Your Guide to Pupbox: Products Just for Your New Puppy

If you buy something from a link on our site, we may earn a commission. See our advertising disclosure.
If you buy something from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.
See our advertising disclosure.

We all love to spoil our pets, but no furbaby is quite as difficult to resist as a puppy, the literal investor of puppy-dog eyes! Enter PupBox, a monthly subscription business that caters specifically to puppies! Read on for more info on what goes into the box, how to order, and prices!

A Handy Dandy Puppy Starter Pack: What is the PupBox

PupBox is a subscription service that caters specifically for pups. The real selling point is that each box is tailored to your individual pooch, and adapts to their changing needs as they grow older.

This means new products to suit their current stage of development on a monthly basis. The company describes this as a “life stage-focused” approach, which makes it a great helping hand for first-time puppy parents, who can rest assured that their pup’s growth and development are being taken care of.

The Best Dog Subscription Box for your Shark Puppy!

PupBox started life on the popular entrepreneurship TV show, Shark Tank.

The panel was very impressed with the pitch (possibly helped by the addition of adorable puppy actors that the panelists got to cuddle), and the company has gone from strength to strength since then. In 2017, the company was acquired by the pet retailer PetCo, which has allowed them to grow and reach even more customers.

Pup Hood is Hard! But, this Monthly Box of Goodies can Make Your Life Easier

Getting a puppy can be an emotional rollercoaster, not to mention a steep learning curve.

PetBox aims to support new and seasoned pet owners alike, offering not only a carefully chosen selection of toys, accessories, and treats that arrive right at your door, but also tips, tricks, and advice to make your pup’s early years the very best they can be.

From Yummy Puppy Treats to the Best Puppy Toys: What’s in a PupBox?

Each and every product from this monthly dog subscription box has been carefully chosen with puppies in mind, which means that they are all safety-tested and owner-approved. Look for a rotating selection in each box of accessories like leads, collars, bows, and grooming supplies, as well as treats, chews, toys, and training tips.

A Dog Toy Box Especially for Puppies!

Can a puppy ever have enough toys? Surely not! Look for plushies to cuddle, rope toys to tug, interactive toys that keep inquisitive minds busy, and indestructive toys that will stand the test of time. PupBox has it all!

The Best Puppy Chew Toys

Most puppies just love to chew, and will get through chew toys and teething rings at a rate of knots! Luckily, this handy subscription box keeps a steady supply coming of high-quality chew toys specially designed for little puppy mouths and sharp puppy teeth.

The Best Puppy Treats!

From training treats to bully sticks to peanut butter chews and more, PupBox scours the market for the tastiest age-appropriate treats to send your puppy each month. Do you have a dog who’s a picky eater or who’s got allergies?

Simply add it to your pup’s profile to make sure that only the right kinds of treats are included. All treats from this awesome box is made in the USA and Canada.

Training Help 101

Training puppies can be hard work, especially with so much conflicting advice out there. This Pup Box has taken pity on the plight of puppy owners by including age-appropriate training materials in each box, from newborn to 12 months old. Potty training, walking on the leash, socialization, and more are all covered

. PupBox also has a number of training resources on its website from a specialist dog trainer and can send additional tips and tricks direct to your email inbox.

5 Reasons Why every Puppy Owner Needs a Pup Box

  1. PupBox may be aimed at puppies, but the company still caters to adult dogs by switching the puppy-specific treats and toys to premium products suitable for any age.
  2. It’s quick and easy to create an account on the PupBox website, where you can also create a full profile of your pup, meaning that you’ll get the most suitable products. From breed, age and size to coat type and allergies, the pup profile goes into lots of detail.
  3. If your furbaby falls in love with a specific PupBox product, you can purchase it directly from the PupBox store, which also stocks a hand-picked selection of larger products, including beds, big toys, throws, and more.
  4. For pet owners on a busy schedule, subscription services can save a huge amount of time, not just in terms of shopping time, but also in terms of time spent choosing between the infinite choices of pet products out there!
  5. Subscription boxes like PupBox can actually save you money, as the value of the individual puppy products in the box almost always exceeds the cost of the box itself.

PupBox vs The BarkBox Shop… there’s a Difference!

In the past few years, there has been real growth in the number of pet box subscription services. BarkBox, Surprise My Pet, and Pet Treater are all popular options, though new and specialist services are appearing all time time.

Each service has its own focus, though PupBox is the only one to specialize in puppies!

PupBox Review: Are these Monthly Boxes Worth it?

Sure, getting a box of dog treats delivered to your door every month might seem like you’re spoiling your puppy, but honestly, aren’t puppies made to be spoiled?

Plus, if you add up how much you would spend on treats, toys, and training advice throughout the month, it’s likely that PupBox could actually save you money—not to mention time.

PupBox Prices

This puppy box has a very clear pricing plan, which starts at $29 a month for a 12-month subscription, going up to $39 for a one-month plan.

You can also buy a special Birthday PupBox for $39, which comes with adorable birthday-themed fun, plus a special message to make it the perfect gift!

PupBox Promo Code

For a whopping 50% off your first month’s PupBox when you sign up for a 3, 6, or 12-month plan, simply enter the code “FIFTY” at checkout! We can’t guarantee how long this offer will last though, so get it while it’s hot! Check the companies social media channels for more deals and promotions.

Your Pup will go Barking Mad for a PupBox

If you’ve got a puppy—even a grown-up puppy—in need of spoiling, look no further than PupBox. With toys, treats and accessories tailored to your pup’s age and size, you’ll be taking the stress out of shopping for your dog.