What Are the Best Pet Cameras?

Best Seller
Kasa Indoor Smart Pet Camera with Night Vision
9.5/10Our Score
  • Sharp and clear 1080p Full HD provides high quality video right in the palm of your hand. 
  • User-friendly security camera with Smart Actions for automatic light control upon motion detection.
  • Get motion and sound alerts on your smartphone, even at night (30ft range). Enable patrol mode for versatile use as a pet or nanny cam.

What is a Pet Camera?

A pet camera is a security camera that lets pet owners keep track of their furry friends in real-time. Pet cams are typically designed to be used on top of tables, shelves, or other furniture. There is also the pet collar camera, which can be used on the dog’s collar. 

How Does a Pet Camera Work?

Most pet cams use a monitor that links directly to a mobile app. Many types of pet monitoring devices can also connect to Google Assistant, Alexa, or other smart home systems.

Do Pet Cameras Require a Subscription?

No, most pet cameras do not require a yearly or monthly subscription.

Some brands offer subscriptions to provide more cloud storage of HD video clips or multiple days of footage, but these options do not affect the base functionality of the pet cam.

What Are the Benefits of Pet Cameras?

Pet cams have lots of benefits, especially for busy pet parents. Here are some of them:

  • Smart Home Functionality. Most pet cameras work with smart home tools such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other home security apps on Apple and Android devices.
  • Training Support. Pet owners with puppies or other pets that may cause trouble to love the two-way audio available on pet cams. Easily correct barking, chewing, or other pet behavior and even reward good behavior with built-in treat dispensers.
  • Reduced Separation Anxiety. Pets with separation anxiety can be soothed with the two-way talk functionality of most pet cams. Some models include barking alerts to let owners know when their furry friend is feeling anxious. Interactive pet cameras often include laser pointers and treat toss toys so pet owners can initiate play while they’re away.
  • High-Quality Video. Pet cams offer up to 1080p HD video in real-time, making pet monitoring easy. Wide-angle lenses let pet owners check in their pets and see entire rooms. Some models offer live video through android and ios. The live stream video feeds are recorded and saved to cloud storage or an SD card automatically, so pet parents can share video recordings on social media.
  • Peace of Mind. Pet parents never have to worry about their pets again with HD cameras, 2-way audio, and real-time notifications provided by home security cameras for pets. Sound detection lets pet owners know if their pet is being noisy, while wide-angle views and motion alerts let them keep an eye on behavior.

The Best Pet Cameras Reviewed

There are different pet cameras on the market. To help you find the right pet camera, we reviewed several best-sellers readily available on Amazon.

Kasa Indoor Smart Pet Camera with Night Vision

Features: 24/7 real-time video, pan & tilt, motion detection, instant notifications, two-way audio, voice control, secure local storage, and advanced WPA2 encryption.

App-Controlled: Yes

Summary: Kasa’s indoor smart pet camera with night vision is perfect for keeping track of pets at home. The video quality is excellent, and the HD camera can tie to smart homes through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The real-time video is provided in 1080p HD on the convenient app. The settings are easy to adjust for maximum security and privacy.

  • Includes notion tracking and two-way audio
  • Sends instant notifications
  • Live stream video quality is 1080p HD
  • Up to 30ft of clear night vision
  • Stores up to 30 days of video history using cloud storage and a 64GB SD card
  • Seamlessly connects with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
  • No subscription required
  • Cannot provide treats or other stimulation

Review: This smart pet camera has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, making it a winner for pet owners. The live video feed is very convenient and can be easily saved on the 64GB SD card or through cloud storage with the optional subscription. The settings are helpful and allow for complete control of recording and motion detection.

TP-Link Tapo 2K Security Camera With Motion Detection and Night Vision

Features: 2K resolution video quality, pan & tilt, motion detection, night vision, local storage, two-way audio, privacy mode, and a built-in siren.

App-Controlled: Yes

Summary: Tapo’s home security camera is a great option for pet monitoring. The wide-lens, high-quality video uses motion detection to send instant notifications to pet owners as needed. The two-way audio allows pet parents to hear barking or scratching. Plus, it’s easy for pet owners to communicate to their pets for behavior correction.

