Best Pooper Scooper Bags Summary

What are the Benefits of Using Dog Poop Bags?


Here are some of the many benefits of using dog pooper scooper bags:

  • Easy to Dispose of the Poop. Dog pooper scooper bags facilitate the easy disposal of dog poop with no touch and stink. These dog poop bags keep the dog poo inside and can be easily tied so that the poop is disposed of with no mess. Thus, they prove to be highly beneficial if your dog is suffering from diarrhea.
  • Environment Friendly. Most of the pet dog pooper scooper bags are environmentally friendly. This makes them easy to dispose of anywhere without adding to the burden of landfills. Dog poop bags reviewed in this article are made from plant and vegetable-based ingredients that break down on their own after a few months. 
  • Used for Pooper Scoopers. The dog pooper scooper bags are also beneficial for pooper scoopers. Pet owners can use these bags as a lining for their pooper scooper. This allows for easy disposal of poop without getting your hands dirty or messy. Pooper scoopers are shaped like a broom with a long handle fitted with a small box at one end. You can collect dog poop without bending using these pooper scoopers. 
  • Portable. The dog pooper scooper bags are also portable and heavy-duty. They come in small rolls that you can carry with you if you take your dog on a walk or elsewhere. You may not take your pooper scooper along with you, but a dog poop bag can easily accompany you.
  • Leakproof. Good quality naturally-based dog pooper scooper bags are thick, durable, foldable, and leakproof. These bags are thicker than the grocery bags to hold the poop firmly, even if dealing with diarrhea. They are thus made with small high-quality plant and vegetable-based ingredients. 
  • Multipurpose. These dog pooper scooper bags can be used for multiple purposes. You can use them to pick your cat poop as well as baby poop. They are also convenient for throwing away baby diapers. You can also line them in your garbage disposal bins. 

The Best Pooper Scooper Bags Reviewed

Below are some of the best pooper scooper bags reviewed. Most of the products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

Joyride Poop Bags

Summary: It’s about time to use a premium poop bag that is thicker, stronger, and more durable to protect your hands from contamination. Joyride’s Pooper Scooper Bag has strengthened seams that are guaranteed to prevent leaks for both regular and loose pick-ups. This convenient on-the-go poop bag features a larger barrier that helps control the stench and eases the discomfort of your walks with your dog. Simply pick up your dog’s poop, secure the bag, and you’re on your way


  • 100% leak-proof and durable
  • Biodegradable and easy to use
  • Has a thicker barrier that helps control the smell
  • Fits all dispenser types


  • A bit pricey compared to other dog poop bags

Review: With 4.8 out of 5-star ratings on Amazon, most customers are extremely happy about the product. They reported that Joyride’s Pooper Scooper Bags are thicker and more durable than any other dog poop bag out on the market.


Summary: Doggy Do Good is a local shop run by a mom and pup in Royal Oak, Michigan. The founders of Doggy Do Good are pet rescuers that rescued a puppy named Olive. They also adopted a foster named Annie but failed. This was when they opened a pet supply company to create biodegradable dog poop bags. 

The best part of this dog poop bag is that it is compostable. That means it’s a biodegradable product and environmentally friendly. These certified compostable dog poop bags are special as they are thick and leakproof, ensuring that the poop and odor stay inside. 

These premium pet waste bags by Doggy Do Good donate a portion of their profits to animal rescuers and no-kill shelters. These bags are vegetable-based, i.e., made from corn-starch and other bio-based ingredients. These are not plastic dog waste bag dispensers and only break down in 90 days. 


  • Not a burden on landfills
  • Easy to open and scent-free
  • Thicker, tougher, and leak proof
  • Can be used for cat poop, and baby poop
  • Environment-friendly packaging


  • Doesn’t hold contents well

Review: A good 79% of dog owners find these dog poop bags useful and biodegradable on Amazon. However, they could be a bit more durable and easier to use. 


Summary: The Easy Tie Waste Bags by PetMate are dog poop disposable bags that are freshly scented. These are activated with baking soda to eliminate poop smell. 

