What are the Best Large Dog Pools?

Our Top Pick
WANTRYAPET Foldable Dog Pool

WANTRYAPET Foldable Dog Pool

Comes in three different sizes and is very easy to drain and put away once you’re done.

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Most Sizes
Yaheetech Foldable Extra Large Dog Pool

Yaheetech Foldable Extra Large Dog Pool

We love this because it comes in four different sizes, perfect for whatever kind of dog you have.

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Best for Seniors
Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

This pool is made of thick PVC material and is slip-resistant, great for senior dogs.

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Best Foldable
Mcgrady1xm Collapsible Pet Dog Pool

Mcgrady1xm Collapsible Pet Dog Pool

This high-quality, large dog pool comes in five different sizes and is collapsible for easy storage.

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Best for Giant Breeds
V-HANVER Hard Plastic Dog Pool

V-HANVER Hard Plastic Dog Pool

This pool can accommodate huge dogs with the largest size coming in 63 inches and has a 1-year warranty.

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Most Affordable
NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool

NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool

This is a fan favorite as it is made of lightweight, durable and robust PP board.

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What Size Pool Should I Get for my Large Dog? 


Most dog swimming pools come in several different sizes – 32-inch diameters, 39-inch diameters, 47-inch diameters, and 63-inch diameters. These are the standard sizes, but you can also find various sizes.

Obviously, for small size dogs, get a small pool, and if your dog is big, you should get a large dog pool. But you also want to consider who will be using the pool. Will your kids join in on the fun? Will you doggy have friends over?  

While you could always get a larger size for a smaller dog, you have to be sure that it’s not so big that they are at risk of drowning. For larger breeds like German Shepherds or St Bernards, the 63-inch options are the best. When they play, it’s unlikely that they’ll be in the pool the whole time. Dogs, especially larger breeds, love to slash and run around.

What are the Benefits of a Large Dog Pool?

Many dogs love swimming, especially in the middle of the sweltering summer months. One of the best summer activities is playing with water, and what better way to beat the heat than a pool just for your little one! Here are some of our top picks for the best dog large pools for dogs. Ah, and no – a kiddie pool is not a substitute for a large dog pool.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in a large dog pool:

  • Ample Space. Your large dog won’t have to compromise on space when they’re having a pool day under the sun. Go for an XXL pool if you have an active and large dog like Labrador Retriever or Weimaraner. 
  • Bath Time Made Fun. If your dog loves to splash about the pool during hot weather, having a large dog pool in your backyard is a bonus. Pools can make bath time a whole lot more fun, and you don’t have to worry about your doggy sulking afterward.
  • Good for Health. Okay, the pool itself isn’t good for health, but playtime with water is, especially if your pet is a big swimmer. Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy that has proven beneficial for dogs, especially seniors who have hip and joint issues.
Best Seller
WANTRYAPET Foldable Dog Pool for Large Dogs
10/10Our Score
  • Made of high-grade PVC material and thickened MDF boards for enhanced safety during pet and kids' bathing or play.
  • Convenient fold-down design for easy setup and storage. Portable and user-friendly.
  • Hassle-free and easy to use, the pet swimming pool requires no air pump.

The Best Large Dog Pools Reviewed

Large dog pools are popular pet products. With so many choices finding the right one can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have experience shopping for a large dog pool. To make things easy, we have reviewed the best large dog pools on Amazon.


Summary: This collapsible large dog pool comes in three different colors and three different sizes. It is a great way to keep your dog and kids happy and occupied in summer. The multipurpose design is a big plus, and when stored, it does not take too much space. 

  • Durable and safe doggy pool design 
  • Portable, foldable pet swimming pool
  • Multipurpose design (sandbox, toybox, bathing tub)
  • Easy drainage option 
  • Equipped with a drain plug
  • Walls might have trouble standing up without support

Review: This large dog pool is perfect for a breed like a Shepard/Akita mix, and pet parents love that it can be stored easily.


Summary: The Yaheetech Foldable Hard Plastic Extra Large Dog Pool is the pool for you if you’re on the lookout for a roomy pool for your dog. It comes in 4 sizes, perfect for whatever size dog you have. The sizes range from 39 inches in diameter to 63 inches.

