What Age do Puppies Start Teething?

Generally, puppy teething starts at the age of 3 weeks.

The baby teeth that develop in this stage are primary (deciduous) teeth, also known as milk teeth, as in human babies. At this stage, puppies have 28 deciduous teeth. Later, the puppy’s baby teeth are replaced by 42 adult teeth (some dog breeds have 44 adult teeth).

The teething stage is long, and by the end of the seventh month, puppies have their complete set of 42 permanent teeth.

Is Teething Painful for Puppies?

Yes, puppy teething is painful, or at least irritating.

Overall, the duration of teething, especially during the initial days, can be very tricky for puppies to get accustomed to. It is also a taxing time for pet parents as their puppies would need extra care and look after.

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What are Signs of Puppy Teething?

There exist a few typical signs of teething process in new puppies, which include:

  • Mouthy. This term is associated with certain breeds like retrievers. This symptom is very similar to the elevated chewing tendency of dogs, where they grab and chew on anything and everything around them. Naturally, dogs grab everything with their mouth, but during the teething stage, this tendency increases as their teeth erupt gradually, and it feels different inside their mouth.
  • Chewing. The most common sign when a puppy starts teething is chewing. You can expect your puppy to chew on almost everything: whether living or non-living things, from cushions to wires, and shoes. They will even scratch your legs and arms with their teeth. Nipping is their way of soothing the irritable feeling inside their mouths due to the eruption of tiny teeth.
  • Swollen Gums. Swollen and painful gums are a common occurrence during the teething of puppies. The associated pain can be mild or moderate as gums tend to swell up and make space for the developing dog teeth.
  • Bleeding. In some cases, the swollen gums can also start bleeding. A little bleeding is normal as sometimes the gums are slit, so new teeth can erupt.
  • Appetite Loss. This is a side effect of teething in puppies. Many puppies lose their appetite or their appetite changes during this time.
  • Irritability. This will surely happen when your puppy starts teething. Irritability is the most common sign of a puppy teething. Whether it’s due to the pain or tingling sensation, it often manifests in puppies’ irritability.
  • Increased Salivation. As the changes happen inside the mouth, it’s common for puppies to drool more than normal during the teething stage.

What Are the Stages of Puppy Teething?

The teething stages in puppies happen faster and more continuously than in humans. Here is the puppy teething timeline:

  • Age 4-6 weeks: primary teeth erupt (28)
  • Age 12-20 weeks: permanent or secondary teeth start developing, with incisors first.
  • Age 12-16 weeks: a permanent set of canines develop
  • Age 16-24 weeks: premolars erupt
  • Age 20-28 weeks: molars erupt.

How Do You Soothe a Teething Puppy?

You can help puppy teething with teeth-soothing products, like teething toys and dog toothpaste, to heal their sore gums and help their chewing tendencies.

Here are the best dental chews for puppies to make puppy teething a pain-free process.

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  • Eases your pup’s gum pain caused by teething
  • Aids in solving foul breath in dogs
  • Contains Inulin for digestive support
  • Different pack sizes available to suit your pup’s needs
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N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings

Summary: A safe and useful product for the strong chewing urges of teething puppies. These are ring-shaped dog chew toys for puppies that will provide dental care and nutrition to your puppies.

Made with the goodness of calcium and boosted with DHA (improves cognitive health), this chewable and digestible teething ring is one of the best ways to massage your puppies’ delicate teeth. At the same time, they enjoy this delicious chicken-flavored treat. Suitable for large and medium-breed puppies.

  • Relieve puppy biting and chewing urges
  • Soothes teething pain and gum soreness
  • With natural ingredients, vitamins, and calcium
  • Devoid of corn, wheat, or soy
  • Excellent playtime puppy toy
  • Cannot be used for puppies below 12 weeks of age

Review: Based on 20,672 ratings, this puppy teething product has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pet parents claim that their puppies are more comfortable during their teething stage with this teeth ring.

Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Dog Toy

Summary: This is a soft material chew toy perfect for teething puppies who are losing or gaining their primary teeth. This chew toy is a long and souper-shaped, and durable material that dogs of up to 25 pounds big can use.

This puppy chew toy eliminates the destructive chewing habits of your puppies and keeps them safe from chewing and ingesting anything inappropriate. This toy also reduces irritability, stress, and anxiety related to the teething stages. Comes in two different sizes and has a lamb and apple flavor that will keep your puppies engaged.

  • Durable chew toy suitable for all breeds
  • Provides dental care
  • An excellent alternative to ice cubes
  • Can be washed and reused
  • Has delectable flavors that your dog will enjoy chewing on
  • Material used for the chew toy is not mentioned

Review: Based on feedback from 9,434 customers, this puppy teething product has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Pet parents state that this is a sturdy product that is easy to clean and reuse.

