A Pug is one of the best dogs to raise. It is docile, friendly, and charming, which are some of the most pertinent characteristics that Pug lovers look out for! Keep reading for more details.

Dogs have been described as man’s best friend. No dog breed embodies this age-old saying more than the Pug breed. These dogs are stand out from other breeds due to their short and compact frame, and flat muzzles.

Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds all over the world! They are loved for their quirky looks and personality!

Breed History

Pugs originated in China. The dog breed was popular with ancient Chinese ruling families. Chinese emperors, in particular, considered Pugs as their companions. For this reason, the dogs were bred to royal standards besides living in luxury.

Due to transnational migration, the rearing of this chubby dog spread to various parts of Asia during the 15th century. Tibetan Buddhist Monks, for instance, started rearing Pugs at monasteries as pets.

Pugs are believed to have been introduced to Europe between the 16th and 17th centuries. Soon after their introduction, they became common at European courts.

They also gained acceptance within ruling dynasties across Medieval Europe. The fact that Mary II and William III traveled from the Netherlands to England in 1688 with a Pug to ascend to the throne, highlights the affection that this dog breed has to its owners.

The popularity of the Pug in Spain during the Medieval period is attested to by the fact that the dog breed was a common feature in prominent artist’s Francisco Goya’s works.

In Italy, Pugs often rode at the front of private carriages while decked in jackets that resembled those worn by coachmen. Throughout Europe, armies also used Pugs to trace people and animals. In some regions, these chubby dogs were used to guard property.

Pugs were introduced in the U.S. in the 19th century. Unlike in Europe where they were mainly kept by royals, Americans mainly kept these dogs in their homes. The breed was accredited by the American Kennel Club in 1885. In 1931, the Pug Dog Club of America was established to act as a lobby for Pug owners.

Appearance and Personality

Pugs have a stocky and compact body, which is accentuated by well-developed muscles and a deep chest. They mainly have fawn, silver fawn, black, or apricot fawn coats, which are typically glossy and smooth. Apart from the stocky demeanor of this dog, its head is the other prominent feature that you will notice.

For its size, the dog’s head is large and features deep wrinkles that give it a “worried” look. Pugs’ muzzles can either be flat or short. The wrinkles on their foreheads merge in an alluring diamond shape, something that enhances the dog’s regal status all the more.

Pug Temperament!

One characteristic of Pug dogs that will make you fall in love with them is their personality. They arguably offer the best company among all dog breeds due to their friendly nature.

A Pug dog will feel more at ease with you than in the company of other dog breeds. These dogs are adorable and easy to train. Besides this, they are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety.

Despite their stocky size, these dogs are strong-willed but never aggressive. This makes them suitable for households that have children. When on their own, Pugs can be somewhat docile and quiet.

When playing, they tend to become teasing and vivacious. A Pug will always be sensitive to your emotions and as a result, will be eager to please you.

5  Pug Facts You Need to Know About

  1. A pack of Pugs is referred to as a Grumble.
  2. Pugs are known as Lo-Sze in Chinese.
  3. Many people consider Pugs as toy breeds.
  4. A Pug’s perfect tail has two curls.
  5. Pugs are brachycephalic. This refers to their broad but short heads that give their wrinkled face a smushed appearance.

Common Health Problems

There are a number of health issues that you should look out for especially in a puppy. These include luxating patella, tracheal collapse, problematic eyes, and encephalitis.

Black Pugs are also susceptible to skin disorders such as pyoderma, luxating patellas, and hip dysplasia.


A Pug can live for up to 15 years if it is fed on a healthy and nutritious diet. Males have an average lifespan of 12.8 years while the average lifespan of females is 13.2 years.

Breathing Problems for the Breed?

Due to their short muzzles, this breed experiences anatomical issues such as breathing problems. Unlike other dogs which can efficiently control their body temperature through evaporation via their tongues, this particular breed’s anatomy is not that effective.

High Maintenance Dogs?

Pugs are low-maintenance dogs because they just love lounging around. Unless they are playing, they love to sleep the day away.

They are also quite relaxed when compared to other breeds. They don’t tend to be as destructive. They will, of course, need some physical exercise and mental stimulation, but as a rule, they are rather happy-go-lucky and chilled.

Ready for One?

Because they’re so popular, you should have an easy job of finding a Pug breeder near you! Depending on the breeder and the lineage of the parents, you will find a puppy for anywhere between $250 and $1500.

You should always look for responsible and reputable breeders! There are too many horror stories of puppy mills and backyard breeders going around, so make sure you don’t support those industries!


Why not ask your local animal shelter whether they have any pugs up for adoption? You can save a dog and give them a second chance at happiness in a loving and caring furever home!

5 Tips for First Time Pug Dog Owners!

  1. Ensure that you get your Pug dog from a reputable breeder.
  2. Feed your pup a healthy and nutritious diet to prevent illnesses.
  3. Keep your dog well-groomed to avoid skin disorders.
  4. Keep your puppy occupied to prevent separation anxiety.
  5. Potty train your doggo early to avoid any unwanted potty behavior.

Goofy But Full of Love! 

Pugs are some of the best dogs to have in your house. They are not only cute, but also easy to maintain. Their docile nature makes them suitable for families with children. With them in the house, you will be entertained all day.