  • Captures 2K HD video quality in real-time
  • Offers a wide view with a 360° horizontal and 114° vertical range
  • Share wi-fi camera feed between two devices
  • Two-way audio includes a siren for correcting behavior
  • Conveniently connect with Alexa smart home screen devices
  • Only works with 2.4GHz internet connections

Review: This pet camera has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, thanks to the affordability of the high-quality video recording. The pet cam easily connects to wi-fi and Alexa, while allowing pet owners to check real-time video streams of their homes through the app. Pet parents enjoy motion detection, night vision, and other video recording options that provide crisp and clear images.

Blink Mini Compact Indoor Plug-In Smart Security Camera

Features: Day & night HD video, two-way audio, motion detection, and smartphone notifications.

App-Controlled: Yes

Summary: The Blink Mini offers 1080p HD video quality at an affordable price. With both day and night vision, pet parents never have to worry about their furry friends. Designed to be easy to use, this camera pairs with Alexa for voice control and uses an app to send motion detection notifications. Plus, with the Blink subscription, you can save tons of clips and record videos of your pet!

  • View and record real-time 1080p HD video
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Fire OS
  • Two-way audio for listening and talking to pets
  • Motion detection sends a smartphone notification immediately
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control
  • Must have a subscription or a USB flash drive to save clips
  • Continuous live stream is clunky

Review: This compact home security camera has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating thanks to the ease of setup enjoyed by most customers. People also noted that the clear video gave them peace of mind and was easy to view on their smart devices. The motion detection quickly sends a notification to the user, and the two-way audio is loud. Many customers found multiple uses for the pet cam, such as baby monitor and video doorbell.

Kasa Smart Security Camera

Features: 1080p HD or 2K HD quality, night vision, activity zones, instant notifications, 24/7 real-time video, secure local storage, and two-way audio.

App-Controlled: Yes

Summary: This indoor security camera is ideal for watching pets. The motion tracking and sound detection make it easy to monitor pets during the day or the night in full 1080p HD video quality. Store videos using the 64GB micro SD card or through cloud storage with a subscription. This easy-to-use camera is a great choice for basic indoor home security.

  • Real-time video live stream available
  • Motion detection sends notifications through the smartphone app
  • Customizable "activity zones" help monitor pet activity
  • Local micro SD card holds up to 64GB, and a subscription allows cloud storage
  • Voice control through smart home devices like Google Assistant or Alexa
  • Provides less of a wide angle than comparable cameras

Review: The Kasa smart home security is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars, and most customers love the affordability and quality. The HD video works both during the day and at night, so it’s easy to use. The wifi pet camera shows great picture quality, while the two-way audio allows pet parents to communicate with their pets or sitters. This simple and cheap option gives pet owners everything they need to monitor their homes.

GNCC Pet Camera

Features: Sound detection, movement detection, 1080p HD video, night vision, two-way audio, wide-angle pan view, and SD card & cloud storage.

App-Controlled: Yes

Summary: This indoor security camera seamlessly connects to 2.4GHz wi-fi to provide real-time video live streams. Using 1080p HD video, pet owners can check in with their pets anytime. The two-way audio makes it easy to talk to pets with separation anxiety. The sound and motion detection sends automatic notifications to ensure pet parents don’t miss a thing.

  • 1080p HD video with wide angle lens offers a clear, full view of any room
  • Two-way audio allows owners to speak to their pets
  • Automatically receive barking alerts and motion detection notifications
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Compact size can be placed almost anywhere
  • Can only share videos directly with people that have the OSIAO app

Review: The GNCC pet camera has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars and is regarded as perfect for pet owners that need a simple monitoring device. The setup is quick, and using the app is a cinch. The two-way audio helps pet parents talk to dogs or other pets with separation anxiety, while motion trackers send notifications if movement is detected. The affordability and ease of use are why customers love this pet cam.

Furbo 360° Wide-Angle Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Features: Real-time 360-degree rotating view, automatic motion tracker, color night vision, treat dispenser, barking alert, and two-way audio.

App-Controlled: Yes

Summary: The Furbo dog camera goes beyond standard HD and provides live video with a rotating 360-degree wide-angle view. This wi-fi pet camera is perfect for pet owners worried about bad behavior or separation anxiety. The HD camera tracks pets and sends motion alerts directly to a smart device when a pet moves out of sight. Noise detection allows barking alerts, and the two-way audio lets pet parents calm their dogs with their voices. There’s even a treat dispenser that pet owners can use to toss a treat for their dog while they’re away!

