What Is the Best Modern Dog House?

Pet Teepee with Cushion for Dogs and Puppies
  • Perfect Size: 24 inch tall, 20 inch diameter. Perfect size ideal for pets up to 11kg/25lbs.Your pet will love it!
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Portable, easy to store, multi-purpose, allowing your pet to enjoy indoor and outdoor leisure activities, provide a comfortable and safe pet rest area,suitable for travel, parks, camping, homes and other places, Carry the tent.
  • Secure and Private: This pent house comes with cushion, treat your furry friend to a cozy space to make their days much comfier, keep them safely contained.

What Is the Difference Between a Modern Dog House and a Traditional Dog House?

A modern dog house is typically more stylish and aesthetic than a traditional-style dog house.

They are often meant more for comfort than practicality and are made with softer materials like cotton and elastic. A traditional dog house can be an outdoor dog house, an igloo dog house, and be made of things like wood or plastic.

These tend to be more modest in their design and have a clear indication of what their purpose is. Traditional dog houses are more DIY than modern dog houses as their design can often easily be copied by hand.

What Are the Benefits of a Modern Dog House?

There are several benefits of using a modern dog house. Those include:

  • Style. There are styles of modern dog houses out there to fit the look of designer dogs, backyard dogs, and inside dogs alike.
  • Comfort. Modern dog houses often are made with lots of cushions and padding. They are meant to pamper your dog with comfort, and their design shows it.
  • Ventilation. Most modern-style dog houses are made for comfort, which means they often have a very airy feel to them. They are often open and allow ample airflow around the dog while they relax.
  • Home Decor. Modern dog houses are often times more visually appealing and, therefore, make for great home decoration.

The Best Modern Dog Houses Reviewed

Modern houses come in different designs and for both small and big dogs. To help owners find the right modern house for their pets, we have reviewed the best-selling models on Amazon & Chewy.

Pet Teepee with Cushion for Dogs and Puppies

Summary: Making for great home decor, this dog teepee is made with white canvas cotton to provide a clean look. It is held up by pine posts and features an extra thick dog bed.

The front curtain can be closed to offer pets more privacy, and the material is completely machine washable. It is suitable for pets up to 25 pounds and is a great option for travel.

Features: Cotton canvas; Pet bed; Machine washable

Best for: Dogs up to 25 lbs

Dimension: 24” x 20”

Material: Canvas

  • Suitable for travel
  • Machine washable
  • Extra thick bed
  • Makes great home decor
  • The door flap can be closed for extra privacy
  • Only suitable for dogs up to 25 lbs

Review: Most customers are happy with the appearance and quality of this dog house. They like the dog bed it comes with, although even positive reviews expressed concern over the quality of the bed.

Negative reviews made up nearly 10% of total reviews, and the most common complaint was that the materials all felt cheap or the package was incomplete.

YoSpot Hand-Made Wicker Bed Basket Swinging Pet House Nest for Small Dog

Summary: This swinging pet house is made with wicker and hangs from a hook to provide a unique place for your pet to relax. It makes for a great piece of home decor in a living room or on a porch and also provides a comfortable place for your pet to retreat.

This pet shelter is suitable for pets up to 15 pounds. Considering the small dimensions and weight capacity, it can also be used as a modern cat house.

Features: Wicker; Cushion; Swinging motion; Unique design

Best for: Small dogs and cats

Dimension: 18.8” x 18.6” x 18”

Material: Metal and wicker

  • Unique design
  • Machine washable
  • Includes pet cushion
  • Provides a gentle swinging motion
  • Well ventilated
  • It may take a while for your pet to get the hang of using the house

Review: Most consumers were happy with this and said it made a great addition to their house. They were very happy with the way it looked, although they were a bit frustrated when their cat or dog didn’t take to it right away.

Critical consumers pointed out that the frame is unstable, and the wicker has torn around the hanging point at the top of the house.

EMUST Washable Indoor Dog House with Thick Cushion for Dog

Summary: Pine poles hold this teepee up and give it the classic teepee shape. High-quality canvas covers the poles and provides shelter, while a cushion offers comfort and warmth.

