and snooze. 

What Size is a Large Cat Bed?

You can find a range of large cat beds with varying dimensions. Generally, a cat bed is considered large when it has a diameter of 24-inch to 30-inch. A 30-inch cat bed can carry cats of weight up to 45lbs.

What are the Benefits of Large Cat Beds?


A large cat bed appeals to large cats and has a range of benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Extra space. Technically, a large cat bed is spacious and can easily fit in medium to large-sized cats. This allows large cats to accommodate easily and have a good sleep. Additionally, a lot of them also come with a washable cover and are reversible.
  • Self-Warming. Most large cat beds are self-warming to keep your cat cozy. They provide comfort to their bones and muscles. Lethargic cats appreciate warmth even more. 
  •  Act Like a Cat Home. Large cat beds can also act like a cat home as they are bigger and better. You can also accommodate two cats in a large cat bed. A large cat bed leaves space for putting a scratching post and cat toys inside. 
  • Come In All Shapes. Large cat beds come in all shapes. They can be cave or tent beds, mattress beds, donut beds, or stackable cube beds.

The Best Large Cat Beds Reviewed

With so many brands (Furhaven, Sheri, Sherpa, Aspen pet, Midwest) making high-quality cat beds, it is hard to choose the best large cat bed for your feline friend. 

Here are some of the best cat beds suitable for large cats. Read the reviews to find out which is perfect for your cat before clicking checkout. 


Summary: This outdoor cat bed by Western Home is a complete faux fur bed. The high-quality bed is filled with soft fiber, making it warm, fluffy, comfortable, and inviting. The cat bed is available in 4 sizes, i.e., 20-inch, 24-inch, 27-inch, and 30-inch. If you have large cats, a 30-inch cat bed will surely fit well. It can even handle large dog breeds up to  5-lbs. For a large cat of up to 25-lbs, a 24-inch cat cuddler is suitable. If we talk about its design, it’s donut-shaped, i.e., low in the middle and high in the surroundings. It has an 8-inch surrounding to k ep your pet safely cocooned.


  • Dimensions are 24-inc  x 8-inch
  • Donut design eases muscle soreness
  • Available in 5 to 6 colors
  • Washing washable, tumble dry
  •  on-slip PVC bottom
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable


  • Less stuffing in the middle

Review: The pet mat has gathered 79% five-star reviews. It is one of the few beds that are suitable for large cats. It’s comfortable, fluffy, and ideal for dogs as well. However, some users say it matted after a wash.


Summary: This is a uniquely designed big cat bed by Kitty City. It is a stackable cat bed that is cube-shaped. You can even fit two cats in the same bed. It has a cube box with ample space for ventilation. The cat bed also has a sitting space with a cozy pad at the top. The sidewalls of the bed are made from ordinary fabric. The bed is foldable and machine washable. It has a removable polyester pillow with a fleece bare mat. The cat bed is easy to store and can be stacked one above another.


  • Stackable and double-decker cat bed 
  • Dimensions are 16.5inch x 19.25inch
  • Comes with fleece cat, top cushion, cube
  • Has plenty of space to sit and sleep
  • Perfect for large size cats
  • Easy to clean


  • Lacks steadiness

Review: This product has pretty great reviews with 84% 5-star reviews on Amazon. Users find it cozy, deluxe, spacious, and sturdy enough. It can also fit two cats at the same time.


Summary: This is a cave-shaped bed tent for cats by Miss Meow. This is another bed suitable for large cats. The cat bed comes in three sizes – medium, large, and extra-large. It is shaped like a tent with a removable cushion inside. It can act as a home for your cat as well. The inner pillow is made of fleece and lined with cotton fabric on the outside. It also has a fabric handle at the top. The linen fabric is used as it’s known for coolness, moisture absorbency, and durability. 


