Read on to find out how obedience levels stack up in your state!

The States with the Most Obedient Pups

The states with the most and least obedient dogs
On average, dogs across the nation were rated 3.37 out of 5 by their owners when it comes to obedience. This is certainly not a bad score, but clearly, there is room for improvement. So, are there any individual states with canines that do what their owners ask? Florida has the most obedient dogs with an average obedience score that is 6.79% higher than the national average. Utah and Arizona are home to the second and third most obedient pups, ranking 6.31% and 5.39% higher than the national average, respectively. Of course, rambunctious dogs need homes, too. According to our results, they live in Washington, where they are, on average, 7.42% less obedient. Dogs whose names are “Hey!”, “Stop that!”, and, “I said no!” also live in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana, among other states. We have hope for pups in Kansas and New Mexico, who are just 2.35% less obedient than the average.