Best Large Dog Ramps Summary

What are the Benefits of Large Dog Ramps?

What are the Benefits of Large Dog Ramps

There are several benefits of buying a large dog ramp for your big pet. Let us take a look at some of them.

  • Less stress on joints. Jumping in and out of cars such as SUVs can have a significant impact on your dog’s joints. A large breed or a senior dog might need extra protection, especially if with arthritis. A sturdy dog ramp can go a long way to reduce stress on your dog’s bones. Additionally, it is also great for small dogs to climb into SUVs.
  • Dog Injuries. A stable ramp can help to reduce injuries to your best friend. On days when it is raining or snowing, you might need an anti-slip car ramp to help your pet get into your car. Additionally, the ramp can also be used indoors to help smaller breeds such as Dachshunds and Pugs get on the furniture without risking injury.
  • Human injuries. Several large breed dogs are ironically unaware of how big they are. They might want their dog owners to pick them up every time they want to get into a car or on a piece of furniture. This can cause injuries to pet parents. A car ramp can also be used as a dog bed ramp and prevent you from breaking your back. This calls for more cuddles with your pet dog.
  • Diversity. A ramp, in addition to being used for more than a car or SUV, can have several other uses, too (like getting in and out of a swimming pool). A dog ramp can help small or older dogs climb a small flight of stairs with ease. Additionally, it can also be used for beds, grooming tables, and bathtubs.

The Best Large Dog Ramps Reviewed

Looking for the perfect large dog ramp for your big pet? Take a quick look at these carefully selected and reviewed options.

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp

Summary: This folding large dog ramp can help your furry friend step in and out of your car, minivan, or SUV by themselves. Made with premium materials, it can support pets up to 150 pounds. The ramp is easy to carry, thanks to its foldable design.

Weight Capacity: 150 Pounds

Size: 62 x 16 x 4 Inches


  • This ramp has been tested for durability
  • Weighing 10 pounds, the ramp is easy to lift
  • Has a high-traction surface and side rails for security
  • It folds in half and locks with the safety latch
  • Made locally in the United States


  • Can become deformed with frequent use
  • It might need to be serviced over time

Review: There are four rubber feet on the bottom of the ramp for added stability. It also has a high traction surface and in-built side rails that boost your pet’s confidence.

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Portable Pet Ramp

Summary: This tri-fold portable ramp is perfect for large dogs. It is 71″ long and extra wide for added safety. It can hold upwards of 200 lbs thanks to its patented design. Additionally, it is compact, easy to fold, and comes with a safety tether.

Weight Capacity: 200 Pounds

Size: 71 x 19.5 x 4 Inches


  • Features a high-visibility reflective material
  • It has a slip-resistant surface for stability
  • Rubber grippers on the bottom give footing to your pet
  • It can be easily folded for storage
  • Also has a built-in handle for portability


  • The grip tape might tear with frequent use

Review: This ramp is perfect for large dogs. It has reflective guide strips that help your dog board and de-board a tall vehicle, portable bed, or even high furniture on its own.

PetSafe Happy Ride Extra Long Telescoping Dog Ramp

Summary: The ramp is lightweight and strong, making it perfect for large dogs. It is made up of durable aluminum that can support even your largest four-legged friends weighing up to 300 pounds.

Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds

Size: 48 x 20 x 4 Inches


  • Ramp’s telescopic feature helps with steeper inclines
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Has a high-traction surface and side rails for safety
  • The ramp easily slides inward and locks
  • Has non-skid feet help to keep the ramp stable


  • The inclination might be too steep for some dogs

Review: Durable design helps your large dog feel secure when using it. Also, the ramp is wide enough to give your dog the confidence to use it on its own.

PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

Summary: The length of the ramp can be customized depending on the size of your dog or vehicle. It can be extended anywhere from 39 to 72 inches. The ramp also has a grippy surface along with side rails that help your dog confidently walk up and down without slipping or falling.

Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds

Size: 17.5 x 4.75 x 40.5 Inches


  • Weighs 13 pounds making it easy to carry
  • Features side rails to prevent your furry friend from slipping
  • It locks with the safety latch for easy storage
  • Has a telescoping mechanism that reduces stress on joints
  • The ramp has non-skid feet that provide stability


  • Might become deformed with frequent use
  • The grip surface might tear over time

Review: The ramp weighs a maximum of 13 pounds and has a telescopic design. Therefore, it is easy to carry it in your vehicle. It works great, even for large dogs.

PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs

Summary: The ramp has a smooth climbing angle making it great for large dogs. It also has a carpeted surface that allows your furry friend to use the ramp comfortably. A generous landing area at the top gives confidence to pets while trying to reach tall furniture.

Weight Capacity: 120 Pounds

Size: 70 x 16 x 25 Inches


  • Made with real cherry wood finish
  • Has a heavy-duty carpet cover for added grip
  • Offers a generous landing area at the top of the ramp
  • It can be easily assembled within 15 minutes
  • The ramp fits comfortably beside most beds


  • The carpet surface might tear with frequent use
  • Not suited for outdoor use

Review: The ramp is made up of real wood. It comes in an attractive cherry finish and is 25 inches tall. It is designed for your furry friends who weigh up to 120 pounds.


Summary: This heavy-duty folding ramp is perfect for your large four-legged friend. Your pet can enjoy getting in and out of your truck, SUV, boat, or swimming pool safely. It is also easy to use and can be stored away when not required.

Weight Capacity: 200 Pounds

Size: 60 x 16 x 5 Inches


  • The ramp is easy to use and compact when closed
  • Features a high-traction surface for added grip
  • It is made from high-quality plastic
  • Can be folded after use for storage or travel
  • It has four rubber feet for stability while in use


  • Not as sturdy as advertised
  • Made in China

Review: The ramp is made up of hard plastic that makes it lightweight and easy to manage. For large dogs, it may take some time and proper training to adapt to the ramp.

What is the Best Large Dog Ramp?

What is the Best Large Dog Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp is the best large dog ramp that is available on online marketplaces such as Amazon. It features side rails and a high traction surface that work well as a safety feature.

It is also has a bi-fold design for storage and rubber grips for stability that is perfect for your large furry friend. Additionally, obedience training can help your dog learn to use the ramp a lot faster.

There are several factors that need to be considered before buying a large dog ramp. Let us take a look at some of these factors.

  • Stability and durability. In contrast to smaller dogs, large dogs need a ramp with a stable walking surface. Rubber grippers at the bottom and a sandpaper surface can help them get a good grip while climbing the ramp. This will boost their confidence in climbing high beds or large cars.
  • Foldable design. A foldable design can help you pack away the ramp when not required. It also makes it easy to carry the ramp in a car.
  • High-quality materials. Before buying a ramp for your large dog, make sure that it is made with high-quality materials. This will prevent it from breaking when your heavy dog uses it. Additionally, it will ensure that your ramp lasts a long time.
  • Non-slip surface. Your large dog step ramp should have a grippy carpet surface, so it is easy for them to use without slipping. This will give your fur babies more confidence in getting in and out of cars.
  • Washable. One key feature that is absolutely essential in your ramp is the ability to be washed. This will ensure a hygienic environment for your pet friend and help them stay free of diseases. Your ramp can also have a removable surface that can be cleaned individually.
  • High weight limit. Since your dog is large, it is heavy as compared to other dogs. Therefore, your ramp, too, must be strong enough to support a heavy doggo. In addition to rubber feet for grip, the build material should be high-grade like aluminum.
  • Adjustable height. The ramp should have an adjustable height feature. This can help train your large dog to use the ramp. Also, having extra length can reduce the angle of incline and improve your dog’s confidence when using the ramp.
  • Easy to store. The ramp, similar to other pet products, should be easy to store away when not required. Additionally, having a carry handle can make it easy to carry it around.
PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp
  • Use the folding ramp to help your best friend get in and out of your car, minivan or SUV all by themselves to improve road trips together.
  • High-traction surface and side rails keep your furry friend from slipping or falling when walking on the ramp.
  • Ramp easily folds in half and locks with the safety latch to let you conveniently store it in your vehicle.

What Size of Dog Ramp is Best for Large Dogs?

It is crucial to get a dog ramp that is of the accurate height and length. The first thing that you need to consider is the length of the ramp so that your doggie can have a comfortable angle while climbing into your SUV/truck. Bigger dogs need a more durable design so that it does not break under their weight.

For larger dogs or dogs with mobility issues (ex. hip dysplasia), the best dog ramp should be around 8 feet (96”) in length. Additionally, you should opt for an adjustable pet ramp with a collapsible design so that it helps with easy storage and is convenient to carry around.