  • Reinforced bottom to avoid scratches
  • Pouch and cushion support machine wash
  • Converts into a flatbed
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Available in different textures
  • Fits cats up to 15lbs


  • Not rigid after unpacking

Review: Users found it worth every penny. It has over 65% 5-star reviews. Few negative reviews complain about its poor quality. However, it’s beyond comfortable, and the best part is that it is suitable for large cats.


Summary: This is yet another cat lounger by Miss Meow in bucket sh pe. It has a deep sleep design with high rounded cushioned walls on the sides. This c t bed is available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. The entire cat bed is machine washable and can be air-dried. The inner lining is made of fur and is allergic resistant. It also has reinforced anti-slip bottoms. Pros

  • Fur build-up can be removed
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Allergy resistant fabric
  • Greater security and privacy
  • Ultra-soft PV Fleece
  • Thickened and non-skid bottom


  • Deforms after wash

Review: If it’s received in good condition, it would be loved. Therefore, it has 69% 5-star reviews. But a few disappointed users found that the bed’s top doesn’t stay open and is cheaply made.


Summary: This round pet bed by SunStyle is a lot m re like our top pick by Western Hone. It s a donut-shaped self-warming cat bed made from polyester and lined with faux fur. It comes in three sizes 20-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch. The 27-inch cat condo can handle pets of up to 35-lbs, making it suitable for medium and large-sized cats. The cat house is easy to clean as it’s machine washable. It also has a non-skid and waterproof bottom.


  • Available in three sizes and four colors 
  • Donut shaped self-warming bed
  • M de of durable polyester and suede fur
  • Anti-skid bottom


  • Needs fluffing

Review: The bolster bed has 79% five-star reviews as users find it durable and fuzzy. Some users find it difficult to fluff and not fluffy enough. The product has mixed reviews.


Summary: This is a felt cat cave bed by Kitty City. It has a diagonally opened from the top. The cat cave bed is made from faux leather and has a removable cushion. The cave is spacious. The removable cushion is also machine washable. The dimensions of the bed are 1 -inch x 14-inch.


  • Made of sturdy felt and faux leather
  • Available in three shapes
  • Natural and durable  it
  • Suitable for large cats
  • Covered cat bed


  • Doesn’t stay in shape

Review: The product has 75% 5-star reviews. Most of the users find that their cats loved it. Few users found it too small, less sturdy, and flimsy.

What is the Best Large Cat Bed?


Western Home Faux Fur Cat Bed is the best large cat bed. If you are searching for the best large cat bed, here are some of the considerations to make  our search for the best pet supplies meaningful:

  • Size of the Cat Bed. Firstly, if you want to buy a bed for your large cat, you should know your cat’s measurements. Next, you need to look at the dimensions of the cat bed. An extra-large cat bed of over 24-inch is usually suitable for large cats. Your cat should not weigh more than 35-lbs. Double-check to buy the right one. The depth/height of a large cat bed also adds to the bed’s durability. The more is the height, the better is the support it provides to the cat’s back and legs.
  • Material of the Cat Bed. You should look at the material of the indoor cat bed. Large cat beds are made from polyester, merino wool, faux fur, linen, and other comfy materials. You should choose the material depending on your c t’s behavior and needs – some beds feature eco-friendly materials and others are enriched with memory foam. Some cat mats are not suitable for cats with excessive chewing habits. To maintain proper hygiene, go for a bed with a removable cover.  Also, check if your chosen cat hammock provides orthopedic comfort to your cat. You might also want to go for a heated cat bed with a heating pad if your cat appreciates extra warmth. 
  • Anti-slip Bottom. The anti-slip bottom allows large cat beds to stay stable, sturdy, and scratch-free. Moreover, some large cat beds have a waterproof bottom to keep the bed more durable.
  • Easy to Clean. Similar to a dog bed, an excellent large cat bed is easy to clean and maintain. It is machine washable and can be air-dried. Some beds also come with a removable cushion that is machine-washable. No matter how clean and often bathed the cat is, the bed will still get dirty over time and requires proper cleaning.