Best Pooper Scoopers Summary

What are the Benefits of Using a Pooper Scooper?

  • Makes the scooping process quicker. Using a dog poop scooper is much faster than the traditional way of picking up poop with a bag. Traditionally, you would have to get the bag out, spread it, bend over, pick up the poop, turn the bag, and tie it shut. This would be tiresome for owners with multiple dogs or those whose dogs go potty frequently or even have diarrhea. A scooper has only one step – getting the poop into the scoop and that’s it. 
  • It is more hygienic. Much as you might love your dog, her poop can still make you sick if you come into close contact with it. Your dog’s poop might contain disease-causing organisms like worms and bacteria. Using a scooper limits the level of contact between you and the poo reducing your chances of acquiring infections. 
  • Removes the need for bending. Most scoops are made to be used in the upright position which eliminates the need for bending when scooping. This is very important because bending repeatedly especially if done wrong can have long-lasting effects on your back’s health. 
  • Convenient for dog owners with back issues. Dog owners whose ability to bend is compromised by factors like age, disease, injuries, or fatigue can rely on poop scoopers to get the job done without adding more stress to their back joints. 
  • Ideal for pet parents who are squeamish about touching poo. Some parents are not comfortable touching their dog’s poo even over a plastic bag, a sentiment that is completely understandable. Using a dog poop scoop easily solves this problem allowing you to spend more time with your pet without any worries. 

The Best Pooper Scoopers Reviewed

This is a list of the best pooper scoopers on the market according to dog owners.


Summary: The Balhvit poop picker meets all the requirements of an excellent scoop – easy setup, easy cleaning, durable, easy to use, and best of all very affordable. The scoop is made with a thick ABS non-stick material that is durable but also lightweight. The double spring design of the scoop enables you to use it with only one hand. 


  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Compatible with dog waste bags
  • Operation requires only one hand
  • Very affordable
  • Works on a variety of surfaces including grass, concrete, and gravel
  • The shovel is non-stick for easy cleaning


  • Not suitable for very tall individuals

Review: Customers love how sturdy the scoop is despite its very pocket-friendly price. They also say the scoop is easy to put together and maintain. In general, most customers highly recommend this product to other dog owners. 


Summary: This scooper set comes with two components: a rake and a metallic tray. Both the tray and rake have a pole handle that allows you to use the scoop without having to bend down. The tray and rake snap together for easy storage. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Additional pole attachments on request 
  • The metal tray is large allowing you to pick up more poop in one go
  • Easy to clean
  • The metal is rustproof


  • Takes some effort to assemble
  • Requires two hands to operate

Review: Customers absolutely adore this scoop with many praising how sturdy the pools feel. The customers also love the excellent customer service from the company. Many whose scoops had issues were quickly helped without much hassle.


Summary: The Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop is from pet brand Nature’s Miracle that has been in the business of making best-seller products for decades. The scoop is made with strong durable plastic but is still lightweight enough to be operated with one hand. 


  • Comes in two sizes: medium and jumbo
  • The jumbo size is suitable for large dogs
  • Requires one hand to operate
  • Works on different surfaces
  • Easy to clean non-stick surface 


  • Very tall dog owners may have to stoop a little with this scoop

Review: The Nature’s Miracle Scoop is highly rated by reviews. Customers describe it as durable and easy to use and maintain. Many say they have used it for years without needing any repairs. 


Summary: This pooper scooper lets you pick up poop on different types of surfaces like gravel, grass, and asphalt. The scoop has a very sturdy build made from strong ABS plastic. 


  • Requires one hand to operate
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Compatible with pet waste bags and regular grocery bags for easy cleaning
  • Long handle so you don’t have to bend down
  • Very affordable 


  • Not very suited for very large dogs that leave bigger piles of poo 

Review: Reviews of the Living Express scoop are very positive with most loving how easy the scoop is to assemble and use.


Summary: This rake pooper scooper is made from strong stainless metal and aluminum both of which give it a very sturdy build and durability. The rake and tray are also very long (36 inches and 38 inches respectively) to allow you to pick up poop without having to bend over even in the slightest. 


  • Easy to assemble. 
  • The tray is non-stick which makes it easy to clean
  • The metal is rust-proof
  • Rake and tray clip together for easy storage
  • Very long handle so even tall dog owners don’t have to stop even a little


  • The tray only works for small dogs

Review: Amazon reviews of the Tooge scooper describe it as easy to use and well-made. Customers love the strong metallic build that makes the scoop very durable. They also love that they don’t have to bend at all when picking up poop with this waste scoop. 

What is the Best Pooper Scooper?

The best dog poop scooper is the Balhvit Non-Breakable Pet Pooper Scooper for Dogs. This is because the scooper meets all the requirements of a good dog poop scooper which are:

  • Portable size and weight. A good scooper must be lightweight to allow you to use it without much effort. This is especially important for dog owners who walk their dogs with their scoopers. 
  • Easy assembly and maintenance. A good poop scooper should ideally not require any tools or expertise to assemble. It should also not require much care during cleaning or storage to reduce the burden on the dog owner. 
  • Durability. To avoid buying scoops more than once, choose a scoop made with sturdy materials like hard plastic and metal to ensure that it lasts a reasonable while before needing a new one.
  • Affordable. The right scoop must balance both quality and price. It should provide good value for the money while still being efficient at its job. 
Balhvit Non-Breakable Pet Pooper Scooper for Dogs
  • Sliding down the lock for quick and easy to use. Unlock and fold in half for very convenient to carry and storage.
  • Non-stick plastic bucket close up tight, and with suitable distance of strong serrated teeth, it is ideal for scooping waste from grass, concrete, gravel, dirt water, etc.
  • High durability double spring design, good closure claws preventing loosening displacement and other problems.

How do I Clean Up Dog Poop?


How you clean up after a dog highly depends on the surface on which the poop is. The steps to follow when cleaning your dog’s poo are:

  • Get rid of the poo. Start by removing the poo from wherever it is. You can remove it by hand using a dog poop bag but a scoop makes the task several times easier.
  • Dispose of the poo. Properly dispose of the poo in a bin with a liner or use your preferred method of disposal.
  • Clean the surface on which the poo is. Outdoor surfaces are usually easier to clean. Grass obviously doesn’t need cleaning but paved pathways may need scrubbing with a brush if a stain is left behind. Indoor hard surfaces should also not be complicated as they only require wiping or mopping. Carpets are the hardest to clean because they can absorb some of the poo.  
  • Clean your doggie as well. If you find that some of your dog’s doody has lingered onto her body, clean it off immediately and if necessary wash her down. In messy cases, a doggy bath with a high-quality bath brush may be necessary. 
  • Get rid of the smell. To reduce the risk of developing an odor, use some deodorizer in the area with the poo. 

What is the Best Way to Dispose of Dog Poop?

The last step in dog waste management is disposal. It is very crucial to do this right as the poo may have to stay at the disposal site for a while. Some of the best ways to dispose of dog poo include: 

  • Burying in the ground. After collecting the poo dig a hole in the ground with a spade, and bury the poo. 
  • Composting. You can do this at home or at an industrial composting facility. To make this process easier, use compostable bags so you don’t have to empty them when disposing of the poo. 
  • Bin. If the above options aren’t viable for you, the good old bin will do the trick.
  • Flush it down the toilet. Most areas allow dog owners to dispose of dog poop in the sewage system but check with local authorities to be sure.