Ever wanted a super small dog to cuddle into on cold nights? The Morkie will do just the job!

A cross-breed between the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, the Morkie is a fluffy ball of love and loyalty and is the perfect dog for individuals and families.

Appearance and Personality of the Fearless Fluffball that is a Morkie Dog

The Morkie is a super sweet combination, having characteristics from both parents.

It can be difficult to determine the size of the Morkie as it is a mixed breed, but as they are a designer dog, they typically range between 6-15 inches in height and weigh around 5-10 pounds.

In terms of their personality, the Morkie is a people loving fur ball that is extremely friendly and social.

They are fiercely loyal and tend to attach to one person.

Like the Yorkie, when the Morkie becomes bored they can display behaviors such as chewing and barking.

As the name suggests, the Morkie is a bundle of cuteness with silky, straight and fine fur ranging in colors from black and tan, white, or a combination of all three.

Speaking of names, if you’re really interested in knowing all there is to the Maltese Yorkie Mix/Yorkie Maltese Mix (overkill we know, but we need to cover our bases), here’s a list below covering all the names that DON’T make sense. Get ready for some hardcore knowledge.

Morkie Poo (Morkie + Poodle, not just a cute name to call your Morkie dog)
Morkie Yorktese (now that’s overkill)
Yorkie Morkie (read: above)
Yorkie Poo (nope not a Morkie, but a Yorkshire terrier + poodle)

Good Guard Dogs, But Perhaps a Bit Too Good [Barking]

Ever heard of small dog syndrome?

The Morkie has it!

They love to bark which can be a bit of a problem for the pet owner.

When left alone, this breed will continuously bark until their human comes home to be with them. This is a typical sign of separation anxiety and is common in a lot of breeds.

The solution?

Take them with you if you can or speak to your vet about options to help control their anxiety.

Teacup Morkie: Fact or Fiction?

The big question on the table is – can a Morkie fit in a teacup, or is that just pure fiction.

The answer to that is yes, a Morkie can fit in a teacup when they are a puppy, but don’t hold your breath as they get older.

Like any dog (yes, this includes designer breeds), they don’t stay a puppy forever and they will grow!

But we know, a Maltese puppy is cute, a Yorkshire terrier puppy is cute, so the Morkie/teacup Morkie puppy is for sure a heart-breaker.

Two Toy Parents: Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier

The Morkie is a combination of the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier breeds. Here is a little information about each:

The Maltese

The Maltese are famous for their startling white fur and dark eyes. With features like their drop ears, black nose, and round skull, they are great at conveying expressions.

The gentlest of dogs, they can also be fearless and are fiercely loyal.

The Yorkshire Terrier

Want to know where the Morkie gets their personality from?

It comes from these guys!

The Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie loves attention and is dedicated to loving their owner unconditionally.

Like the Maltese, the Yorkshire Terrier has a beautiful coat and develop their final colors in about 3 years, ranging from blond, brown, or steel blue.

A Guide to Morkie Temperament

The Morkie is a playful dog, despite how small they are.

They are a bundle of energy and can run around for hours, so it’s important they receive plenty of exercises.

Because they are a smaller breed of dog, the Morkie is great for children and is friendly with cats.

As stated before, the Morkie does love to bark, so it’s important to start training them early.

Who Would Make the Perfect Morkie Parents?

The great thing about the Morkie is that they are such a lovable and friendly dog that anyone can be their owner. As they are great with children, families will benefit from having this dog the most as they are a playful joy and not too much-added work.


Honestly, words do not do them justice so I’ll leave you with this.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About This Maltese Yorkie Mix

  • Stubborn? Yes.
  • Fragile? Yes.
  • Have a long life? Yes.
  • Big? No. (okay, you probably DID know this)
  • Big eaters? Oh yeah. Don’t let that petite body fool you.
  • Love animals just as much as humans? Definitely, unlike most dogs.
  • Quiet? HA no.
  • Do they get sick easily? Unfortunately yes because of their small size.
  • Lazy Bums? No, well… technically a little bit since they really don’t exercise or need to.
  • Did we already say fragile?

It’s Not Easy to Look So Good: Morkies Need Continuous Grooming

The Morkie comes from two dog breeds that are famous for their coat.

As they are low-shedding (note: not fully a non-shedding dog), they need lots of brushes to prevent their fur from knotting. Daily brushes are best and their coat should be washed once a month.

It takes a lot of hard work to look that good!

Breed Size: Morkie Pupper to Morkie Full Grown

On the first assumption, many believe that this Maltese terrier mix stays its puppy size forever.

This is where the notion ‘teacup dog’ comes from.

Like every dog, though, the Morkie will grow in size to around 20-25 cm tall, weighing 2.5-4.5kg.

Morkie Puppies for Sale

If you are thinking of buying a Morkie or looking at a puppy for sale, then here is some helpful information to influence your decision:

Prices for a Morkie range from $800USD to $2000USD.

Morkie Breeders

As with all dog breeds, make sure the morkie breeder is reputable and responsible. You can ask your vet, local grooming, or dog/puppy training schools to find your next dog.

For more information on morkie breeders, check out:

Morkie Rescue

Tiny Paw Rescue
National Mill Dog Rescue

Morkie Life Span

The Morkie’s lifespan can be anywhere from 10-15 years old.

5 Tips to Owning a Morkie

If the Morkie is your kind of dog, then here are some helpful tips to look after them:

1. Training!

These pups are extremely clever but also stubborn.

Training will take time and patience, and should always be approached in a positive light as this type of breed won’t listen if treated harshly.

2. Socialization!!

As a friendly dog, socialization is important and training your dog to be in situations like this should be a top priority.

Teach them how to accept and welcome attention from other people and animals, as this will help to control their separation anxiety and the excessive barking.

3. A lot of exercises? Eh.

Though the Morkie is a ball of energy, they are small. It doesn’t take much to exercise them. 30 minutes a day is plenty.

4. Love and Attention!!!

Morkies love their humans and want to shower them with affection. You should do the same to your furry friend as they have a beautiful temperament.

5. Keep Them Warm!!!!

Did I mention they’re small?

Despite how much fur they have, they will find it hard to warm up in the cooler seasons. Get them a nice little jumper or snuggle them up in a blanket.

Give this Yorkie Maltese mix enough love and attention and they will repay you tenfold. With such a beautiful temperament and a bundle full of joy, you can’t go wrong with a Morkie.