PetMate also makes various other products for cats, birds, chickens, and dogs like clump seal, unscented natural cat litter, shelters, feeders and waterers, collars, and lashes. 

These can be easily lined in standard dispensers. They are thicker than the grocery bags and can thus hold the weight quickly. The bags have tie handles. You can use a dog poop scooper to pick the poop and then dispose of the poop in these easy-to-tie waste bags. One pack comes with 75 waste bags. 


  • Multipurpose hassle-free bags
  • Grab and Go bags
  • Twice thicker than grocery bags
  • Odor control fresh scent technology
  • Completely portable
  • Easy tear seams


  • Lack of durability

Review: These dog poop bags work best to line the dog pooper scooper and toss the poop away. Some users found them flimsy and small, but this depends on individual requirements.


Summary: Lucky Dog is another company that indulges in dogs’ needs. It also makes other dog products like a dog bowl, exercise pens, chain link kennels, pet beds, and others. 

The Ultimate Poop Bags by Lucky Dog are plant-based poop bags made from corn starch. These clean up bags are durable and have a capacity of about 5 liters.

They are tear and break free with a 17-micron thickness. What’s more, 1% of the sales of these poop bags goes towards cleaning drives. 


  • In compliance with ASTM D6400 guidelines
  • A box comes with 240 bags
  • Easy to open with no static cling
  • Environment friendly
  • 100% leaf proof


  • Bit pricey

Review: Users find Lucky Dog Ultimate Poop Bags environment friendly, thick, durable, and true to the information. The only problem is the lack of space between rolls to use roll dispensers. 


Summary: Dootie Bags are designed dog poop bags for Gogo Stik pooper scoopers. They aim at poop disposal with no touching, no bending, and no stinking. 

This is yet another environment-friendly dog poop bag. The Dootie bags by Gogo Stik are green in color and are made from corn starch and HDPE. One box comes with 100 dog poop bags that are easy to retrieve from the pack in a single pull. These bags are leakproof, durable, and hold the poop well. 

The waste pick up bags come in various sizes depending on your requirement. If you want to fit these bags in its Gogo Stik pooper Scooper, a large size dog bag is preferred. For Swivel scoopers, buy the extra-large ones. Long easy tie handles help in keeping the dog poop in place. 


  • Environment friendly
  • Leakproof and durable
  • Made from corn starch
  • Good for pooper scooper
  • Durable
  • Good customer service


  • Not very budget-friendly 

Review: The Gogo Stick dog poop bags have overall good reviews. Users are satisfied with their quality. Some users found it challenging to use it over a Gogo Stick swivel scooper. 

Why Do We Still Pick Up Dog Poop with Plastic Bags?

Some people still prefer to pick dog poop with plastic bags for they are durable and leakproof. There are also pet owners also reuse their grocery bags to pick their dog poop to prevent using single-use plastic. 

However, these plastic bags ultimately land in landfills that require more than 100 years to break down. 

What Can I Use Instead of Dog Poop Bags?


As a pet owner, you can make an intelligent choice and use other alternatives to pick your dog poops and stay environment-friendly. Some of these options include:

  • Using Newspaper. Newspaper is the best alternative to a plastic bag for picking dog poop. They do not take long to break down, and you can stay environmentally friendly when using these. If you find these too messy, you can line your pooper scooper with newspaper to pick your dog doody and throw it away. 
  • Using Pooper Scooper. Another alternative to using plastic dog poop bags is using a pooper scooper. A pooper scooper that doesn’t need bags is best for picking up large dog poop. These pooper scoopers are durable and last for a lifetime once purchased. You can thus avoid using a single-use plastic bag and stay eco-friendly. 
  • Using Compostable Dog Poop Bags. Another option is to use compostable dog poop bags. Many local companies have come up with eco-friendly alternatives to plastic waste bag refills. Such biodegradable poop bags break down naturally within a few months when disposed of in trash cans. Instead of using plastic poop bags, dog poop bags can keep you responsible for the environment. These small dog poop bags are readily available as well.