Made By Nacho is a pet food retailer specializing in serving both adult cats and kittens. The company focuses on making a cat food brand that makes delicious chef-inspired cat food dishes that your cats would love. At Made By Nacho they pride themselves on being a cat-crafted cat food and they don’t compromise on their ingredients.

We liked their special attention to the quality of ingredients that go into their products and the certification of their meals.

  • Made By Nacho is a retailer that specializes in pet food for adult cats and kittens
  • You can purchase Made by Nacho Products on
  • Made by Nacho makes chef-inspired dishes that cats love
  • Their products are recommend because they are designed keeping veterinary expertise in mind
  • Made by Nacho maximizes the amount of protein in their recipes as cats need high protein meals
Best Seller
Grain-Free Chicken & Herring Pâté
9/10Our Score
  • Grain-free recipe! Made with premium, cage-free chicken and wild-caught herring
  • Served with hydrating bone broth for extra protein and flavor
  • Fruits and vegetables provide fiber and powerful antioxidants to support the immune system
  • Prebiotics help support digestive health
  • With Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and super shiny coats

What is Made by Nacho?

Made By Nacho is a pet food retailer that specializes in serving adult cats and kittens. It was founded by Chef Bobby Flay, and the company is named after Bobby’s cat Nacho Flay.

The company focuses on being a cat food brand that makes delicious chef-inspired dishes that cat loves. They pride themselves on being a cat-crafted cat food that does not compromise its ingredients. Nacho cat food was developed with exceptional nutrition, thanks to inspiration from Bobby Flay’s lifelong vet, Dr. Katja Lang.

The Made by Nacho brand strives to garner cats’ undivided attention through their famous chicken recipes, dry cat food, quail, kibble, and a flow of new products.

Dog and Cat Eating food from Made by Nacho

Who Owns Made by Nacho?

Made By Nacho is owned by Bobby Flay, a celebrity chef who is also the company’s co-founder of the company. The company focuses mainly on eCommerce and is privately held. It has gone through three different financing rounds, with the lead investor being CAVU Venture Partners. CAVU Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in New York that invests in food and beverage companies.

Where is Made by Nacho Made?

Made by Nacho is headquartered in New York, and its products are all made in the United States. The company sources many of its ingredients from North America. They go out of their way to get sustainable ingredients like cage-free chicken, cage-free turkey, and sustainably caught fish. Some fish in their pet products include tuna, salmon, cod, and whitefish. The products are self-stable and can be stored in a cool dark place for long periods of time. Dry cat food that is made can last 2-3 months after opening. Wet cat food can be stored in the refrigerator and served for 3-5 days after being opened.

What does Made by Nacho Sell?

Made by Nacho Chicken and Herring Recipe

Made By Nacho sells a host of different pet products, which include the following:

  • Pet Food: Different varieties of food, including wet food and dry food,
  • Pet Treats: Many kinds of freeze-dried treats, as well as the Catnip & Passionflower Blend.
  • Pet Toppers: Made by Nacho sells Bone Broth and health support toppers.
  • Pet Supplements: Some of the Made by Nacho toppers offer digestive, immune, and bone support formulas.
  • Pet Bundles: Different combinations of food, treats, and toppers.

Does Made by Nacho Sell Dog Products?

No, Made by Nacho does not sell dog products or dog food. The products that Made by Nacho makes primarily focus on cats. Cats and dogs have very different needs and require a highly formulated diet separate from cats. Cats often require higher amounts of animal protein, whereas dogs can get by with vegan proteins or even an all-vegan diet.

What Cat Food Does Made by Nacho Sell?

Made By Nacho makes two different categories of cat food which including the ones listed below:

  • Pate: The Made by Nacho pate recipes feature grain-free protein pairings that are sustainably raised and caught. You will see chicken liver, sustainably caught salmon, and pollock varieties with limited ingredient combinations. Some of the pate cat food offers bone & joint support and digestive health support.
  • Shreds: Grain-free wet cat food that is offered in cage-free chicken or turkey options. These food pouch options are served in bone broth and contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that help support healthy skin and shiny fur coats. They also have benefits for keeping your cat’s teeth healthy.
  • Cuts in Gravy: Cats can choose between grass-fed beef cuts, chicken cuts, and salmon cuts. These cuts are submerged in hydrating bone broth gravy that gives these meals a nice boost to protein content and flavor. This wet cat food mix also includes fruits and vegetables to provide extra fiber and powerful antioxidants that will boost your cat’s immune system.
    Antioxidants in cat meals have been shown to decrease stress level in cats and promote their good mood.. 

It contains no wheat, soy, or corn products. No artificial fillers, preservatives, colors, or flavors too.

  • Minced & Diced: These dishes come in grain-free and grain-finished varieties and contain high protein amounts. The meals contain premium ingredients like wild-caught salmon, fish, turkey liver, and cage-free chicken. You may also encounter liver products like turkey livers which are extremely dense in essential nutrients.
  • Kibble: You can buy six different kinds of kibble, which contain many options for protein. There is salmon, whitefish & pumpkin, beef, and chicken. Kibble is offered for adult cats as well as kittens.