The overall construction is all held together with leather straps and wood buttons to offer a unique look. It is machine washable and available in several patterns.

Features: Machine washable; Anti-slip cushion; Machine washable; Leather straps

Best for: Pets up to 33 pounds

Dimension: 27.6” x 23.6”

Material: Canvas

  • Available in multiple patterns
  • Anti-slip cushion
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality leather straps
  • Runs a bit small

Review: Most of the positive reviews note the house’s quality and sturdiness as reasons they gave it high ratings. These customers had good experiences with this pet product and made up 85% of the total ratings.

Critical reviews comprised almost 10% of total reviews, and the most common complaint was the size was smaller than they had expected.

FEANDREA Heavy-Duty Modern Kennel for Dogs

Summary: Made with chew-resistant particleboard and steel wire, this dog cage is great for pets up to 70 pounds. It features a removable tray that can be used in two different ways inside the kennel.

Two doors offer various ways to enter and exit the cage, so this dog pen can be put in any corner of a room. As a bonus, the sturdy build and rustic look make for a great piece of furniture, so the dog house is multipurpose.

Features: Removable floor tray; Two doors

Best for: Dogs up to 70 lbs

Dimension: 38.6” x 25.6” x 26.8”

Material: Particleboard, steel

  • Large and well ventilated
  • Can be used as furniture
  • Chew resistant particleboard
  • Two doors
  • Multi-function floor
  • Expensive

Review: Dog owners were happy with this large dog house. They said it was great for their large and medium-sized dogs, but even 4 and 5-star reviews caution owners of energetic dog breeds or escape artists saying they may be able to get through the wire door.

Complaints came from people disappointed in the particleboard construction and said they would not recommend others buy this dog kennel.

Basicro End Table Indoor Dog House Torched Farmhouse Style

Summary: Available in several colors, this wooden dog crate includes a removable roof and locking door. This allows the dog house to be used as a crate or dog pen. The top of this wood dog house makes for a great end table or nightstand, and the removable features make for easy cleaning.

The dog house is all made of solid wood for durability and longevity and can be stained or painted any way you wish.

Features: Solid wood construction; Locking door; Quick assembly; Removable roof

Best for: Small dogs

Dimension: 32” x 24” x 26”

Material: Wood

  • Removable roof
    Locking door
    Easy to assemble
    Solid wood construction
    Can double as a table or nightstand
  • Not many reviews available

Review: Reviews were sparse with this dog house. Those that were happy said the construction was durable enough for them, and the wood construction felt rigid and sturdy.

Those who were unimpressed did not like the door locking mechanism and said it was “flimsy.”

Pawristocrat Pet beds for Small Dogs with Fully Washable Mat

Summary: This small pet shelter uses a wooden frame to support both your feet and your pet. It is foldable and lightweight to provide the best options for storage and versatility. No tools are required for assembly, and the top can be made to serve as a table or an ottoman.

There is an included cushion for the interior of the modern dog house. As a bonus, it is all machine washable for convenience and easy maintenance.

Features: Foldable; No tool assembly; Machine washable

Best for: Small dogs and cats

Dimension: 18″D x 24″W x 16″H

Material: Fabric

  • Foldable design
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wooden frame
  • Works as an end table or ottoman
  • Large enough only for tiny and small breed dogs

Review: Most customer reviews called this pet house “well made” and “sturdy” and said they were happy to have gotten this for their pet.

Negative reviews only made up 3% of total ratings, and these customers were mostly disappointed that this didn’t make for a good end table or their cats didn’t like it.

What Should I Look for in a Modern Dog House?

When shopping for a modern dog house, consider the following factors:

  • Durability. Like with anything else, you want a modern dog house to last. A modern design does not mean the house has to be of poor quality, so choose a dog house with high-quality components.
  • Size. Dogs should be comfortable in their dog house. Getting the right size house for them is imperative for their comfort.
  • Material. If your dog house is going to be outside more often than not, then getting a dog house with shingles will likely be the most durable route to go. If it is going to be inside, however, then your best friend’s bed can be made of nearly anything.