pallaby Dog Food Summary

  • Pallaby offers premium-quality dry dog food and dog treats made with fresh, naturally sourced protein, vegetables, and whole grains for a healthy weight.
  • There are two different Pallaby recipes for your dog’s daily meals: pallaby Super-Premium Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food and pallaby Super-Premium Grain-Free Salmon and Chickpea Dry Dog Food.
  • Pallaby provides customized meal plans for your dog’s personal needs, such as nutritional requirements, taste, and portion control.
  • Each Pallaby meal comes in 100% eco-friendly and compostable packaging, accenting the brand’s sustainable and environmentally conscious side.

What is pallaby Dog Food?

What is pallaby Dog Food

Pallaby is a pet food company built on the core belief that “providing a portion-controlled diet is essential to your dog’s health.” The co-founder and CEO of Pallaby, Patrick DePeters, says the brand was founded to “revolutionize pet nutrition.“

Pallaby dog food takes your regular dog food up a notch by prioritizing your dog’s personal nutritional needs for improved health in the long term. Overfeeding or consuming poor-quality food escalates health issues and unhealthy weight in dogs.

Pallaby dog food is a brand dedicated to providing high-quality nutrition to your dog for a healthy weight and stronger muscles rather than just making them full without any benefits.

Unlike your dry kibble with ingredients that you can never be sure of, Pallaby dog food uses human-grade natural and fresh raw ingredients free of additives and preservatives. All their recipes are tested and approved by veterinary nutritionists so that you don’t have to compromise pet nutrition when it comes to the well-being of your dog.

Where is pallaby Dog Food Made?

All Pallaby dog food’s recipes are made and packaged in facilities at their headquarters located in Santa Monica, California, United States.

All Pallaby recipes meet AAFCO standards and regulations and the Food Nutrient Profiles for dogs at all stages of life.

How is pallaby Dog Food Made?

For the final product to stand out among other competitors, there have to be differences in how they are curated, produced, and packaged. By taking a closer look at how the pallaby dog food is made, you can decide how different it is from your regular kibble.

All raw ingredients for the recipes are sourced locally, fresh for each batch of food. These ingredients are premium quality, free of toxins, and selected with the expertise of veterinarians.

Each premium dry dog food recipe is developed keeping in mind the general nutritional requirements of dogs, with extra care about meal portions that allow dogs to gain a healthy weight.

To ensure consistent quality, the products are made in small batches. Each batch of food is cooked over low temperatures for long periods to lock in all the nutritional values and prevent water and texture loss of the ingredients.

After slow cooking each batch, the food is proportioned with precision for every meal and cooled down before packing them in 100% compostable, eco-friendly packages, ready to be delivered to your doorstep.

Is pallaby Good for Dogs?

Is pallaby Good for Dogs

Yes, Pallaby is good dog food. One of the main perks of the Pallaby meals is their devotion to portion control – a consideration most per parents skip.

With pallaby dog food, you can rest assured without the hassle of measuring out each meal to prevent overfeeding and obesity. Plus, each Pallaby meal is created with one main goal – to ensure optimum pet care and nutrition.

pallaby Dog Food Reviewed

Pallaby has several recipes and ingredients to ensure that your dog’s food is not loaded with unnecessary junk but with worthwhile nutritional grains, veggies, and real meat that do more than keep your dog full.

The food is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and fillers such as wheat, soy, and corn. All their recipes are for dry dog food, and one is for treats in the middle of the day. Using meals and treats, you can make sure that your dog at no point consumes unhealthy food during mealtime and otherwise.

pallaby Dog Food Formulas

The Pallaby dog food comes in two different recipes:

Pallaby dog food also offers treats:

pallaby Dog Food Summary

In addition to the obvious health benefits for your dog, there are multiple ways in which pallaby makes it convenient for the pet parents. It often gets confusing about when and how much you should feed your dog to help them grow and stay healthy. pallaby has solutions for your confusion. Each dog food product comes with a free scoop designed to fit the perfect meal portion each time.

For each product, there is also a monthly feeding guideline based on your dog’s weight range. pallaby also has a regular blog on their website that posts curated tips on everything related to dog health and well-being. With all of these at your disposal, feeding your dog would be effortless on your end.

