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Petplate is a dog food retailer that operates on a subscription basis. They produce high-quality and human-grade food for pet owners. One of their core features is that they provide human-grade ingredients in their products . They also offer dog food delivery services.

What we liked about them is that they produce high-quality human-grade food that are considered to be a new trend among pet owners.

  • Petplate is a subscription-based retailer of dog food that produces high-quality food and human-grade food for pets
  • You can find Petplate products on their website
  • Petplate is a great choice for pet owners who are looking to boost their pet’s health, energy levels
  • They offer a subscription service which is a great way to get your dog fresh-cooked meals without having to coordinate them
  • Many reviewers choose Pet Plate just because their dogs seem to love them so much
Best Seller
PetPlate Barkin' Beef Entrée
9.4/10Our Score
  • Our high protein, grain-free beef recipe beats the competition by leaps and bounds. Perfectly crafted by our chefs to be nutritious and delicious, you’ll see why even the pickiest pups can’t stop barkin’ about how much they love this meal.
  • Grain-Free
  • High Protein for Active Dogs
  • Rich in Iron and Zinc
  • Popular with Picky Eaters

What is Petplate?

Petplate is a subscription-based dog food retailer that produces high-quality and human-grade food for pet owners. It was founded by Renaldo Webb with a mission to make fresh food meals for dogs that are better than the current food offerings. Renaldo Webb hoped to make “better food for dogs so they can live happier lives with their families. Human-grade ingredients are a core feature of the brand, as well as its dog food delivery service.

Petplate Dog Products

Who Owns Petplate?

Petplate was founded in 2016 by Renaldo Webb, who owns the company to this day. It is a privately owned company that has raised money through six different private funding rounds. Its lead investors are Feenix Venture Partners LLC, Brand Project, and Pendulum Holdings. Petplate has a valuation in the range of $50M to $100M.

Where is Petplate Made?

Petplate’s freshly cooked meals are made in a USDA-certified certified kitchen in New York. These Petplate meals offer pet parents accessibility to fresh foods free from fillers. Petplate has a headquarters in New York in the United States.

What does Petplate Sell?

Petplate sells a range of pet food products in many different forms. They offer food, treats, supplements, and subscription plans in multiple varieties. The products that are available from Petplate are listed below:

Petplate: Dog Products

Petplate Beef Entree

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  • Entrées: Includes multiple different grain-free dog meals like Barkin’ Beef, Chompin’ Chicken’ Tail Waggin’ Turkey, Lip Lickin’ Lamb, Power Packed Pork, or Lean & Mean Venison.
  • Organic Treats: Soft & Chewy Chicken Apple Sausage Bites, custom packs
  • Supplements: Tummy Ticklin’ Digestive Cookies and Joint Jumpin’ Mobility Cookies
  • Subscription Plan: Customizable recipes that include beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, venison, and pork. These subscription services are tailored by a nutritionist and made with data about your dog. You will receive a full meal plan and the pet meals themselves. They are aimed at boosting your dog’s activity level to get them to its ideal weight.

Petplate: Dog Food

Petplate dog food excels in pet care and happy dog stomachs. Some of the food products that they sell include the following:

  • Petplate Signature Entrées: These dog food meals are highly praised in Petplate reviews for their healthiness and deliciousness. They come in beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb varieties with several vegetable food ingredients.
  • Petplate Supportive Entrées: Dogs who eat these meals will appreciate the extra digestive support these whole-food meals offer. They come in two different protein types.

Petplate: Dog Treats

PetPlate Chicken Apple Sausage Bites

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The dog treats that Petplate offers are organic and 100% free from preservatives. They offer two varieties of dog treats that are listed below:

  • Chicken Apple Sausage Bites: These treats are high in protein and easy for dogs to chew on. They come in a 4-pack that contains 25-30 treats per package.
  • Custom 4-Pack: This option allows you to buy a customizable 4-pack containing any combination of treats and supplements.

Petplate: Dog Supplements

Petplate’s dog supplements consist of freshly baked cookies that are fortified with essential nutrients. The dog supplements that they sell are listed below:

Does Petplate Sell Cat Products?

No, Petplate does not sell cat products. They are a brand that has focused on providing food, treats, and supplements for only dog owners so far.

Is Petplate a Good Brand?

Yes, Petplate is a good brand for dog owners who want high-quality dry pet food formulated to help their dogs reach their ideal weight. Many Petplate reviews compliment the brand for its taste and quality. They quickly became a pet favorite among pets in their household. The full meal plan and topper plan add-ons the brand provides are also a great way to get extra customization to your orders.

The subscription service that they offer is an excellent way to get fresh-cooked meals for your dog without the headache of coordinating them. They are also delivered right to your door, so you don’t need to add them to your weekly shopping list.

Where Can I Buy Petplate Products?

You can buy Petplate products on their official website Petplate products are unavailable in many other places because they are mainly sold with a subscription service. The only products offered without a subscription are the 4-pack treats. With that said, you can buy some of their products in a few pet-supply stores across the US. If you don’t order online, you will miss out on the convenience of designing your meal plan and getting quick delivery right at your door.

Do Vets Recommend Petplate Products?

Yes, Vets recommend Petplate products. They use veterinary input when designing their meals, meaning that vets, chefs, and dogs all approve of them. Petplate uses fresh ingredients that do not contain chemical preservatives or other harmful additions, making them ideal for dogs with allergies. Their meals are free from the unhealthy empty calories from commercial feed because of their vet-recommended whole food ingredients.

Why Choose Petplate?

This brand is an easy choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their pet’s health, energy level, and comfort in life. Petplate was featured on a shark tank episode where they could convince the judges of how innovative their product was. The Petplate shark tank episode was pretty fantastic at convincing viewers of the innovation of their products.

The subscription plan that pet plate offers is another good reason to choose their service. It saves you time by figuring out what the ideal meal plan is for your dog. You also save additional time because they deliver the food right to your door. The quality of the ingredients is excellent value for the price, and the fact that the menu is highly customizable means you will rarely have to shop around for dog food products anywhere else.

Many reviewers choose Pet Plate just because their dogs seem to love them so much, but the all-natural ingredients are a huge reason to buy the brand as well. With vet-recommended ingredients at your disposal, you can feed your dog food, treats, or supplements guilt-free. You can stop worrying about what the commercial-grade dog food industry may be doing to your dog.

“Human grade pet products are a beneficial choice for our dogs and cats because it takes away the added worry of lackluster quality. Always make sure to read the label and research a brand carefully before shifting your beloved pets to a different formulation of diet.” 

-Alysper M. Cormanes, DVM