Do you have a soft spot for the look and feel of a cuddling teddy bear? You will love a mini Goldendoodle! They are a result of cross-breeding between a female golden retriever and a male toy or miniature poodle. The resulting hybrid known as a mini Goldendoodle is one devoted bundle of love!

Golden Doodle. Mini Version of the Golden Poodle! Groodle? Goldendoodle!

Popular pets since the 1990s, Goldendoodles are multi-nominal – they are known by a few different names derived from switching around the names of the ancestors in their family trees. Call them mini groodles, Goldendoodles, goldennoodles, goldiepoos, goldenpoos, or come up with your own alias – if they have one parent from each breed, it will make for a name with oodles and oodles of character!

Cute, Clever, Fluffy, and Kind: The Mini Golden doodle is Wonderful

Not only are mini Goldendoodles fairly high in the cuteness stakes, they’re also smart, kind and companionable to boot. The parentage on both sides is from dog breeds known for their gentleness, intelligence, friendliness, and suitability as family pets. And just as their hybrid name combinations suggest – they love fun and play.

Appearance and Personality of the Mini Golden Doodle

The color of a golden doodle’s fur can range in various shades from cream, to golden, to chocolate brown, to black. As puppies get older their fur will develop into either a wavy or curly shaggy coat. They have floppy ears and a black nose that will melt your heart.

Unclipped, they develop a facial hair around their eyes and a beard from their chin. The shape of their face and expressions will often lead you to believe they’re smiling right back at you.

Golden Retriever Meets Miniature Poodle

As with any offspring from crossbred species, the mini golden doodle will be a combination of both parents and it will be the dominant genes that come out in an individual pup. With both golden retrievers and miniature poodles having a good name for being smart, tolerant, non-aggressive and good looking dogs, the mini golden doodle is quite genetically blessed.

Goldendoodle Temperament

Mini Goldendoodles will stand by you.

Literally – they are very loyal and protective. These little pooches are people pets, love company, and usually get on nicely with other animals as well. They are not big barkers, unless they are feeling the need to protect or warn you, or are feeling socially isolated and bored.

Do Goldendoodles Shed?

Goldendoodles are low to no shedding!

If their coat takes more after their poodle parent and is a fleecy and woolly texture, they are likely to be practically non-shedding. If their coat has some of the longer hair characteristics of their golden retriever parent they may shed a little, but not a lot.

Because of this, they’re considered to be hypoallergenic, which makes them a great choice for anyone with allergies.

What is an F1B Mini Goldendoodle? Breeding Explained

Breeders usually categorize offspring according to the purebred percentage of each parent species in the resulting puppies. The letter F is used to represent ‘filial’, which is the genetic term for crossbred offspring in animals and plants.

  • An F1 Goldendoodle puppy is a first generation cross with a golden retriever and poodle parent – i.e. 50/50 mix.
  • An F1B puppy is cross back of a purebred poodle mated with an F1 Goldendoodle. As a result, the puppy will be 25 percent golden retriever and 75 percent poodle.
  • An F2 puppy is from an F1 Goldendoodle mated with an F1 Goldendoodle. These puppies remain a 50/50 genetic mix of golden retriever and poodle.
  • An F3 puppy is a result of breeding an F2 Goldendoodle with another F2 Goldendoodle hybrid.

The Miniature Goldendoodle: A Playful Pup with Potential

Not only are mini Goldendoodles adorable in looks, playfulness, and their mild temperament, but because of their smarts and trainability, this crossbreed are also used as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and agility dogs.

So not only are they great for anyone looking for a companion for themselves, their extended family, or their kids, they can also be ideal for anyone with physical limitations or disabilities needing assistance in daily life. And, of course, with the poodle in the mix, there are fewer allergens and shedding of hair for people with allergies.

Making for the perfect emotional support animal, these furry balls of happiness are known for comforting and being there for their owner, through the good times and bad.

These Mini Doodles are Very Trainable

Yes, these little guys are very easy to train. Goldendoodles are keen and quick learners. With gentle positive reinforcement your puppy will pick up new commands, and new tricks, in no time.

8 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Toy Goldendoodle

  1. They are relatively new crossbreed – so many are the first generation.
  2. They are a good choice if you’re allergic to animal hair because of their low shedding poodle genes. An F1B even more so, because of the 75 percent poodle mix.
  3. You will need to brush them every few days, bath them regularly, trim their nails, brush their teeth, and have their hair trimmed from time to time to stop their wavy locks from matting.
  4. They love to please – making them a great companion, therapy, guide dogs, and Emotional Support Animal.
  5. They are very sociable – so need company much of the time in the form of humans or other pets.
  6. They are sensitive – so leave them alone too often or for too long or speak to them too loudly or unkindly and they will react.
  7. They like learning new things – so with a positive training experience, commands and tricks are a breeze.
  8. They are playful and agile – they will love a walk in the park or a run around a small yard and light exercise.

Mini Goldendoodles Health

When bred properly, you will find the health of the Goldendoodle should be pretty robust. However, because they are a crossbred, mini Goldendoodles may be more susceptible to some of the genetic diseases common to the breeds of both their parents.

Both golden retrievers and poodles are vulnerable to hip dysplasia, either inherited, diet or injury related. Remember to keep their ears clean and dry – long floppy ears are more prone to ear infections due to the damp and moist conditions – and get regular vet checks for any potential health issues.

Tiny Little Mini Goldendoodle Puppies!