What’s in a pallaby Subscription

What’s in a pallaby Subscription

Cost is a major influence when you choose your dog food brand. Getting your money’s worth through quality products is already guaranteed at Pallaby, but you can get more than your money’s worth with their subscribe and save option.

By subscribing to their products, you can save 20% on your order, up to $10 every time. You can set the delivery intervals based on your requirements. Options start every four weeks to every 12 weeks.

With this option, you can save money and save yourself routine visits to the market for dog food. You can relax and not worry about refills as they get timely delivered to your doorstep.

pallaby Dog Food Pros

  • Tasty Kibble. The usual kibble has a smell and taste that may not appeal to dogs who are especially picky eaters. The kibble is suited for dogs of all life stages and breeds.
  • High Quality. After making the switch, pet owners will quickly spot the difference between the quality of the regular kibble vs. Pallaby kibble made with premium ingredients. Plus, each meal is formulated and approved by a veterinary nutritionist.
  • Ease of Use. Each Pallaby shipment batch includes 31 ready-to-eat, portioned food pouches. Just open the pouch, and you have a prepared meal for your dog.
  • Healthy Weight. For dogs that easily gain unhealthy weight, Pallaby has been a boon. Customers claim that switching to Pallaby was a better choice than weight-loss programs for their dogs.

pallaby Dog Food Cons

  • The grain-free recipe is yet to be launched (coming soon!)
  • Compared to regular kibble, pallaby is more expensive

pallaby Dog Food Reviews

Reliable customer reviews on Amazon speak all the best about the pallaby dog food. Owners are happy with how tasty the kibble is, and they see improvements in their dogs’ health soon after switching to pallaby. Most dog owners are immensely satisfied with the convenience of the pre-packed pouches. Some even mention the meals are great to use on the go.

How does pallaby Dog Food Work?

  • All you have to do to go ahead with your Pallaby dog food purchase is-
  • Sign up on their website using your email, name, and a fresh password
  • You can then create a custom meal plan based on your dog’s weight, size, age, breed, activity levels
  • You can then choose the kibble you want
  • Finally, hit on the subscribe and save option for optimum value
  • And check out your cart

Bonus: you get a 50% discount on your first purchase at pallaby.

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What Ingredients does pallaby Use?

The basic ingredients for all their recipes include natural ingredients, fresh sources of protein, mostly lean protein, which is more beneficial, fresh vegetables for fiber and vitamins, and antioxidant sources that boost immunity.

  • Great Ingredients: Chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, brewers rice, pea protein, rice bran, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), dried plain beet pulp, dried peas, natural flavor, dicalcium phosphate, flaxseeds, dried egg product, dried carrots, oatmeal, dried sweet potatoes, fish oil.
  • Not-So-Great Ingredients: Citric acid
  • Great Ingredients: Salmon, dried chickpeas, menhaden fish meal, dried peas, dried potatoes, pea protein, dried tomato pomace
  • Not-So-Great Ingredients: Chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols)
  • Great Ingredients: Honey, oat, and peanut butter
  • Not-So-Great Ingredients: none

Has pallaby Dog Food Been Recalled?

Our extensive investigations claim that pallaby has never been recalled to date.

How Much does pallaby Cost?

The total cost for your best dog’s food in a month varies depending on your dog’s age and size. Pallaby’s meal monthly subscriptions start at $69.99 before the 20% discount.

On average, the approximate cost for a large size dog (60-80 pounds) is $89.99 before a discount.

Is pallaby Dog Food Worth it?

Is pallaby Dog Food Worth it

Considering all aspects, the pros of switching to Pallaby outweigh its cons (higher price than regular kibble).

All in all, keeping your dog healthy and fit is a must. Plus, every pet deserves premium quality and healthy nutrition, and Pallaby dog food is exactly that.

pallaby Super-Premium Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Dog Food
  • Our super-premium dry dog food is made with real whole food ingredients and delivered straight to your door in our custom, 100% compostable packaging. 
  • Real Chicken is the #1 ingredient and is a protein source that supports muscle development and energy. Brown rice is a natural whole grain that provides pets essential B vitamins and minerals, high-quality complex carbohydrates for energy and fiber.
  • We include a blend of bioavailable minerals as well as essential fatty acids. Omega-6 and Omega-3 to support healthy skin and shiny coat.