Penelope’s Bloom is a company that specializes in CBD pet products that can help to ease any unnecessary trouble your canine or feline companion may be facing.

We liked the selection of CBD products that they carry. Their high standards of testing to ensure the safety of their products is also fantastic.

  • Penelopes Bloom is a supplier of pet treats and other CBD products for pets
  • You can buy their products  on their official website at
  • They sell CBD products that also contain herbs like chamomile for dogs and cats alike
  • This brand offers a wide range of dog products that can make your dog’s life more relaxed and easygoing
  • Through their animal rescue efforts, they give back to the community
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CBD Oil Tincture For Dogs
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  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for dogs, crafted with organic CBD, MCT oil, and chamomile.
  • Third-party lab tested for product safety, potency, and effectiveness.
  • Designed to digest seamlessly and deliver rapid relaxation

What is Penelopes Bloom?

Penelope’s Bloom is a pet health company that supplies its customers with pet treats, tinctures, peanut butter, and more for cats and dogs. They specialize in CBD pet products that include CBD pet balm for dogs & cats that address joint pain in pets through organic CBD ingredients. The company uses human-grade ingredients that are non-GMO.

Pet CBD is a constantly growing market as more people get more used to using THC products in their daily lives. THC extracts products can help pets with anxiety issues and inflammation and can help regulate their immune system. Some products have a disclaimer of various possible side effects like headaches or dizziness for some dogs and cats.

Dog taking CBD Oil

Who Owns Penelope’s Bloom?

Penelope’s Bloom is owned by a private individual or company that was inspired to start making CBD products by their french bulldog Penelope.

Where is Penelopes Bloom Made?

Penelope’s Bloom products are made in the USA. The company has a headquarters in California, where it ships its products from.

What does Penelope’s Bloom Sell?

Penelope's Bloom CBD Oil

Penelopess Bloom provides a CBD oil tincture for dogs and cats as well as many other products. These products include the following:

Does Penelope’s Bloom Sell CBD Products for Pets?

Yes, Penelope’s Blooms sells CBD products that are fit for pets. They sell CBD products with herbs like chamomile for both dogs and cats. They have delicious Heart + Immunity CBD treats for dogs with great product reviews. The company has a large selection of similar CBD products for pets.

What Dog Products Do They Sell?

Penelope’s Bloom offers a host of dog products that make your canine companion’s life more relaxed and easygoing. The dog products that they sell are listed below:

  • Treats: These treats address common dog issues like joint mobility, stress, and anxiety. They smell just like freshly baked cookies that just came out of the oven. Not only are they good for your dog, but the sweet potato flavor will excite them every time you bring the treats out. Reviewers like these treats for the calming effect they have on their furry companions.
  • CBD Oil: The oil tincture for dogs contains organic CBD and MCT oil. They also add a little chamomile to this product that might help to  reduce stress and hyperactivity. Dogs who take this oil will be less likely to bark, lunge, or take part in aggressive behavior.
  • Peanut Butter: Penelope’s Bloom offers a jar of CBD-infused peanut butter that is irresistible to dogs and will help them relax in order to boost healthy brain function at the same time. This jar of peanut butter also supports a healthy wellness routine and makes for a tremendous exercise reward.

Does Penelope’s Bloom Sell CBD Products for Dogs?

Yes, Penelope’s Bloom sells CBD products for dogs. They offer many full-spectrum CBD oils, topical treatments, and other cannabinoids that are suitable for use and consumption by canines.

What Cat Products does Penelope’s Bloom Sell?

Penelopes Bloom Balm

Although cat products are often left out of CBD retailers, this brand comes through for our feline friends. The cat products they sell are listed below:

  • CBD Oil Tincture for Cats: The catalog of their CBD products also extends to this CBD oil tincture. It has a delicious salmon flavor that you administer to your cat with a dropper into their mouth or food. It is a lab-tested product that is vegan and non-GMO. The mixture also contains MCT oil and full-spectrum CBD.
  • Soothing CBD Pet Balm for Dogs & Cats: This soothing pet balm could help to keep your cat’s skin in a good condition. It might also provide topical relief to your cat, reducing irritation or inflammation.

Does Penelope’s Bloom Sell CBD Products for Cats?

Yes, Penelope’s Bloom sells two different CBD products for cats in their official store. Many CBD retailers only focus on dogs, so the extra selection for cats is a nice bonus. They develop their products in coordination with testing from third-party labs.

Is Penelope’s Bloom a Good Brand?

Yes, Penelope’s Bloom is a good brand because it has a noble mission. They named their brand after a french bulldog of the same name that struggled with chronic pain. This story inspired the company to empower pet parents with the right CBD products and knowledge to help their furry friends. They emphasize quality ingredients, transparency of the safety of their products, and the community of pet owners around the world.

They actively give back to the community through their sustainable ingredients and animal rescue efforts. Their goal is always to produce the best CBD products that they possibly can. They have an extensive FAQ on their website that addresses many questions first-time buyers might have about CBD products.

Where can I Buy Penelopes Bloom Products?

You can buy products sold by Penelope’s Bloom on their official website at You can also find some products available on their Amazon page.

Do Vets Recommend Penelopes Bloom Products?

Yes, vets recommend Penelope’s Bloom products because they are premium quality CBD products. Although some vets prefer not to recommend CBD oils to many pet owners, it is the only thing that has worked for them.

If you want to read-up on the input into the design of their products you could visit their website for more detailed reports on their process. It is also advisable to consult a professional on the best medical advice for your pet.

Why Choose Penelope’s Bloom?

There are many excellent reasons to choose Penelope’s Bloom products for your pet’s CBD needs. While some research is still being done on the topic, this brand advocates their high standards of safety for their products. Every product is tested in a third-party lab to ensure it is safe for animal use and consumption. Your pet will enjoy the benefits of high-quality CBD made from all-natural ingredients.

“Most studies on the effects of CBD done on animals are on those with pre-existing conditions. It is always best to discuss the risk-benefit ratio of CBD-containing products with your veterinarian before using it as “treatment” or in their daily diets/routines.”

 -Alysper Cormanes, DVM