The Best Air Purifier for Pets: Our 6 Top Picks Reviewed

air purifier for pets

What Is the Best Air Purifier If You Have Animals? Best Air Purifier for Pets Overall: Levoit Air Purifier for Home Pets Multiple filters are available for this purifier, making this a very versatile and handy little air purifier. Best Air Purifier for Pets for Large Rooms: Levoit Air Purifiers for Large Room with Washable […]

The Best 8 Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner: Benefits, Reviews, and Safety Tips

pet hair vacuum

What is the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair? Best Overall Pet Hair Vacuum: Bissell 24613 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo This vacuum is lightweight and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for everyday cleaning. Best Bagless Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner: Dirt Devil Razor Corded Pet Bagless Swivel Steering Upright Vacuum Cleaner This lightweight, bagless […]

Simparica for Dogs and Cats 101


Is it Safe to Give Simparica to Dogs? Yes, it is safe to give Simparica (active ingredient Sarolaner) to dogs over six months of age. Simparica is an FDA-approved flea control product and ticks preventative, available in the form of chewable tablets.   In veterinary medicine, Simparica may be used extra-label in the management of sarcoptic […]

The Best Pet Meds Without Vet Prescription: A Pros and Cons List

The Best Pet Meds Without Vet Prescription

Many medicines are available over-the-counter, from flea and tick preventives, vitamins, and eyewashes to CBD oil, probiotics, and joint supplements. In this article, we will talk about pet meds without vet prescription. OTC medications for pets do not require a prescription from a licensed veterinarian and can be conveniently ordered from a reputable online pet […]

Planned Pethood: A Guide to the Famous Rocky Mountain Vet

The brainchild of TV vet Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet, Denver’s Planned Pethood is known around the country for its low-cost spay-neuter mobile vans, its training programs for vets, and its state-of-the-art veterinary hospital. Learn all about Dr. Jeff’s amazing vision here. What is Planned Pethood and Planned Pethood Plus? Not to be confused with […]

Distemper Vaccine for Dogs and Cats: What You Need to Know

If you’re like many pet owners, you’re wondering if your dog or cat needs a distemper vaccine.  Read on to find out everything you need to know about cat and dog distemper and the available vaccines. At first glance it would appear that canine and feline distemper is the dog and cat versions of the […]

The Rabies Vaccine: Facts, Controversy, and Benefits

The health of domestic animals is an ongoing concern for many families. The safety of family members is believed to be directly related to proper vaccination of pets. The rabies vaccine is required by law with the intention of removing the deadly threat from both dogs and humans. A dog exposed to rabid wildlife can […]

All You Need to Know About A Titer Test for Dogs and Cats

Should you vaccinate or titer test your pet? What exactly is titer testing in dogs and cats? What are its benefits? Titer tests are a great way of telling veterinarians and pet owners how much antibodies are present in a pet’s immune system. So, in today’s world titer testing has become an amazing diagnostic tool […]