We reviewed Pupbox, a company that has situated itself in the trending practice of sending goodies boxes. Pet parents can sign up for a monthly service to get a variety of different pet supplies. The products are competitively priced, and they have received good reviews. 

Pupbox Themed Boxes
  • Boxes curated for every stage in your pup's life
  • Personalized monthly boxes packed with treats and toys
  • Thoughtfully designed with your pup's age in mind
  • You can trust PupBox for expert advice

Pupbox: What is It?

Pupbox is a monthly subscription box service that allows you to get dog treats and dog accessories. You will find things like training guides, teething toys, supplements, and other goodies. These treats and accessories are great for dogs of any breed and all life stages. It is recommended that you consult your vet if you have a large breed dog because some items can present a choking hazard. 

You will also receive a variety of products that will be happily given regardless of your dog’s size. Pupbox was featured as a product on the famous show Shark Tank. Your Pupbox subscription is suitable for adult dogs and puppies alike.

Who Owns Pupbox?

Ben Zvaifer is the co-founder and CEO of Pupbox. Pupbox was registered in 2015 and incorporated in Delaware. It is currently owned by Petco after it was acquired in 2017.

Where are Pupbox Products Made?

Pupbox products are made with materials from all over the world. They specifically do not source edible products from China. Pupbox employs puppy product testers to ensure each product meets pet food quality and safety standards.

Pupbox: What do they Sell?

When going to Pupbox, you will find that they have quite a sizable selection of different products. You can learn more about these products in the sections below. 

Pupbox: Dog Products

PupBox Twisted Twine

As its name implies, Pupbox focuses on dog products. The categories of dog products are listed below:

Pupbox: Dog Treats and Chews

A dog treat can be a perfect motivation or the best reward you can give your dog. In your first Pupbox, you may find the following:

  • Training Treats: Pup Box Smarty Stixx, Good Lovin’ No Rawhide Teething Rings, Jiminy’s Pumpkin & Berry Training Treats, PupBox Piggily Wiggily Treats, PureBites Lamb Liver Puppy Bites, PupBox Crunch Bites, Pup Dogstoppers, Turkey Tenders, Beefy Bangers, Tumeric Peanut Butter
  • Bones and Chews: Rawhide Chicken Rolls, Peanut Butter Wtists, Chicken Flavored Bones, Collagen Sticks, Cow Ears, Chicken Taffy, Lamb Weasand, Cow Hoofs, Shin Bones
  • Jerky Treats: Chick’n Jerky Bites, Duck Jerky
  • Dental Treats: These dental treats freshen your dog’s breath and help clean its teeth & gums. The treat contains no corn, wheat, or soy. They are also gluten-free.

Pupbox: Dog Accessories

These dog accessories that Pupbox includes in your development box have a wide range of things they can be. Some of the things puppy parents and dog owners will find in their boxes include:

  • Grooming: oatmeal Shampoo, grooming wipes, oral care gel, grooming brush, stain & odor remover, pet odor and stain eliminator
  • On the Go: leash, pupbox lantern, gulpy water flask
  • Beds and Crates: The You & Me folding dog crate comes with a divider that allows you to increase the space inside as your puppy grows up. It can help you create a cozy space for your dog to relax that will prevent any accidents in the house.
  • Wearables: bandanas, leash collars, scarves, neckties, floral bows, bowtie sets
  • Goodies: birthday hats, ice cube trays, ink pads, tote bags, pawprint ornaments, incredibubbles

Does Pupbox Sell Cat Products?

No, Pupbox does not sell cat products. Cats have needs that are too different from being able to share products with dogs.

Is Pupbox a Good Brand?

Yes, Pupbox is a good brand if you like pet surprise boxes. There is a good selection of products that you can receive, and many of them are unique compared to other subscription box retailers. They also have the option to pay for your friend’s dog, making them perfect for gifts. 

You can also choose a gift card if the dog’s owner prefers to shop directly. The added flexibility in gifts is a huge plus for a subscription box brand. Pupbox also sells training manuals as a compliment to their dog treats. These manuals are personalized training guides that can help you get your furbaby training properly.

Where can I Buy Products from Pupbox?

Dogs running with Pupbox toys

Pupbox products can be bought from their official website pupbox.com. When choosing which plan your want, the company will apply a coupon based on how long you want to subscribe for. The 12-month plan is the best value at $29 per box. Some Pupbox products are also available at local pet supply stores like Petco or PetSmart. Pupbox does not have a storefront on Amazon.

Do Vets Recommend Pupbox Products?

Yes, vets recommend the types of products that Pupbox sells. They offer many grooming toys that can improve the health and well-being of your pooch. Dog toys made out of hard rubber are safe for most dog breeds and can’t be easily swallowed. Any squeaky toys should be watched to make sure your dog doesn’t ingest the squeaker. Also, some toys can pose choking hazards depending on your dog’s size, so vets recommend that you check with your veterinarian to make sure they are all safe for your dog.

Pupbox: Why Not Try Them?

Pupbox is a great brand to consider if you constantly have to replace toys, furniture, and dog accessories because your dog is a huge chewer. It can also be a good fit for a pet parent who wants nothing more than to spoil their pet with things like cozy blankets and dog collars.  

You might want to consider Pupbox because the boxes they give you alter as your dog ages. You’ll no longer have to rely on box stores to get a selection of treats that your puppy will soon outgrow. The convenience of a delivered box of goodies to your puppy is something that you will, and your dog will be able to look forward to.