What Cat Treats Does Made by Nacho Sell?

Made by Nacho Cage Free Chicken Bone Broth

Cat Treats are a guilt-free way to reward your adorable cat and show your affection. Some cat treats offered by Made by Nacho are listed below:

  • Freeze-Dried: Made by Nacho offers ahi tuna, duck liver, chicken breast, turkey treats, and wild Alaskan salmon kinds of freeze-dried treats. The freeze-drying technique locks in nutrients without the need for heat or cooking the ingredients. These treats are crunchy and contain no fillers. They are pure protein treats with a tasty crisp texture that cats love.
  • Catnip: The catnip treats are a fun way to add some stimulation or excitement to your feline friend. The cat-crafted catnip recipe is an excellent way to release some built-up energy.

What Cat Food Toppers Does Made by Nacho Sell?

Cat toppers are the perfect add-on to any meal. They are versatile products that enhance the food they are added to with bonus nutrients that will keep your cat healthy. Some of the cat food toppers that Made by Nacho sells include the following:

  • Bone Broth Topper: This topper comes in chicken, turkey, and beef varieties. You add this liquid topper to your cat’s meal and watch the bone broth hydrate and enrich the flavors contained within. It is best served at room temperature and can be a tasty snack for your cat on its own as well.
  • Digestive Support Topper: Contains a Yucca schidigera extract that helps reduce stool odor. With the premium, cage free chicken as the main ingredient,  added with prebiotic and beet pulp which is rich in fiber,  the ingredients enhance your cat’s digestive health. It was formulated by leading nutritionists to prevent constipation in your feline friend.

    “While proper diet could be of great help to prevent or treat constipation, if it happens too often, consider having your cat checked by a veterinarian for megacolon. This is an abnormal distention and muscular problem in the intestine causing severe and prolonged constipation that might need surgical intervention.”





  • Immune Support Topper: The immune topper works by combining cage-free chicken with vitamin C and E, as well as Zinc. Prebiotic fibers were also added to promote easy digestion and growth of  good gut bacteria. Your cat will receive a strengthened immune system thanks to the strong levels of antioxidants.
  • Bone & Joint Topper: This topper supports healthy bones and reduces joint inflammation for your cats. For joint health, this is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin from green muscles and cage-free chicken. These compounds can help reduce inflammation from overworked joints that can help your cat feel more active. Whereas for bone health, calcium and phosphorus were added.

What Cat Supplements Does Made by Nacho Sell?

Made by Nacho does not have a large selection of cat supplements available for purchase. Here is one mentioned below:

Toppers: The Bone & Joint Topper, Immune Support Topper, and Digestive Support Topper contain premium ingredients that have been vet-approved to improve your cat’s health.

Is Made by Nacho a Good Brand?

Yes, Made by Nacho is a good brand for cat owners who want to take their cat’s health to the next level. They offer quite a bit of selection to try out, so there is a good chance you will find something your cat likes. It is a brand that is committed to producing higher-quality meals with sustainable ingredients. Many reviewers point out that while cats are usually finicky eaters, there is a good selection of products that even the pickiest cats will enjoy.

Where can I Buy Made by Nacho Products?

You can buy Made by Nacho Products on and Amazon. In the United States, Made by Nacho products are sold in-store at Petsmart and other similar stores like Petco.

Do Vets Recommend Made by Nacho Products?

Yes, vets recommend Made by Nacho products because they were designed keeping veterinary science in mind. The meals and ingredients are free from corn, wheat, soy, and other artificial fillers, as well as preservatives. They use sweet potatoes in their grain-free dry food, which adds an additional source of vitamins, potassium, and beta-carotene that other brands can cut corners on.

Why Choose Made by Nacho?

Made by Nacho is an excellent choice for many reasons. The brand cares a lot about the quality of ingredients and the certification of its meals. Dr. Katja Lang is the chief medical officer of an animal hospital and was instrumental in the creation of the Made by Nacho recipes.

Another reason to them is their recipes have a guaranteed level of taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that helps improve cats’ vision and heart health. It also helps your cat produce more bile that aid in digestion.

Cats cannot produce enough taurine on their own to survive, so getting taurine is essential to support their critical digestive and immune systems. Cats that are deficient in taurine in their diet can develop health problems. Made by Nacho does not use by-product cat meals. This means they can maximize the amount of protein in their dishes. Cats need a higher protein level in their diet than other pets, making Made by Nacho a good choice for your cat.

“While proper diet could be of great help to prevent or treat constipation, if it happens too often, consider having your cat checked by a veterinarian for megacolon. This is an abnormal distention and muscular problem in the intestine causing severe and prolonged constipation that might need surgical intervention.”

– Athena Gaffud, DVM