Best Portable Dog Ramps Summary

What are the Benefits of Portable Dog Ramps?

What are the Benefits of Portable Dog Ramps

Some of the benefits of portable dog ramps include:

  • More Travels with Dogs. Portable dog ramps ensure you do not leave your canine friend behind when out on traveling, road trips, or adventure. They can also be used to help dogs reach high beds. Even with muscle and joint pain, or hip dysplasia, your dogs and cats can accompany you on your holiday trip with the help of a dog ramp. 
  • Practicality. Portable dog ramps are easy to fold. Some are bi-fold, tri-fold, while others are expandable and slide inward to fold. Free-standing pet ramps facilitate easy use.
  • Do Not Take Space. Since portable dog ramps are foldable, they are easy to store at home, in cars, and in trucks. Some also include the carrying handle making it easy to carry and place effortlessly. 
  • Simple Maintenance. The portable dog ramps are also beneficial when it comes to cleaning. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or soap water. 

The Best Portable Dog Ramps Reviewed

Here is a quick review of the best portable dog ramps on the market.


Summary: This portable dog ramp by Coziwow is perfect for traveling with your canine. This plastic dog ramp folds in half and has a carrying handle and security lock. All this makes it a top choice as a portable dog ramp. 

It is lightweight, allowing dog owners to put it in their car’s trunk quickly. It weighs only 9 pounds. It has a decent length, raised side rails, and four rubber grips for stability. The ramp has a sandpaper-like treading surface. 

Weight Capacity: 200lbs

Size: one size, 60 x 16 x 5 inches


  • For cars, pools, boat safety treading
  • Scratch and wear-resistant 
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Rubber grippers for stability
  • Security lock and carrying handle
  • Heavy duty


  • Not long enough

Review: The product has 56% of five-star reviews on Amazon. The dog ramp is best for floorboards of side doors. However, it may feel too short for high trucks and cars. If it’s too steeply aligned, it isn’t easy to maintain stability.

Saicool Portable Foldable Pet Ramp

Summary: This foldable and portable pet ramp is also about the same length as above. However, instead of a sandpaper-like surface, this pet ramp by Saicool has uniform grooves all over for sure footing and stability. 

It also folds in half and has a safety lock. It misses a carrying handle, though. It does have four rubber feet to keep it stable and intact. Also, it is lightweight and weighs 10 pounds only. It is suitable for vehicles with a maximum height of 28inches. It should be aligned at a flatter angle as a preference. 

Weight Capacity: 150lbs

Size: one size, 61″ x 16″ x 6″ (L x W x T)


  • Universal grooves for better traction
  • Has safety lock
  • Foldable into half
  • Easy to carry along
  • Facilitates easy storage
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Collapsible
  • Non-slip surface
  • High traction surface


  • Not for very large dogs

Review: The product has 45% of five-star reviews. The customers are happy with the customer care and durability. It serves the purpose when kept at a flatter angle. Users don’t find it slippery this way. 

PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

Summary: This pet ramp by PetSafe is another choice for traveling with your canine. This aluminum-constructed pet ramp isn’t bifold but extendable. 

It weighs 13 pounds and has an adjustable sizing. It can be pushed forward and extended when in use. You can then slide it inward and store it when not in use. To make it portable, it has a side handle. To ensure it stays locked when stored, it has a built-in latch. It also has rubber feet for stability and secured side rails. 

Weight Capacity: 400lbs

Size: 72inch x 17inch x 5inch (LxWxH), when opened


  • Better at length for high cars
  • Safety tested and durable
  • High traction mat with sandpaper surface
  • Simple to carry and store
  • Weights 3 to 4 pounds extra
  • Stable and secure
  • Height adjustable


  • Unimpressive Treading surface 

Review: This adjustable pet ramp has around 5,000 reviews with 63% five-star reviews. So, in terms of reviews, the product does well. It is also perfect for large dogs but could have been extra wide.

PetSafe Folding Pet Ramp

Summary: This is a portable dog ramp by PetSafe that is similar to Coziwow’s. The only difference between the two is the carrying handle. This one by PetSafe doesn’t include the carrying handle when folded. Additionally, it also has a safety lock. 