Miniature and tiny Goldendoodles epitomize cuteness at all stages of their lives – from newborn pups through to fully grown dogs with a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Mini Goldendoodle Sizes

Stories of Goldilocks and three bears come to mind thinking about the size and types of Goldendoodles for sale! Goldendoodles are bred in four main sizes, with variances and overlap between each depending on whether you have a father that’s a mini poodle, toy poodle or standard poodle. The size and weight range for each as an adult are:

Micro/Teacup Goldendoodle Puppy Size

The smallest of them all, micro Goldendoodles, toy Goldendoodles or teacup Goldendoodles usually weigh less than 15 pounds (7 kg) and stand less than 14 inches (35 cm).

Mini Goldendoodle Full Grown

Miniature Goldendoodles usually stand between 14-17 inches (35-43 cms) and weigh between 15-30 pounds (7-13 kg).

Medium Goldendoodle Size

Medium Goldendoodles stand between 17-20 inches (43-50cm) and weigh between 30-45 pounds (13-20 kg).

Standard Goldendoodle Size

Standard Goldendoodles stand between 21-30 inches (53-76 cm) and weigh between 45-75 pounds (20-35 kg).

Petite Goldendoodles are Not Guaranteed

A reputable breeder will be able to give you a good indication of the likely size of your mini Goldendoodle as they know their lineage.

Remember though, there is golden retriever in the background of the genetic gene pool. The smaller sizes and petite Goldendoodles are bred from the toy and miniature varieties of poodles, but the final size of a miniature dog cannot be guaranteed with a larger dog in the lineage.

Mini Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale!

There are many breeders offering mini Goldendoodle puppies and dogs for sale. Prices vary depending on the size of the dog and the genetic mix – F1, F1B, F2, F3 etc.

Mini Goldendoodle puppies and teacup/micro Goldendoodle puppies for sale from breeders usually fall within in a price range of $1500-$3500.

What to Look for in Mini Goldendoodle Breeders?

Always look for reputable Goldendoodle breeders that give their puppies the best possible start in life.

Responsible Breeding of Miniature Dogs

Responsible breeders screen their Goldendoodle dogs for genetic issues and will provide you health records, socialize their dogs and puppies, and ensure there ensure there is no inbreeding between parents/siblings.

Finding Goldendoodle Minis

Do your research. Ask for recommendations, search online, and check out the American Canine Hybrid Club or the American Kennel Club for breeders who have registered with them. Visit the breeder before purchasing your pup if possible to see the conditions they have been raised in.

For more information and learning more about caring for miniature Goldendoodle puppies check out the websites of these Goldendoodle breeders: Blue Ridge Goldendoodle Puppies in Tennessee, Moss Creek Goldendoodles in Florida and Lamgo Farms in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to find the perfect yet responsible breeder. Like we said, research, research, research.

Mini Goldendoodle Rescue

There are many rescue and adoption groups specializing in finding new and permanent homes for Goldendoodles.

A previous owner may no longer have wanted or been able to care for their pet, they may have been abandoned, or lost. Choose from Goldendoodles for adoption from a rescue center and will you will more than likely literally be saving a life and giving them a new one.

Not Every Goldendoodle is a Complete Doodle Dog!

We all know about cats and their nine lives from their ability to land on your feet.

For fans of the movie A Dog’s Purpose, you’ll be familiar with a dog’s journey through several incarnations of different breeds and through various living situations and environments.  So what is the moral of the story in terms of Goldendoodles?

No matter what the genetic mix of a crossbreed that comes out the strongest – love, play, share, appreciate and make the most of what you have.

If you do adopt from a rescue or animal shelter, you may find a ‘pure Goldendoodle’ is more of a mix of a bit of this and a bit of that.

Sadly, there are many unscrupulous backyard puppy farms that jump in on wanting to make a quick buck from a ‘designer dog’, and/or nature has just taken its course between neighboring dogs at home!  Either way, you’ll have a dog deserving of the love and affection it is longing to give back.

Oodles of Doodles

You may come across other doodle variations of poodle crossbreeds. Poodles are popular pooches for crossbreeding with other breeds because of their light shedding hair and being a small to medium sized dog for domestic pets. Some of the other poodle hybrids include:

  • Labradoodle puppies – these little bundles of fluff can look very similar to the Goldendoodle breed. Goldendoodles and Labradoodles look similar, but the labradoodle will often have a slightly thicker build and shorter hair.
  • Bernedoodle puppies – these are a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle results in another affable hybrid companion dog.

Is there a difference between American, English and Australian Goldendoodles?

The difference between an English Goldendoodle, an Australian Goldendoodle, and an American Goldendoodle are usually a regional variation in the parents.

English Goldendoodles are bred from English golden retrievers, which tend to have lighter coats and be bigger boned. American golden retrievers are usually more golden in color. Australian Goldendoodles have often been crossbred with Labradoodles and spaniels in earlier generations to create their coats.

Whether you are looking for a guard dog, an agility pup or a companion, Goldendoodles can do it all!

Goldendoodles really are that versatile!  They’re protective enough of those they love to be a small guard-dog and alert to any potential threats or danger. They are smart enough to be trained as Seeing Eye dogs to help with visual impairments and helpful when it comes to their owners having an emotional/mental disability.

Wanting to give you all the love, they are there to support you. They also love a bit of fun and sports if you want to take up agility training and obstacle courses as a hobby.

Most of all, they are friendly and kind, and their companionship will reward family members of all ages.