A furry pint-size dynamo of energy, sassiness, devotion, and love, the Maltipoo is a lap-full of joy. From appearance and traits to the general adorableness of Maltipoo puppies (note: you better hold onto your hat for that one), let’s take a closer look at why and how a Maltipoo is so dang cute.

Appearance, Personality, and the Adorableness of a Maltipoo

A Maltipoo dog is the adorable result of breeding the tiny Maltese with the sweet-natured poodle. Their coat is soft and differs in textures from straight to curly to wavy.

Calm but outgoing, the Maltipoo gets along well with other animals with also a deep love for running and playing outside. They live to please their pet parents and yearn for attention so make sure time is devoted to lovin’ on your cuddly furry friend.

As for exercise, the Maltipoo is high energy so it will need a few 15 minute walks each day; if they don’t get the amount of exercise they need, this will sometimes lead to destructive behavior, i.e. the-WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BRAND NEW SHOES-kind-of-behavior.

Maltipoos are intelligent; and therefore, can be easily trained. But with a sensitivity to loud noises and aggressive behavior, make sure when training, you refrain from yelling. That rule goes for even when they might mistake you for a fire hydrant.

If you live in a quiet, serene community where noise is an issue, know that Maltipoos are barkers talkers and will bark talk if they see anyone or anything or perhaps themselves.

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Because the Maltipoo is a hybrid breed of two hypoallergenic breeds of dog, they are also bred to be hypoallergenic. There are rare occasions when some puppies do not take on this trait, so if you are looking at adopting a Maltipoo puppy but have allergies, spend as much time around the specific puppy you wish to adopt to be sure they are indeed hypoallergenic.

It would be awful to fall in love with your new little puppy just to have to rehome him because of your allergies.

Is a Toy Maltipoo a Breed?

The Toy Maltipoo is not considered a pure breed by the American Kennel Association; it is, however, considered a hybrid breed of two purebred dogs, the Toy Poodle and the Maltese.

Maltipoo Size – Teacup Maltipoo to Maltipoo Full Grown

A full-grown Maltipoo stands between 8-14 inches, weighs between 5 and 12 pounds. Teacup multipoos are the smallest as they are the result of breeding a toy poodle and a miniature Maltese.

Who Benefits from Owning a Maltipoo Puppy?

Because the Maltipoo is small and friendly, it is the perfect dog for almost anyone.

If you are single or a less active senior the Maltipoo will keep right up with and be ready for naps whenever you are!

If you live in an apartment with a shaded walking path in the summer or a shoveled walkway in the winter or a house with a fenced backyard, your Maltipoo will feel right at home.

As a great dog for a first-time owner, Maltipoos are cute and huggable but are also very delicate and can be easily injured if handled too roughly. If you have young children, it is recommended that you supervise play time between them and your new dog so your child can learn how to safely (and gently) play with them.

6 Facts You Didn’t Know About This Maltese Poodle Mix

  1. Hot vs. Cold. Maltipoos have trouble acclimating to hotter weather in the summer so they need to be taken for walks at dawn or dusk and kept in the shade. They likewise need to be kept warm in the winter so they need to wear a sweater when it’s cold outside and have limited exposure to the cold.
  2. Fluff. The Maltipoo has a gorgeous fur, but sheds very little and has very little dander.
  3. A lot of fluff. Daily brushing is a must to keep them looking their best and they require a bath and deep conditioning once a month to keep their coats healthy.
  4. Small litter. There are usually no more than 6 Maltipoo pups per litter.
  5. Colorful in its own way. White is the most common coat colors of the Maltipoo though each coat differs depending on the parents.
  6. Definitely not introverts. Since they are friendly and sociable, the Maltipoo often experiences separation anxiety when left alone for long periods of time.

Maltipoo Puppies for Sale

Where do you look for a Maltipoo to adopt?

You can look at reputable adoption sites such as petfinder.com or animalshelter.org or you can ask your dog’s veterinarian or groomer if they can put you in contact a trusted resource to find the perfect puppy.

Maltipoo Rescue

These are many reputable Maltipoo rescues that you can find through a search on Google, Petfinder or through word of mouth. Doing your research now will result in the perfect puppy for you and your family.

Maltipoo Breeders

There are many Maltipoo breeders out there; this is another area where solid research pays-off. You want to ask your groomer, local rescue groups or your veterinarian for their recommendations on reputable specialty breeder.

Multipoo –What’s it Like living with Multiple Maltipoos

If you one Maltipoo barks and has separation anxiety when you aren’t with them constantly, imagine that “chaos” times 2, or 3. Twice as noisy, twice as anxious. Pet Parent Beware!

Maltipoo Life Span

The Maltipoo’s average lifespan is 10-13 years.

To ensure your pet has the most time possible with you, be sure to take your dog to the vet for regular checkups, exercise him daily and feed him a diet of food specially formulated for his pedigree.

10 Tips to Owning A Maltipoo

  1. Be prepared to fall in love with your dog.
  2. Be patient when training your dog.
  3. Be sure to give your dog adequate exercise or destructive, boredom behaviors could result.
  4. Don’t leave your separation-anxiety prone dog alone for long periods of time; they can get depressed and even pull out their own fur as a result of stress.
  5. Be sure to brush your dog daily and give monthly conditioning baths.
  6. Be sure you supervise small children when they are playing with your dog to curtail any rough handling that could result in your delicate dog being injured.
  7. Be sure you walk your dog at dusk and dawn in the summer months and stay in shared areas.
  8. Be sure your dog wears a sweater in winter weather and limit his exposure to the cold.
  9. Be sure to never leave your dog off-leash in an unfenced area.
  10. Don’t yell at your Maltipoo; they are a very sensitive dog.

Maltipoo + Poodle = Sweetest Dog You’ll Ever Own

The Maltipoo makes a great pet for almost everyone.

If you are someone who is away from home for long periods of time, the Maltipoo is not for you due to their separation anxiety issues. If you are looking for a best friend in pint-size form, this lovable little dog fits the bill!