For those who are looking for an adorable dog that is not going to get very big, yet still have that guard dog mentality, the miniature Pocket Pitbull is the dog for you. This is a fairly new breed, so many people are not even aware that they are an option. Find out everything you need to know about this Pocket Pitbull!

What is a Pocket Pitbull?

A Pocket Pitbull is a designer breed. This breed is designed via using a full bred American Pitbull Terrier and often with a Patterdale Terrier. This is the most common combo, but there are other small breeds of dogs that are used to get the size such as other terrier breeds like the Staffordshire terrier.

Other names that this breed may be known by includes the Pitbull Patterdale mix, mini pit, pocket bully, pocket pit, miniature Pitbull, and several others.

Appearance and Personality of the Stocky Pocket Pitbull

The pocket pit is going to be a miniature version of the Pitbull. Thus, they do appear rather stocky and they have the head of a Pitbull.

Most of these dogs are only going to be between 12 and 16 inches tall. Any taller than 16 inches means that this Pitbull is not going to be considered miniature according to the American kennel club standards. For those who have seen a Pitbull, this is the same appearance as the Pocket Pitbull has without the size.

The coat of the stocky Pitbull is going to be beautiful and very short in length. They also look as though they have a shiny coat as if they have just had a bath. The colors that these dogs often come in is white, tan, cream, black, brown and gray.

These dogs are extremely lovable! They love to be held and are considered a great family dog as they are very loyal!

Temperament of the Miniature Pit Bull?

One of the big aspects of the mini pit is that the temperament of the dog is amazing. Pitbull’s often get a bad reputation among people. However, the mini pit is the exact opposite of the full-sized pit.

This surprises many people. Those who own these dogs are educating the public on how sweet and loyal these dogs are with a calm temper. As many people point out, a dog’s temperament is going to depend greatly on how the owners raise this dog.

However, those with American bullies often say they immediately have a great attitude as a puppy.

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The Miniature Pitbull is An Active Dog!

Almost every dog is active when they are a puppy. However, be warned that the mini Pitbull is going to be active his or her entire life. They do require a lot of outdoor time to burn off their energy. It is a known fact that these dogs often play and run for hours at a time.

The Pocket Pit – A Robust Pooch!

The pocket pit needs several hours of playtime. Remember, if a dog is bored, they often start to become destructive, as this is with any dog, not just this breed. Frequent walks, playing in a fenced backyard, toys and running with this dog is advised. Due to their robust energy, this is why many families find that they do great with kids who want to run and play with them.

The Lifespan of the Pocket Pit

The lifespan of the Pocket Pit is going to depend on several factors. However, on average they live 11 to 13 years. It’s good to keep in mind though that this is when the dog is considered healthy weight and in overall good health. Those mini pits that become overweight often end up having a shorter lifespan.

Pocket Pitbull Size

The Pocket Pitbull is on average 35 to 60 pounds and can stand up to 16 inches in height. The size of the dog is going to really depend upon the size of the pitbull that this was bred from. There are those that stay smaller, while others are a bit taller.

6 Fun Facts about the Mini Pitbull

The mini Pitbull is a fun-loving dog, here are a few fun facts about this breed

  1. The dog is a decent watchdog as he will bark at intruders and will act to protect her or his family.
  2. They are easy to train when the owner has a strong personality, as they are going to listen better.
  3. These dogs can be very independent once they are older.
  4. Since this is a hybrid breed they are less prone to develop those hereditary conditions of the parent breeds.
  5. The mini pit will have a great temperament if they are trained at a young age, and this does include introducing them to other dogs during this time.
  6. This breed does not need to be bathed as much as other breeds. A huge plus for those who want a dog easy to take care.

Pocket Pitbull Puppies Can Be Easy to Train if You Know What You’re Doing

Training for these Pocket Pits needs to start from an early age. Due to their nature, if they are not trained and socialized properly, they can become aggressive towards other dogs. Positive reinforcement often works best for these dogs, but you must keep with it.

Don’t be surprised if it takes a little while since they are a bit stubborn and independent!

Pocket Pitbull For Sale

Finding a Pocket Pitbull for sale is easy enough. Due to the popularity of these designer breeds, many breeders are breeding every year.

They Aren’t Cheap! Pocket Bully Pitbull Price!

How much will you pay for a pocket bully? They are not cheap by any means. There are those who have paid between $10,000 to $20,000 for these dogs. But, usually, the cost is anywhere from $800 to $4000.

Pocket Pitbull Puppies for Sale

Finding Pitbull puppies for sale often mean going to a breeder in your way. Through a quick search online or going to a local vet you will find those breeders that have these mini pits for sale.

Pocket Pitbull Rescue

There are a few Pocket Pitbull rescues throughout the US. However, be aware that the parents are not full stock, meaning that you may not be getting the designer breed that you think. Check around and see what you can find!

5 Tips for First-Time Miniature Pitbull Owners!

If you are a first-time miniature Pitbull owner, here are 5 tips that are going to help you immensely in having a great relationship with your dog:

  1. Be sure to take your dog to the dog park where he or she can get accustomed to other dogs. This is a great way to socialize your dog.
  2. Be sure to feed them a kibble that is for small dogs for the best nutrition for your mini pit.
  3. Brush the dog once a week to keep his or her coat looking great!
  4. Take for walks or runs every day, especially if you do not have a yard to let the dog play in every day.
  5. You must be strong when training the dog. Positive reinforcement is the best option for this breed.

Are you ready to be a mini Pit owner? 

Common Questions on the Pocket Pitbull