N-Bone Puppy Teething Treats

Summary: Special treats for puppies undergoing teething. These stick-shaped puppy treats have the perfect texture for your puppies to chew on as they eat them.

These treats are enhanced with calcium and DHA, improving bone and brain health in puppies. The pliable texture of the treat helps relieve teething pain and discomfort in puppies. These treats are free of any artificial ingredients like rubber or nylon.

  • Digestible treats devoid of artificial ingredients
  • Pliable texture great for chewing
  • Stick shape makes it easy for puppies to hold and chew on
  • Enhanced with calcium and DHA for bone and brain health
  • Relieves teething pain and irritability
  • Can become a choking hazard due to the small size of the sticks

Review: According to 18,420 customer reviews, these puppy teething sticks have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers claim that it is a value-for-money product that works well for teething puppies and even older dogs.

Petstages Dog Toy Pet Stages Cool Teething Stick

Summary: A teething stick for puppies to help them deal with various uncomfortable sensations during teething. This teething stick has a special cooling effect that relieves irritated gums and tingling small teeth.

This stick is made with cotton fabric and a stuffed interior, making it durable and chewy yet gentle on puppy teeth. This stick can be soaked in water and then kept in the freezer beforehand to provide your puppy with a cooling sensation. This teething stick is reusable and thus durable in the long run.

  • A soft yet chewy teething stick
  • Cooling effect that relieves pain in swollen gums
  • Relieves aches and irritability due to teething
  • Doesn’t contain artificial flavors
  • Reduces destructive chewing in puppies
  • Cannot be used unsupervised

Review: Based on 9805 customer reviews, this puppy teething product has an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Pet parents claim this is a must-buy for any puppy undergoing teething as it reduces aggressive chewing.

Nylabone Puppy Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy for Teething Puppies

Summary: A flavored chew toy suitable for teething puppies so that they get the best of flavor and fun while they play with it. This chew toy comes in a dinosaur shape in bright colors that will surely appeal to puppies.

This toy is flavored and durable and can be reused. Provides relief from stress and anxiety and reduces destructive chewing during this period.

  • Durable safe chew toy that can be reused
  • Comes in an appealing bright-colored dinosaur shape
  • Mildly flavored so that your puppy enjoys their chew time
  • Relieves achy gums and tingling sensations in the puppy’s mouth
  • Keeps destructive chewing at bay
  • Often out of stock on online retailers

Review: Based on feedback from 44,843 customers, this puppy teething chew toy is a winner. Pet parents are amazed at how well this works to keep their puppies calm and comfortable during teething.

N-Bone Puppy Teething Sticks

Summary: Healthy teething sticks make perfect dental care during difficult teething weeks. This stick-shaped puppy treat is edible and easily digestible.

The texture of the stick is chewy, just enough to provide your puppy’s teeth much-needed relief for teething irritability. Comes in a peanut butter flavor that puppies will love and is enriched with DHA and omega-3 fatty acids for cognitive improvement.

  • Edible and digestible teething stick
  • Free or corn, wheat, or soy
  • Contains DHA and omega-3 fatty acids for health benefits
  • Provides relief from irritability and achy gums
  • Comes in different delectable flavors
  • Not suitable for puppies weighing less than 5 lbs

Review: Based on 45 global reviews, this puppy teething treat has an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. Pet parents state that their dogs love it and are engaged in chewing this treat for long hours, happily.

Carllg Dog Teething Cleaning Toothbrush Toy

Summary: An innovative chew toy that improves your dog’s dental health and keeps them calm during teething. This chewing toy comes in a starfish shape and is textured, appealing to your dog’s erupting teeth.

Moreover, this toy comes with a whistle on top, which blows whenever your dog chews on it: this grabs your dog’s attention and keeps them engaged. This toy is made with healthy TPR material, making it durable even when used by aggressive chewers.

  • Keeps dogs engaged and alleviates irritability
  • Cleans their teeth effectively
  • Doesn’t dent or bend even after using for a long time
  • Relieves the tingling sensation in your dog’s mouth effectively
  • Made of healthy and non-toxic material
  • Cannot be used without supervision

Review: Based on 520 customer reviews, this puppy teething product has an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Customers state that it is effective for aggressive chewers and their dogs love playing with it.

How Long Does Teething for a Puppy Last?

The teething stage for a puppy lasts till 28 weeks or seven months of age.

Within this period, they will undergo two teething phases: one for the primary teeth and the next (from week 12 onwards) for their permanent teeth.

Overall, from 3 weeks of age to 28 weeks puppies need special dental care. Chew toys and treats like rawhides, antlers, bully sticks, Kong & other rubber toys) effectively relieve the pain and control the hazards of aggressive chewing as a natural instinct.