  • Comes in four different sizes
  • Available in various colors
  • Made of hard plastic
  • Foldable
  • Big enough for a Saint Bernard
  • Four repair patches included
  • Not ideal for dogs that dig

Review: Almost all dog owners loved this, and so did the pets. A few complaints were made about huskies digging through the bottom of the pool, but a good nail trim should prevent this.


Summary: This paddling pool is made of environmentally friendly material (EN71 and ASTM) and is a favorite of people who live to move around with their dogs. There is no need for inflation or any complicated setup. All one needs to do is hold it up, fill it with water, a voila! Your dog pool is ready. This is also great if you have a digger as the bottom is a thicker material.

  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Large dog pool available in five sizes
  • Durable and slip-resistant
  • Make of extra-tough PVC
  • Responsive customer service
  • Shipping might be a couple of days off
  • Some shipped units had leaks in them

Review: Customers loved the material it was made of and how sturdy the pool was. Another user bought three because of the excellent quality.


Summary: This high-quality, large dog pool comes in five different sizes for different kinds of breeds. The largest size is 120cm in diameter. It is easy to assemble and great for outdoor picnics in hot summer. 

  • Made of high-quality PVC material
  • Straightforward to assembly
  • Portable, foldable, and no-leakage design 
  • Spiral drain for easy emptying 
  • Suitable for small dogs and medium dogs
  • Poor quality of the seam
  • Not suited for dogs larger than Retrievers

Review: While most of the customers liked the product, many said that the sizes ran a little smaller than expected. 


Summary: Most portable dog pools in this category are about 10 inches deep, but this large dog pool goes up to 12 inches. The dimensions make it ideal for very large breeds. The product also comes with a squeaky dog ball toy and two PVC covers.

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Made of extra-tough PVC
  • Portable thanks to the convenient fold-down design
  • Comes with a plastic storage bag
  • Comes with an additional adapter for the hose
  • Foldable dog swimming pool
  • Complaints about defective units

Review: Apart from a few defective pieces, this product is nearly perfect and loved by all for its superior quality.


Summary: The NHILES dog pool is made of a lightweight, strong, and durable 4mm PP board and has a built-in sealing rim that has a highly user-friendly design. It also uses a non-slip bottom 55-wire PVC on the side and non-slip thick 55-wire heavy-duty PVC on the bottom.

  • Easy pop-up functionality
  • Upgraded drainage design
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Drainage issues as the drain is a little high
  • Sides not as sturdy as other pools

Review: Let this review speak for itself – “My dogs decided that this pool was tasty and gnawed at it a bunch, and it actually is holding up really well to that.”

How to Choose the Best Large Dog Pool


With so many different options like inflatable pools and wading pools, it can be tough to figure out which dog pool is the best for your furry friend. After all, you need to keep in mind the shape, size, and personality of your pooch. 

Similar to dog toys, some factors that you want to keep in mind are durability, portability, easy storage, size, style, and safety. Here is a more in-depth review of the things you need to consider: 

  • Safety. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the pool is safe for your dog and your kids if they will be a part of the picture. Look out for features like an anti-slip base, the functionality of accessories, materials that your dog might swallow, and how they can be repaired.
  • Durability. Dogs love nothing more than digging and chewing up things made of plastic. Add some water into the mix, and you have the perfect doggy storm. To prevent another damaged doggy toy from going down the drain, you want to make sure that the material used to make the pool you have your eye on is durable and can withstand considerable external force. Try looking for a pool that is made of chewy PVC or some hard plastic. While the material does go a long way in preventing damage, make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed to minimize damage.
  • Portability. If you love to take your cool pup with you for vacations and fun times, a portable pool might be the best option for you. Being able to fold the pool down, pack it in a bag and travel around is a huge plus. Reassembly where and when it is required is also an essential factor. The most convenient dog pools don’t need to be inflated. They can just be propped up and filled with water before they’re good to go.
  • Size. Almost all pools come in different sizes. Ask yourself who is going to be using the pool. Just your dog? Your dog and kids? Is the whole family coming out for a splash? Having a general idea of this can make it easy to determine how big a pool you need. Further, if you have a large size dog, you would need to go for a large pool as well. In such a case, you might even opt for the collapsible pool for easy storage. 
  • Style. Style might not be the most important consideration, but why not dress to impress if you plan to take it out for a special occasion? Keep a lookout for pools with fun and colorful patterns that can brighten up your dog pool party. Dogs cool better if the ambient is more fun.