Best Puppy Pads Summary

  • Best Overall Puppy Pads: Diggs Pee Pads
    Worry-free puppy pads designed for travel carriers with an absorbent lining, leak-blocking edges, and adhesive stickers. 
  • Best Scented Puppy Pads: American Kennel Club Lemon Scented Training Pads
    These training pads are the best overall puppy pads and are available in various scents to suit your pet.
  • Most Convenient Puppy Pads: Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pads
    Thanks to a leakproof design, these puppy pads offer a quick-dry surface for potty training.
  • Most Hygienic Puppy Pads: Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads
    With the goodness of activated charcoal, these puppy pads absorb urine, instantly maintaining hygiene.
  • Extra Thick Puppy Pads: Deep Dear Large Dog Pads
    These pads are not only extra thick but also highly absorbent and disposable, making them convenient to use.
  • Fastest Absorbing Puppy Pads: BV Pet Potty Training Pads for Dogs
    Thanks to a heavy-duty absorbent core, these puppy pads are a great way to train your pup at home.
  • Most Multi-Purpose Puppy Pads: Medpride Disposable Underpads
    These puppy pads come with super absorbent fluff-filled layers that prevent any unhappy accidents.
  • Fastest Drying Dog Pads: Solimo Super Absorbent Puppy Pads
    These super absorbent puppy pads come with a premium quick-dry top layer to prevent any leakage during accidents.

Are Puppy Pads a Good Idea?

Yes, puppy pads are a good idea. They prevent urine messes and can be helpful when potty training a young puppy. Here are some of the benefits of using puppy pads:

  • Cleanliness. Dog pads offer a cleaner solution to your pet’s bathroom needs. They are efficient and help keep your home clean and mess-free.
  • Fast Action. Puppy pads soak up liquids almost instantly thus preventing the spread of urine around the house.
  • Easy Use. Puppy pads are extra simple to use – just place the pad where necessary and pick it up when dirty. The pads are easy to dispose of too.
  • No Smells. Dog pads often feature incorporated deodorizers or odor eliminators that prevent unpleasant smells from spreading in the environment.
  • Potty Training. The pads are one of the key items necessary for potty training puppies. The process can be lengthy, but it is mandatory.
  • Affordable. Puppy pads are readily available and usually at an affordable price. You can also save by stocking up and buying in bulk.

The Best Puppy Pads Reviewed

With so many brands offering different types of puppy pads, it can be hard for pet owners to find the perfect product. Before visiting Amazon or Chewy to do some shopping, take a look at these pads and choose your favorite.

Diggs Pee Pads

Summary: The Diggs pee pads are designed to provide a worry-free experience for puppy owners. They are also conveniently sized to fit in most pet travel carriers. The pads feature an absorbent lining, leak-blocking edges, and adhesive stickers to prevent messy accidents. They are also very plush and comfortable to sit on. 


  • Comfortable extra plush design 
  • Leak-resistant edges and tough plastic backing
  • Adhesive stickers to keep the pad in place
  • Compatible with most pet travel carriers
  • Free shipping on all orders above $50


  • No significant cons 

Review: The pee pads are an excellent product that puts all pet parents at ease as it provides a worry-free experience. Customers say they love the pads as they are reliable, ultra-absorbing, and leak-proof. 

American Kennel Club Lemon Scented Training Pads

Summary: This product is perfect for both puppies and senior dogs. In addition to being ultra-absorbent, these potty pads are twice as thick as regular pads. There is carbon between the layers which prevents odor and keeps the environment hygienic.


  • Advanced odor control formula
  • 26 layer composition with quick-drying gel
  • A non-skid plastic backing layer prevents accidents
  • Available in a variety of dog-friendly scents
  • Suitable for senior pets and puppies alike


  • Might not hold a lot of liquid
  • The pads might require frequent changing

Review: While these pads are available in a variety of sizes, it might be difficult to select the right one for your dog initially. There might be issues holding large amounts of liquid.

Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pads

Summary: These puppy training pads are the perfect tool for potty training. Additionally, it can also be used with senior dogs as dog pee pads. Its unique design helps with easy clean-up, and its extra-large size reduces any accidents through unwanted leakage.


  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Feature a super-absorbent core for quick drying
  • Leakproof plastic lining that prevents leaks
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Built-in attractant for accident prevention


  • Not as easily degradable as similar products
  • Not very efficient in the presence of high moisture

Review: These pads are available in a variety of sizes. Therefore, you can find the right size for your dog quickly. They also have a 1.5-inch plastic border on the sides that prevents any overflow.

Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads

Summary: These carbon-activated dog training pads are the perfect addition to your home. They are great for house training when your new puppy wants to go wee-wee. Great for large and small dogs, these wee wee pads are great for pet owners who are worried about training puppies at home.


  • Feature a carbon-activated layer
  • Absorb odor and pet urine instantly
  • Made with five layers to prevent any leakage
  • Can be used in puppy crates
  • Suitable for dogs of all age categories


  • Might be difficult to find the right size for your dog
  • Moisture reduces the absorbing action of the pads

Review: These puppy pee pads are a great addition to your home and offer a simple solution to pet parents. They are, however, not washable or reusable and need to be disposed of like poop bags after use.

Deep Dear Large Dog Pads

Summary: These pads are highly versatile and can be used for pets of all sizes. They are made with premium quality materials and are the perfect replacement for dog diapers. They are also great pet training pads for housebreaking your new pup.


