Are you satisfied with the wellness decisions that you are making for your cat at home? Well, if you are not and wish to improve the kind of health care that you provide to your best friend, then perhaps perform a cat DNA test to understand various health risks and genetic diseases that your cat may be prone to. But what is the best cat DNA test out there, and how exactly does cat DNA testing work? These are just some of the questions that we will explore today, with specific emphasis on the Orivet cat DNA test kit!

About Orivet DNA Tests

Orivet is a company that provides a pet’s health screen test to understand your cat’s genes. This genetic testing company is an established brand name that also delivers DNA tests for dogs to identify various dog breeds. Of course, pet owners can also use cat genetic test to understand their cat’s breed and health risks in much the same way that you use the dog DNA test.

How Orivet’s DNA Tests Work

cat dna test kit by orivet

Orivet DNA genetic test offers a cat DNA test kit for both cats and dogs. Both the dog DNA test and the cat DNA test work in a similar manner. All you need to do is purchase the dog DNA test kit or the cat DNA test online, and you will be provided with a sterile cheek swab to collect your cat’s DNA sample. Once you’ve collected the DNA sample, you need to send it back to the lab for analysis.

Your genetic testing company will then generate a report based on the DNA sample of your feline friend that provides you with a detailed genetic makeup and your cat’s predisposition to genetic diseases.

The Orivet DNA health screen report also provides you with a customized wellness plan to improve your cat’s health and well-being, thereby allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your pet’s health. The report is instrumental in identifying genetic diseases and traits that can help you understand your feline friend better. Orivet has received some of the top reviews for preventing health issues and identifying inherited traits. This is why the Orivet cat DNA health has consistently been one of the top choices for cat owners in the past few years.

cat dna test kit by orivet

One of the best ways to improve your cat’s life and health is to purchase a cat DNA kit for your cat. The Orivet health screen test is perfect for identifying breed groups and physical traits associated with various cat breeds. Since Orivet is a company that also provides dog DNA tests, it has received several customer reviews on Amazon. It is therefore excellent for improving your cat’s lifestyle and well-being. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this genetic test so that you know whether you should be using it for your own cat or not.


  • The Orivet health screen provides excellent information regarding genetic diseases and traits associated with various cat breeds.
  • This test provides you with your pet’s personalized life plan. This includes the various health risks and genetic diseases that your cat might be prone to depending on your cat’s breed, the breed groups it belongs to, age, gender, size, and weight.
  • The customized wellness plan is excellent for assessing the various health risks and taking preventive measures with the help of your veterinarian.
  • This test kit is excellent for cat breeders. Breeders will use this test kit to assess the various diseases and traits that might occur when they breed a certain kind of cat with another one.
  • The Orivet health screen for cats also contains information regarding the ancestry of your feline friend. Therefore, you can find out various information, including your cat’s ancestry and parentage, inherited diseases, your cat’s blood group, and blood type.
  • With several different traits tested, you can identify your cat’s inherited characteristics and personality quirks.
  • You can use the information on cats given to you by the Orivet DNA health screen test kit in conjunction with the advice provided to you by your veterinarian to prevent diseases and enhance your cat’s life.
  • Customer reviews are extremely favorable for the Orivet cat DNA testing.
  • Test results for cats are guaranteed to arrive within three weeks.


  • Unfortunately, the Orivet test is not a breed identification test. So if you wish to identify your cat’s breed, then you should go for the Orivet breed identification test. Once you have figured out whether you have purebred cats or mixed breeds at home, both parents and cat breeders can use the Orivet health screen to assess various cat health risks and diseases that might arise in the future.
  • Some customer reviews state that the test results took longer than three weeks to arrive.
  • Only people within the country will be able to access this test kit. Those outside the United States will not be able to purchase it.

What’s in the Box

Inside the Orivet DNA test kit, you are going to find:

  • 3 sterile DNA collection swabs which you can roll around in your cat’s cheek and collect your cat’s DNA sample.
  • DNA collection instructions that you can use to understand how you can collect the DNA.
  • An informational brochure that provides you information regarding the various things that are included in the cat DNA health screen and life plan.

The Bottom Line

The Orivet cat DNA health screen is excellent for identifying various diseases essential for health care and improving your cat’s life in general. However, before you purchase this test kit, there are certain key considerations that you need to keep in mind.

Orivet Cat DNA Test: Key Considerations 

orivet dna test kit for cats

So, you have heard that the Orivet dog test is great for identifying various dog breeds, but there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to your cat at home.

Number of Breeds Detected

Firstly, this is one of those tests that does not detect your cat’s breed. Therefore, it is essential for pet owners to already know their cat’s breed and breed groups before choosing this cat DNA health screen.

Health Screening

Orivet has received excellent customer reviews regarding the health screen that it provides for cats. The DNA health screen test is brilliant for identifying various health risks, genetic diseases, and traits, as well as various health issue in your cats. Knowing all of this information is excellent for enhancing the life and well-being of your cat at home.

Turnaround Time

DNA test kits need to provide the test results within a short period. The Orivet test provides test results within a matter of 3 to 4 weeks.


Since you will use the information derived from your test kits to improve your cat’s life and well-being, your cat DNA health screen needs to provide highly accurate information. Fortunately, the Orivet cat DNA health screen provides excellent and accurate information regarding your cat’s health.


One of the best aspects of Orivet DNA testing for cats is that it is highly affordable by the average cat owner, according to several customer reviews. It is priced at $74.83, which is reasonable for a test kit that provides extensive health screening and advice regarding feline diseases and traits.

Our Final Thoughts

Wondering what is the best DNA test kit out there for your feline companion? Well, the Orivet test provides you with excellent information regarding your cat’s DNA and health. Please note, all information provided in this review must be used at the sole discretion of the pet owner to improve their cat’s life and well-being.  You might also like to consult veterinarian before making a decision.


How long does Orivet test take?

The Orivet test report for cats takes about three weeks to arrive. However, some customer reviews state that it can sometimes take longer than that as well.

What is Orivet testing?

Orivet testing is a popular cat and dog testing company that helps you identify various health risks and diseases that your cat’s breed or dog breed might be associated with.

How does Orivet work?

The Orivet test is straightforward. This is a simple cheek swab test that you just roll around inside your cat’s cheek for about 30 seconds to collect your cat’s sample. Once you have done this, all you need to do is send the swab back to the lab for analysis, and Orivet will send you back a personalized report regarding the various health issues and conditions that your cat might face in his life.

Can I get a DNA test for my cat?

Yes, you can get a DNA test for your cat. Orivet is one of the best cat DNA tests for pet parents looking for a detailed health report for their feline companion.