Petals and Tails makes pet products that are good for your pets and that smell amazing! 

  • Petals and Tails is a company that produces pet products which are great for your pets
  • You can purchase Petals and Tails products directly from
  • Petals and Tails products are made from natural and high-quality ingredients
  • They produce specialized pet products that are infused with CBD oil 
  • Petals and Tails has a wide variety of pet products
Petals and Tails CBD Peanut Butter
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains organic peanut butter, coconut oil, full-spectrum hemp-derived cannabidiol
  • Can help dogs calm down and relax in as little as one hour

Petals and Tails: What is It?

Petals and Tails is a company that makes pet products that are good for your pets and smell amazing too! Established by a person with a background in the pet industry, her passion project has come to benefit us all. The products from Petals and Tails are well-researched and made from natural and high-quality ingredients.

Who Owns Petals and Tails?

After the death of her beloved chihuahua “Chipsita” to severe unprecedented seizures, Linoy Ben naim, who already had a background in the pet industry, did not want others to experience the helplessness she felt while watching her poor pup suffer. She set out to develop products that might help alleviate other pets’ pain and discomfort.

Thus, Petals and Tails was established with such goals in mind. The company today produces specialized pet products infused with CBD oil and, in many ways, real floral extracts.

Where are Products of Petals and Tails Made?

Petals and Tails sources CBD from an industrial hemp farm in Oregon, USA. The hemp is made via a process that completely isolates with the help of CO2 extraction & crystal precipitation. You can be sure that its products are made of the world’s highest-grade, pesticide free, non-GMO hemp. The industrial hemp farms in Oregon that source the CBD, comply with the State Department of Agriculture regulations.

Petals and Tails: What do they Sell?

A brief overview of the products Petals and Tails sells follows in the list below:

Petals and Tails: Dog Products

Petals and Tails Passion Flower and Ginger CBD treats

The dog products that Petal and Tails has in stock are listed below:

Petals and Tails: Dog Treats

  • Passion Flower and Ginger CBD treats: With 5mg of CBD per treat, if your pet happens to be suffering from stress, digestive problems, is unable to sleep properly or is having other discomforts, this soft and chewy Passion fruit flower and ginger treat would be just the thing that they need.
  • Hip and Joint CBD treats: Made up of a blend of CBD, Hemp seed oil, and glucosamine, this treat is good to treat dogs who may be suffering from joint pain or lack of mobility due to old age etc. Even healthy dogs can eat this for future proofing them from joint pains!
  • Pumpkin CBD Treats: This fall special, gives your dog a nibble of this fun treat which contains a blend of Pumpkin, Chamomile, Ginger, and Passion flower. It not only tastes great but also boosts their immune system.
  • CBD Peanut Butter: If your pet is anxious, prone to bouts of aggression and/or is very stressed, this fun and tasty CBD infused Peanut butter treat will calm them down immediately. It is healthy and tasty.

Petals and Tails: Dog Supplements and Toiletries

The long list of dog supplements and toiletries that are supplied by Petals and Tails follows below: 

  • CBD Oil for Dogs: Available in 250 ml bottles, this CBD oil is high quality and grown with much care in the hemp farms in Oregon, USA. It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to prevent heart disease and bad cholesterol. This oil is good for your dog’s health and can also be used to ease joint pain, alleviate stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Hemp Pet Shampoo: Hypoallergenic, PH balanced, and formulated especially for pets, this CBD shampoo is available in a wide range of ingredients like Lavender, Rose, Orchid, and Peony.
  • After Bath Misting-Care: Available in a wide array of scents like white peony, lavender, rose, and orchid, this after-bath misting-care spray will surely have your dog smelling good, all while not irritating their noses. These mists are great for all after-bath uses and are made with a coconut oil base, FS hemp oil, jojoba oil, and the wanted extract. Your dog will feel like they’ve been to the groomer. 
  • CBD Balms: Made up of various enriching and nourishing ingredients. Petals and Tails has a large range of CBD balms like the Exotic Orchid CBD Balm with honey, the Lavender Balm with eucalyptus and the Rosey Rose balm with Vanilla. These healing balms contain 150 mg of full-spectrum CBD. They can help to boost skin health in order to help alleviate skin conditions and itchy skin or dry skin. 
  • Poopy Bag Holder: Made of quality cloth and coming in a wide array of floral patterns and designs, this poop bag holder will make your walk time more convenient and stylish.

Petals and Tails: Cat Products

A list of Cat products that Petals and Tails has in stock follows below:

  • Cat treats: Including Passion Flower and Ginger CBD Treats, Hip and Joint CBD Treats, and more
  • Cat supplements: Including CBD Oil Dropper for Cats

Petals and Tails: Cat Treats

Petals and tails hip and joint CBD treats

A list of high-quality Petals and Tails CBD pet treats follows below:

  • Passion Flower and Ginger CBD Treats: Made to give your cat 5mg of CBD with every treat, this treat is perfect for dealing with problems like stress, gas, separation anxiety, insomnia, and so on. These treats are soft, chewy, tasty, healthy, and amazing for boosting your cat’s immune system.
  • Hip and Joint CBD treats: Support the longevity of your cat’s mobility with these neat hip, and joint CBD treats made of CBD, full-spectrum hemp seed oil, and glucosamine. This magical combo will not only be great for senior cats who tend to have a lot of joint issues, your cats can also have them to supplement their muscle strength and maybe prevent sore muscles or severe mobility issues in the future.
  • Pumpkin CBD Treats: This special seasonal treat is made of only the best ingredients and has been made to boost your dog’s immune system. These chewy treats help alleviate stress, anxiety, and physical bodily discomforts like joint pain and stomach issues, and can substantially make your cat’s life easier.

Petals and Tails: Cat Supplements

The company has a full spectrum CBD Oil product that has to be given using the correct dosing. This CBD pet product is discussed in more detail below: 

  • CBD Oil dropper for Cats: If you think your cat is stressed, anxious, or has any other such issues, full spectrum CBD oil is sure to calm those nerves right down. It strengthens your cat’s immune system and promotes wellness and tranquility by helping your cat relax.

Is Petals and Tails a Good Brand?

Dog and cat best friends playing together outdoor

Yes, Petals and Tails is a good brand! Its products are high quality and made of top-shelf hemp, all sourced from farms in the USA. Its products are organic and natural. Having undergone several testing rounds, these products are sure to be a safe bet if your pet seems to be suffering from joint pain, trauma disorders, and so many more problems.

Where can I Buy Products from Petals and Tails?

You can buy Petals and Tails products directly from its official website at

Do Vets Recommend Petals and Tails Products?

Yes, Vets recommend Petals and Tails products. The use of CBD oil-infused products is not only great for your pet’s well-being, it also has a wide variety of medicinal uses. Petals and Tails is a company that has done extensive research and testing with its products. Not only does it have several shining reviews from its customers, its products also come with the vet’s approval. While it would be best to consult your nearest vet before putting your dog on CBD, Petals and Tails pet products are safe overall.

Petals and Tails: Why not Give Them a Try?

Petals and Tails makes high-quality, pet-safe, non-GMO, natural products that boost your dog’s physical and mental health. Its products have been highly rated by customers and pet professionals alike. If you’re a new customer, why don’t you check out their vast array of products? The company has something for every pet.