The rest of the features are nearly the same. It has almost the same length, same material, same high traction walking surface, and same width. 

Weight Capacity: 150 pounds

Size: 62 x 16 x 4 inches


  • Bi-fold makes it suitable for traveling
  • Safety lock to keep it stay folded
  • Side rails for extra safety
  • Weighs 10 pounds only
  • Rubber feet for stability
  • High traction sandpaper-like surface


  • No carrying handles

Review: This is one of the most bought items with around 10,000 reviews. It has 59% five-star reviews. The ramp needs improvements in terms of instability and the walking surface.


Summary: This is another portable dog ramp by PetSafe that is extra-long. It is much similar to PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp. Both are made of aluminum and are designed similarly. Both have adjustable sizing. They both slide inward to lock. 

The key differences include the length and weight capacity. This dog ramp is 87 inches in length, whereas the former is 72 inches in length, i.e., it is 42% larger than the Deluxe Pet Ramp! It weighs 18 pounds against the previous one, which weighs 13 pounds. It is also 3 inches extra wide. 

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Size: 47-87 in L X 20 in W X 4 in H


  • Portable due to adjustable sizing
  • Safety latch to keep it locked
  • Extra-wide 20inches
  • Side rails for extra safety
  • High traction carpet surface
  • Carrying handle attached


  • Bit long even when sliding in

Review: The product has 70% five-star reviews. The users found it stable, sturdy, and good for their older dogs and senior dogs. The treading surface remains a minor issue. 

maxpama Folding Dog Car Ramp

Summary: This is one of the best portable car ramps for your furry friend. Unlike other ramps, this one is shaped like easily foldable stairs. The product comes with a comfortable carrying bag with dimensions 17in Lx 12in Hx 7in W.

When buying cars, the cars’ floorboard’s height should be between 23 to 25inches. The pet stairs can be used at two angles, the low and high angles. The low angle stretches to 48inches in length. A high angle stretches to 36 inches in length. 

Weight Capacity: 200 pounds

Size: 36-48in L x 23-25in H x 19in W


  • Weighs 10 pounds only
  • Upgraded walking surface
  • Anti-slip surface and bottom
  • 5 step portable pet stair
  • Eva handles and sleek corners
  • Upgraded tether clip 


  • Not high enough

Review: The product has 69% five-star reviews. It is good for low-height cars and semi-trucks. The ramp is pretty stable and sturdy as well. 

What is the Best Portable Dog Ramp?

What is the Best Portable Dog Ramp

Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps by Coziwow is the best portable dog ramp, in our opinion. If you are looking for the best dog ramps, here is a buying guide, so you choose the best pet supplies:

  • Portable. When looking for a portable dog ramp, look for a carrying handle. This should be the primary consideration as a carrying handle allows you to carry the ramp more conveniently and comfortably. 
  • Safe. Another important consideration when choosing pet products is the safety lock. A portable dog ramp should mandatorily have a safety lock. This safety lock or safety latch keeps the folded dog ramp in place. It also prevents you from opening it accidentally. 
  • Easily Foldable. A portable ramp for dogs and cats should also be easy to fold. It can be bi-fold, tri-fold, or slide inward. It may or may not come with a carrying bag. Bi-fold works if the length of the ramp is standard. However, if it’s extra-long, look for a portable tri-fold dog ramp. 
  • Storage-Friendly. A portable dog ramp should take less space in your car, especially if you are traveling on a long journey will your dog. It may not take all the backseat space or the space of your luggage. 
  • Sturdy and Stable. A dog ramp should be stable and sturdy. It should be able to hold itself when a dog climbs or jumps onto it. Look for features like tether clips, rubber feet, and plastic buckles.
Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps
  • This exclusive ramp allows your four-legged friend to enjoy getting in and out of the car, boat and pool safely. Easy to use and store, compact when closed.
  • Made from high-quality plastic, covered with anti-slip sandpaper, this ramp is lightweight, scratch and wear resistant, claw-friendly, and durable for long lasting. Support weights up to 200 lbs.
  • he nonslip surface, paired with raised side rails, provides your furry pal with optimal traction and secure footing when walking up or down.