is a pet care supplier with many exciting options for pet owners. Their bestsellers are often pet beds, but they provide excellent products for different areas as well.

We found that is a quality brand that has a larger selection than most. This will allow you much greater flexibility as a customer in finding the item that is right for your pet.

  • products are rigorously tested by dogs and humans.
  • You can find a host of different items, from car seats to memory foam dog beds.
  • Their pet blankets are made of faux fur and are conveniently waterproof.
PupProtector™ Memory Foam Car Dog Bed
9.4/10Our Score
  • Comfortable: Human-grade memory foam and supportive bolster cushions provide extra spine and neck support
  • Safe: Attached seat belt leash straps that can attach to the dog's harness, adjustable straps that go over the headrests and loops on the back of the bed where the car seatbelt slips through to hold the bed securely in place
  • Durable: Equipped with a durable, removable, and machine washable cover and waterproof memory foam liner What is It? is a pet supplier retailer that provides pet parents with a range of different pet products. You can find things like CBD products, orthopedic dog beds, leashes, throw blankets, and more.

Who Owns

Dave Gimes is the founder and CEO of 

Where are the Products of Made? products are made from materials and ingredients that are produced globally. What do they Sell? sells a wide range of different products. These categories of products include:

  • In-home products: These products are typically used by your pet at home.
  • Travel Products: Items that are more portable or are designed to be used during traveling.
  • Wellness Products: The focus of these products is to provide better well-being and care for your dog. You will find things like supplements and CBD oils. Dog Products

PupRug by™ Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed primarily focuses its selection on products for dogs. These products include: In-Home

The In-Home category contains the bestsellers that is known for. The items that sells in this category are listed below:

  • PupProtector Blankets: You will find cool comfort blankets and waterproof throw blankets that come in a variety of different colors. They also come in different sizes and can be used on the couch, bed, or even as a picnic blanket. These blankets are made from short faux fur with an underside containing softy microsuede.
  • PupRug Beds: These dog beds are easy to clean and made with odor-resistant material. You will receive a lifetime, no flat foam guarantee to ensure the bed is always in the best shape. It is made from orthopedic memory foam that has been shown to do wonders for senior dogs with back problems.
  • PupProtector Loungers: Loungers are couch covers that feature a soft back for your dog to lay its head or arms. They are made with ultra-soft fur and are machine washable.
  • Accessories: This is a category of items that can upgrade or supplement your home living space and make it friendlier to dogs. You will find items like crate kits that upgrade your dog’s crate. You can also find odor eliminator spray to get rid of foul odors that your dog might sometimes produce. Wellness

Wellness products are one of the best ways to supplement your dog’s diet and lifestyle. They can make up for gaps in training as well as behavioral problems. The wellness products that sells are listed below: Travel also offers portable products that can aid you when traveling with your dog. These products include:

  • PupProtector Memory Foam Car Bed: A fun item that you place in your car that is made from human-grade memory foam. It can keep your dog contained and safe during a car ride.
  • PupProtector Seat Covers: These seat covers are made for the front seat, back seat, and cargo storage areas. They allow your dog to ride comfortably and protect your car from spills, hair, and scratching.
  • PupRug Travel Beds: Orthepodeic beds that are smaller and come with a carrying bag for easy transport.

Does Sell CBD Products for Pets? 

Yes, does sell CBD products for pets. They sell a selection of CBD drops that help with calming and mobility.

Is a Good Brand?

Yes, is a good brand. They design dog beds with their functionality and aesthetics in mind and allow customers to select the materials they want to use. Another reason is a good brand is that they are made up of pet lovers that rigorously test their products. This ensures that you will receive products with a high level of quality control. 

Their product reviews have high star ratings and mention how well their products function for the owner’s furry friends. They are also an excellent choice for senior dogs who will take full advantage of the health benefits of their dog beds and CBD products.

Where can I Buy Products from

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You can buy products at their official site at While on their website, you can see coupons posted on their social media and get help by contacting does not have an official Amazon storefront. Be sure to look for coupons on their website before you go to checkout.

Do Vets Recommend Products?

Yes, many of the products sold on are recommended by vets. Veterinarians recommend dog beds because they have been proven to reduce joint inflammation and relieve symptoms of arthritis in older dogs. Your best friend will benefit from pet beds and extra padding for the places where they rest, like your furniture or in their dog crate. Why Not Try Them Out? is an excellent option for dog owners of all breeds, so why not try them out? Many of their products will not only help your dogs but improve your home as well. Many of their PupRug beds are aesthetically pleasing and can protect your home from pet hair, dirt, and scratching damage. You can also find some excellent products in their wellness line that can help manage your pet’s anxiety and reduce aggressive behavior.