  • Uses full HD video with a 360° wide-angle view that can rotate
  • Two-way audio lets pet parents communicate with pets and sitters
  • Offers fun treat tossing with the built-in treat dispenser
  • Real-time notifications are sent for motion alerts and barking alerts
  • More features are available with a subscription, but it isn't necessary
  • More expensive than other pet cameras
  • No laser toy for cats

Review: This Furbo dog camera is highly rated, with 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Pet owners love that they can give their pets treats while they’re away with the treat tossing functionality. The treat dispenser can even have a voice recording over it instead of the standard electrical noise, making it even more fun for pets. The color night vision and rotating view help customers track their pets throughout the day and make them feel secure about their furry friends whenever they check-in.

Nooie Pet Camera 2K Wi-Fi Monitoring Pet Camera

Features: Two-way audio, 2K resolution HD camera, night vision, 360-degree wide-angle view, motion detection, and SD card storage.

App-Controlled: Yes

Summary: This HD camera is ideal as a pet cam and a home security camera. With a wide-angle lens that rotates and motion trackers, it’s easy to check in on your pets throughout the day. Live stream video and real-time motion alerts keep pet parents connected, and the two-way audio lets them speak to pets and sitters. The secure storage is easy to set up and secure, thanks to the SD card compatibility.

  • Live stream HD video with a rotating, wide-angle view
  • Easy to set up and connect to wi-fi
  • Motion alerts and sound alerts send automatic notifications to users
  • Night vision allows a clear view at all hours
  • Two-way audio lets pet owners hear and speak to their animals
  • Only works on a 2.4GHz internet connection

Review: This HD pet camera is rated 4 out of 5 stars by customers on Amazon. Most pet owners love the video quality and the affordability. Pet owners also love that the sleek black color blends with other home décor. Overall, the long list of features and ease of use is why customers enjoy this pet cam.

360 Camera Full HD Pet Camera

Features: 1080p HD camera, night vision functionality, two-way audio, motion trackers, smartphone notifications, SD card storage option, and cloud storage.

App-Controlled: Yes

Summary: This pet cam is a discreet and budget-friendly option for pet owners. Shaped to look like a light bulb, this simple camera offers full 1080p HD video, even at night. Motion alerts can be set with customizable sensitivity before sending notifications to your smartphone. The ease of installation and secure local storage option make this a good option for simple home security.

  • Day and night vision with 1080p HD video quality
  • Motion detection offers real-time notifications to smartphones
  • Easily install just by screwing into any E27 light bulb socket
  • Two-way audio lets users speak to their pets
  • Features local storage option with SD card slot
  • Can have trouble connecting to some wi-fi networks

Review: This pet cam is rated as 3.4 out of 5 stars by customers, mostly because of some connection issues. The camera does offer clear images and easy setup, but some pet owners could not connect the camera to their home wi-fi network. Other customers loved the day and night functionality and the helpful notifications that alerted them to movement. The versatility of the light bulb shape and power connection offers ease of use that many customers greatly enjoyed as well.

What Should I Look For in a Pet Camera?

When shopping for a pet camera, you should look for the following features:

  • Video Quality. A crisp, clear picture is essential for pet cameras. Make sure your security camera has HD video recording available.
  • Two-Way Talk. Being able to talk to your pet is important, especially if they’re making a mess or if they have separation anxiety.
  • Smart Home Compatibility. Ensure your pet cam can connect through wi-fi to smart home devices like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or a smartphone app.
  • Motion Detection & Sound Detection. If your pet is going where they shouldn’t be or making noise to alert a problem, your pet camera should let you know. Choose a pet cam that sends a notification if noise or movement is detected.
  • Built-In Storage Options. Choose a pet camera that allows you to save the video to a micro SD card, a USB flash drive, or cloud storage so that you can review and save HD videos of your pet at a convenient time.

Where Do You Put a Pet Camera?

You should put a pet camera at eye level with your dog so that they can appropriately interact with it. Pet cameras are compact, so they can be placed on any flat surface or even mounted on a wall. The important thing is to ensure that your dog can hear and see the pet cam.

Is a Pet Camera Worth It?

Yes, a pet camera is worth it.

If your pet has separation anxiety or if you’re worried about bad behavior while you’re out of the house, then a pet camera is handy.

The versatility of the HD video and app functionality also makes these home security cameras great as baby monitors and video doorbells when pet owners are at home. Most models are also very affordable, making it even easier to get set up.