Best Marshmallow Cat Beds Summary

AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed
  • When playful paws go skitter scatter, your anti anxiety kitten bed stays put thanks to its non-slip bottom! Firmly attached skid-stopping drops ensure your pet’s safety—calm or crazy!
  • After many snoozes, easily clean your calming cat bed! Simply toss it in the washer on a gentle cycle or hand-wash. Reset your sweet-smelling sack, and commence the catnaps!
  • Feline friend or canine companion, your pet deserves some downy down time. Luckily, your 23 in. rainbow floofs make fluffy cat OR dog beds, cuddling any cat or small to medium dogs!

What is a Marshmallow Cat Bed?


A marshmallow cat bed is a donut-shaped round bed with a soft plushy center and raised walls. They got the name because they are soft and bouncy, just like a real marshmallow. 

The center of the marshmallow cat bed is usually a soft filling made of cotton to provide maximum comfort for your cat.  

Marshmallow beds are sometimes called by different names such as donut beds, calming cat beds, or self-warming beds. The exact name aside, the marshmallow cat bed is super comfy, and all cats love using it. 

What are the Benefits of Marshmallow Cat Beds?


As noted, the marshmallow cat bed is extra comfortable and checks the cat’s criteria for liking. However, there is more than comfort and looks. Here are the main benefits of the marshmallow cat bed: 

  • Very cozy. When your cat sleeps on a marshmallow bed, the walls swallow her body up, giving her a cozy cuddle-like feeling. This is great for all cats but especially for those that suffer from anxiety in situations like loud parties or fireworks. 
  • Raised walls. The walls of the bed provide an added sense of security and a protective atmosphere to your cat while she snuggles. They also provide neck and head support during naps. They are also good for managing anxiety in cats. 
  • Smooth fabric. Marshmallow beds are often lined with very soft fabrics like faux shag fur, which make for very comfortable places for a restful sleep. 
  • Joint support. Marshmallow beds have the softest centers to provide ample support to the joints of a cat. Cats with mobility issues caused by age and diseases like arthritis can really benefit from sleeping in a marshmallow bed. The thick soft cushioning is also ideal for providing muscle pain relief to very active cats after a long day. 
  • Aesthetics. Marshmallow beds are made to satisfy both you and your cat. They are made with beautiful colors that go well with most home design themes, so you don’t have to loathe their existence in your space. 
  • Anti-anxiety. Marshmallow cat beds can also work as calming pet beds. Due to their raised walls, these beds make anxious cats more relaxed and relieve the anxiety signs.  

The Best Marshmallow Cat Beds Reviewed

Marshmallow cat beds come in different colors and sizes. With so many options, how to choose the right one? Here are our top picks for the best marshmallow beds for cats. 


Summary: This bed features a soft center and thick walls to ensure that your cat is always as comfortable as she can be. The bed comes in a fun rainbow pattern that stands out from other traditional cat beds on the market. It comes in one size that is 23 inches wide, but it fits a wide variety of cats. With the bed, you get a free blanket to provide extra warmth and protect the bed from dirt. If it gets dirty, you can wash and dry it in a machine, but hand washing and air drying are recommended to keep it in good shape. 


  • Aesthetic and durable design 
  • Non-slip bottom to keep the bed in place 
  • Machine washable materials 
  • Comes with a free blanket and catnip toy 


  • Comes in one color (rainbow print that is not to everyone’s taste) 

Review: Cat owners say that cats really love this bed. Many of them report that their cats jumped in with excitement the first time they saw the bed and never left it for hours. The bed is very soft and is just as cozy as it looks in the pictures. 


Summary: The Qucey cat bed is perfect, or should we say purrfect, for the cat owner that prefers more neutral colors for their home. The color options are gray and beige both of which are very minimal and therefore go with most home decor. The top of the bed is lined with luxurious faux fur that makes it very smooth and cozy for cats. The raised rim creates a comfy experience for your cat as she feels more secure with it. Finally, the bed is very easy to clean with a simple machine wash. 


  • Self-warming marshmallow cat bed 
  • Comes in two colors (beige and gray)
  • Non-skid bottom to keep it in place
  • Machine-washable and dryer-friendly


  • Comes in only one size

Review: Fans of this cat bed describe it as high-quality and easy to clean. Cats are just as pleased with the bed with many of them using it from the get-go. Even though some cat owners say the bed is not as thick as they expected, it is still soft enough to support even large cats. 


Summary: Available in two sizes and three colors, this fluffy cat bed makes the perfect gift to a feline friend. The three colors available are brown, light gray, and dark gray, and the sizes are 20 and 24 inches. Some of the outstanding characteristics of the bed are that it’s self-warming, machine-washable, and has a non-slip base.


  • Self-warming cat bed design for extra warmth  
  • Comes in two sizes and three colors. 
  • Larger size fits cats and dogs (small dogs & medium dogs)
  • Non-skid bottom for added safety and comfort 
  • Machine washable design and materials  


  • The walls of the bed are not as high as the previous beds on the list 

Review: Most of the Amazon reviews of this bed are positive. Cats love to knead, cuddle, and snooze in the bed for hours at a time. One reviewer mentioned that the bed truly lives up to its name as a ‘marshmallow’ and that her cats love the bed, especially on cold days. 

What is the Best Marshmallow Cat Bed? 

The best marshmallow cat bed is the AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed. The bed is very affordable but still comes with all the features of a great pet bed as a soft center, raised walls, and easy maintenance. 

When buying a new bed for your cat, consider these factors before clicking checkout: 

  • Size. When choosing a bed ensure that it is the right size for your cat. Choose a bigger bed if your cat is still growing or if you have more than one cat. For cat owners with other pets, a big enough marshmallow bed can double as a dog bed
  • Design. Part of the appeal of a marshmallow bed is its unique, stylish appearance. Take your home decor into consideration when choosing the bed. Also, think about your cat’s taste (some prefer a cat cave over a donut bed). 
  • Cleaning. Opt for a machine-washable bed, and if possible, it should also be suitable for machine drying. Machine drying is significant for cat owners in areas with little or no sunlight since a fluffy bed can take multiple days to dry.  
  • Material. The best cat beds are made with luxurious faux fur that feels smooth to touch and doesn’t shed after washing. Read reviews from other cat owners to find out if the bed you are choosing is made from the same material or if it has the same properties.

Can You Wash Cat Marshmallow Bed?


Yes, you can wash a cat marshmallow bed. In fact, not only can you wash a marshmallow bed, but it is also encouraged that you do. 

Pet beds harbor millions of disease-causing germs that need to be disinfected regularly. Regular washing also protects your cat from fleas, odor, and discomfort. 

A clean bed also encourages your cat to sleep on it. If you notice your cat ignoring her bed, it may mean that it isn’t clean enough for her to comfortably use it. 

How Do You Clean a Marshmallow Cat Bed?

The most convenient way to clean the marshmallow cat bed is to put it in the machine wash. However, hand wash is recommended for most brands. Hand washing is gentler and subjects the marshmallow cat bed to less wear and tear. 

It is, however, not practical for most pet parents to hand wash their pet’s bed regularly. If you are one of these parents, then machine wash is the best option for you. A good quality bed should last a reasonable amount of time, even with regular machine washing. 

Check the cleaning instructions of your cat bed before washing it. Most brands recommend a gentle cycle of washing on cold and drying at a lower temperature to prevent damage.