Best Pooper Scooper Services at a Glance

  • Best Overall Pooper Scooper Service: Doo Care Dog Waste Management
    Doo Care is one of the most popular pooper scooper services with 15 trucks dedicated to the service.
  • Best Hassle-Free Pooper Scooper Service: Doody Calls Pet Waste Management
    A hassle-free service for dog lovers that can be booked online or on the phone. 
  • Best Versatile Pooper Scooper Service: PetButler Pet Services
    PetButler’s uniformed staff will clean up pretty much anything from apartments to residential yards.

What is a Pooper Scooper Service?

What is a Pooper Scooper Service

A pooper scooper service is a service offering to clean up dog poop from private yards, patios, apartment complexes, and commercial properties. This dirty work can be done by larger companies who send personnel or just people themself. 

Most common in residential homes, the service involves personnel scooping your dog‘s poop from your yard. The dog poop cleanup service installs facilities to manage pet waste in a commercial setting. They also set up pet waste stations to scoop from the premises.

A pooper scooper service works because the client doesn’t always have to be at home when the service is needed. A person sent by the pooper scooper company comes and walks over your lawn. The personnel picks all the waste that they can find. 

How you are notified depends on the company. It could either be a scoop ticket or a simple email/text message. Some might even have apps to let you know that the job has been done.

Commercially, a waste removal company dealing with pooper scooper services is generally employed by residential associations, property managers, or parks. Companies are called to install stations for proper waste disposal and a disposable bags dispenser in areas that see a lot of pet traffic.

What are the Benefits of Using a Pooper Scooper Service?

The benefit of using a pooper scooper service is not having to deal with dirty work on a daily basis. Although the service might be pricey, when you consider all the time spent worrying about your dog’s poop, finding the best service is worth it! 

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a pooper scooper service: 

  • Save Time. Whether you are a stay-at-home pet owner, a full-time lawyer, or a night shift security guard, there is no doubt that you would much rather spend your spare time relaxing with your pooch rather than cleaning up. While your dog having diarrhea or constipation is worrisome, cleaning their poop is even problematic. Leave the doody business to pooper scoopers.
  • Poop Piles Up. In a week, an average-sized dog excretes about five pounds of poop! If you think about a household with two or three dogs, it can pile up to make a stinky mountain. Employing a weekly pooper service can be incredibly beneficial in this scenario. However, monitoring your dog’s poop for any worrisome signs is recommended. If there are issues, you may need to use a dog probiotic or dewormer
  • No Arguments About Poop Cleaning. Pooper scoopers help maintain peace between co-dog owners who often get into arguments about who will clean up after. Unscooped poo can cause tension, and it can become a lot worse if someone ends up stepping on it. People who share yards also have mended strained relationships with their neighbors with pooper scooper services.
  • Easy For People with Physical Disabilities. Older people, people with physical disabilities, or those who have gone through severe health crises often have trouble taking care of their pets. Your dog’s piling poop can be another source of stress while you try to recover. Pooper pick up service has come to many people’s rescue during these trying times.
  • Keep Your Backyard Clean. The last thing you want to see while having a backyard barbeque with your cousins is a week-old poop stuck on the bottom of your niece’s shoe. A yard is a place to relax, not for poop-related stress. Handoff this burden to a scheduled service by a pooper scooper company.

The Best Pooper Scoopers Services Reviewed

The Best Pooper Scoopers Services Reviewed

Looking for a pooper scooper service in a metro area, but you’re unsure about the safety and the quality of work? Here’s a list of our favorite pooper scooper services. 

Summary: Doo Care Dog Waste Management cleans up after your dog or dogs and ensures that your yard stays a fun place for relaxation. Their prices start at $49.00/month for clean-ups every other week for one dog. You can also opt for the twice-weekly option of $89.00 per month (for one dog)


  • Prepaid packages come with 5-10% discounts
  • They work all winter except for days with extreme weather
  • In case of heavy snow, they reschedule to another day in the week rather than canceling
  • Apart from prepaid customers, services can be started and stopped anytime


  • Some users have reported inconsistencies with pricing
  • Customer service could be better

Review: Doo Care Dog Waste Management has several customers that have been with them for several months. Technicians are also well-liked. All things summed, Doo Care Dog Waste Management is the Best Overall Pooper Scooper Service. 

Summary: Doody Calls Pet Waste Management has 21 years of experience in the industrial waste management industry. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Each of their locations is independently owned and operated by trained technicians.


  • Low-cost pet waste removal
  • Technicians are trained well and come in uniform
  • Each yard is checked twice
  • Tools disinfected between jobs
  • Also, clean goose and deer poop


  • High call rate results in a waiting period sometimes

Review: Most customers love their services and are ‘customers for life.’ HOAs have also given excellent feedback about ‘mine-free’ public areas that smell and feel great.

Summary: Pet Butler dog poop removal service has been around since 1988 and is a favorite in multi-family communities. Yards are cleaned regularly, and though the job isn’t the most glamorous, they are committed to making your home and community more enjoyable.


  • Pet sitting and walking services
  • Deodorize and clean yards
  • Simple booking/cancellation of pet waste cleanup
  • Some locations also provide kitty litter cleaning


  • Since it is a franchise, quality may not be consistent throughout locations.

Review: Clients love how many services are all enrolled in one company. It’s hassle-free, and the job is done well every time!

How Much Does Poop Scooping Cost?

The dog waste removal service price can vary depending on the number of dogs you have, the expanse of your dog, and the quantity of poop there is. A regular residential weekly scoop up in normal-sized dog parks can cost you anywhere between $15-$20. 

Depending on how often you call them back, this can come up or down. Typically, the pricing will be cheaper the second or third time around as it’ll be less messy than the first time they come.

While most of these pet waste removal services are call and pay, you might also get a discount if you prepay for a certain number of clean-ups throughout the year or a few months.

How Much Should I Pay Someone to Pick Up Dog Poop?


If you don’t want to hire a professional dog poop service, you could get a neighborhood kid to do it for you if they’re looking to make a few bucks.

It might even be cheaper than a poop scoop service. The general price should range from $7-$15. You might have to negotiate the price a little bit. For more than one dog, increase the price by $4-$5.

What do Pooper Scoopers do with the Poop?

Most professional pooper scoopers put the poop in a bag, take it with them and dispose of it. Other cleanup service providers double bag the poop and put it in the client’s trash can after sealing it properly. 

You never want to use your dog’s poop as fertilizer like that of cows and other livestock, as it can often be toxic. Dogs don’t eat plant-based foods, and services must dispose of their poop appropriately.