  • Highly absorbent pads with a quick-drying feature
  • Made with leakproof, tear-resistant, and durable polymer
  • Can be used in a litter box and offer all-day protection
  • Available in a variety of sizes from small to x-large
  • With a non-slip surface area for safe usage


  • Does not feature a pheromone attractant
  • Cannot hold more than 7 cups of liquid

Review: These pads offer a great sanitary solution for pets, small and large. They are mostly unscented and available in sizes small to XXL. They can be convenient to use but might become a problem when disposed of.

BV Pet Potty Training Pads for Dogs

Summary: These pads offer a pleasant and clean environment for your dogs. They feature a heavy-duty absorbent core along with a leakproof plastic lining. The inbuild odor attractant helps to easily train your dog.


  • Heavy-duty design and can hold 2 cups of liquid
  • Made with six layers for extra absorption
  • Contains a built-in attractant
  • Helps to train your dog easily
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Might face problems with moisture
  • Other similar products can hold more liquid

Review: These pads have a quilted top layer and attract your dog when they want to relieve themselves. However, they might not be able to hold enough liquid as compared to other similar products.

Medpride Disposable Underpads

Summary: In addition to protecting your bedding, these pads absorb liquids quickly and thus reduce irritation. The disposable pads offer you a high absorption feature and are soft on your pet’s skin. Additionally, they can also be used with other animals too.


  • Offer advanced bed protection
  • Contain an absorbent fluff-filled layer
  • Can be used in different ways and purposes
  • Prevent irritation caused due to wetness
  • Available in large bulk count packages


  • May not work well in high moisture environments
  • They might tear because of your pet’s claws

Review: These pads offer a versatile solution to your pet’s training. However, they might face damage from your dog’s claws. Additionally, they need to be kept in a dry environment for them to work well.

Solimo Super Absorbent Puppy Pads

Summary: These puppy pads are super-absorbent and superior in comparison to other products. They feature a plastic lining that prevents leakage. They also have a built-in dog attractant and odor neutralizer. The pads are very helpful in containing puppy urine and benefit the potty training process.


  • Super absorbent and leakproof
  • Available in a variety of sizes and options
  • Built-in attractant and odor eliminator
  • Great tool for housebreaking
  • Perfect for under your dog’s food or water bowl


  • Do not decompose very quickly
  • Must be stored in a moisture-free environment

Review: These pads are a great addition to your puppy toolkit. However, they can be difficult to store and might even tear when your puppy tries to claw into them or chew them. They do not offer refills for this product.

What Kind of Puppy Pads are Best?

The best pads for puppies are the American Kennel Club Lemon Scented Training Pads. As a product, they tick all boxes for quality, safety, and efficacy. Plus, they come from a reputable brand – AKC has been making the lives of pets and owners easier since 1884.

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind before choosing your brand of puppy pads. Let’s review each of them:

  • Absorbent. The pads should be highly absorbent and must hold the maximum amount of liquids possible. Even the best puppy pad will not work if it cannot hold a certain amount of urine without making a mess.
  • Disposable. The pads for your puppy must be easy to dispose of without creating much of a mess. Puppies tend to pee often, meaning you will need an easy way of eliminating the dirty pads.
  • Odor. The pads must contain some form of odor eliminator in order to keep your home smelling fresh. The odor should be strong enough to work yet light enough not to irritate you and your pet.
  • Attractant. If possible, choose a brand that has a built-in attractant so your pup knows that the pad is the place they can safely go. This is an additional feature – not all pads have it.
  • Sizes. The pads should be available in a variety of sizes. If you get a pad that is too small, it will need frequent removal. On the other hand, buying large puppy pads for a small pup is a waste of money.
Best Seller
Diggs Pee Pads
10/10Our Score
  • Accidents are no big deal with the leak-resistant, worry-free Pee Pads.
  • These are the first pee pads designed for travel carriers with a convenient smaller size.
  • With an absorbent lining, leak-blocking edges, and adhesive stickers, they’re great for housetraining at home or containing messes on the go. 

How do I Get My Puppy to Use the Pee Pad?

Before you start your potty training with your pup friend, there are a few aspects that need to be kept in mind. Let us take a look at them:

  • Patience. It is crucial that you stay patient with your pup. They are still very small and getting a grip on the world around them. Potty training can become a stressful situation for them if not done properly. Therefore, patience is the key to a successful training session.
  • Always Supervise. During the puppy training time, make sure that you are always present. Your dog needs all the support they can get to ‘go’ in an unfamiliar environment. You need to ensure that your dog is relaxed and feels supported.
  • Crate Training. Crates can be used as powerful tools when it comes to potty training. Dogs will never sleep in the same place they soil. Therefore, the dog crate should be introduced as a safe spot for them to work with.
  • Consistency. Irrespective of any accidents, you must ensure that the training is done routinely. This will give confidence to your dog and improve their habits as the days pass. This also helps improve your bond with your dog.
  • Rewards. Every time your dog does something you want them to do, reward them with praise and treats. Never underestimate the power of tasty food when it comes to your pet friends.
  • Transition. When you feel that your pup has been successfully trained with pads, you can slowly start to move the pads outdoors to give them a hint that all toilet sessions should be done outside.

Where Should You Place Puppy Pads?

Place the puppy pads away from your dog’s resting space, preferably near the main door of your home. This way, once they are trained, you can start to move the pads more and more outside to give them a cue. As a result, your pups will soon realize that in order to go to the bathroom, they have to step outside.

What Age Should a Puppy be Pad Trained?

Till your pup is around 16 weeks old, it might not be able to hold its bladder. So pad training is suggested during this period.

However, each dog is unique, and each breed offers its own set of traits. You need to spend time with your puppy in order to understand what is best for them.

Certain dog breeds are more challenging when it comes to potty training. In such cases, the training can be started earlier but will last until later in life.