Our Top Picks Summary

  • Best Overall PVC Dog Bed: YEP HHO Detachable and Elevated Dog Bed
    Detachable and elevated dog bed with breathable mesh and allow frame and legs. 
  • Best PVC Dog Bed for Small Breeds: Laifug Elevated Pet Bed
    Easy-to-clean and assemble dog bed with an eco-friendly cotton canvas and 100% guarantee. 
  • Multipurpose PVC Dog Bed: Raised Mesh PVC Pipe Dog Cot
    Portable, multipurpose dog bed with organic soft silk that comes in different colors. 
  • Best Hammock-Type of PVC Dog Bed: Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed
    High-quality hammock with breathable mesh, skid-resistant legs, and portable design. 
  • Most Cooling PVC Dog Bed: Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed
    Off-the-ground dog bed made with a heavy-duty yet breathable and high-density polyethylene.  
  • Most Durable PVC Dog Bed: IPU Indestructible Raised Dog Bed
    Easy assembly dog bed with a sunsure and cooling fabric available in different sizes and colors. 
  • Most Easy Maintenance PVC Dog Bed: Amazon Basics Elevated Pet Bed
    Easy-to-clean elevated PVC dog bed with a breathable mesh and sturdy construction. 

Materials and Supplies for Your DIY PVC Dog Bed

Your dog needs a comfortable place to nap outdoors. Some pups prefer an elevated dog bed over a pillowed-styled one. To create an elevated dog-style bed for your pet, you can customize one to his preferences and size using PVC piping as a sturdy frame.

Choose a washable and durable fabric to make a sleeping surface, where your dog can sprawl and stretch out in style while elevated off the cold, hard floor.

Here, we walk you through steps to create a simple, comfortable, yet durable PVC dog bed that is far healthier and comfier than sleeping on the ground. 

  • Tape Measure
  • PVC Pipe Cutting Tool (a saw or cutter)
  • Power Drill
  • Outdoor fabric measuring (42” x 32”)
  • 32 pieces of ½” Round washer head screws
  • 4 pieces of 1-1/4” PVC Flat Caps
  • 4 pieces of 1-1/4” 3 Way PVC Fittings (this is also known as outlet elbows)
  • About 11.5 feet of 1-1/4” PVC Pipe (preferably white schedule 40 PVC pipe)

Cutting Instructions

person cutting pvc pipe with a hand saw

As stated above, the 1-1/4” schedule 40 PVC pipe is preferable for a DIY PVC dog bed. The pipe is not too thick and easier to work with than the schedule 80 PVC pipe. It is also cheaper. This pipe is sold in 10-foot sections; you need two of these.

Cut the pipe into eight pieces: two 32-1/2” pieces, two 23-1/2” pieces, and four 4” pieces. Using your measuring tape, measure and cut with a PVC cutter, electric cutter, or standard hand saw if you have one.

Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Fit the bed together

Now that all the pieces required are ready, it’s time to put this PVC dog bed together. Using the 3-way fittings, fit the four longer PVC pipes together to form a rectangular shape. Point the 3-way fittings down, as the dog bed will start from there. You do not need to glue or screw anything yet. This stage is about making sure the pieces fit together perfectly.

Step 2: Dry fit the PVC pipe

Now that you have assembled the PVC pipe bed frame, fit the four 4” pieces into the downward-facing 3-way fittings. Slip the flat caps on the ends of those four pieces; they are the feet and legs of the PVC dog bed. If the bed frame is on its back, flip it over and ensure it sits correctly, with no irregular angle. If there is, this stage is your last chance to make the necessary adjustment before fitting the fabric. If all is in order, it means your measurements are correct.

Step 3: Attach a durable and washable fabric

Spread the fabric face down, and flip the bed frame on its back. Lay it on the fabric in a way that there are even excess materials on each side. It’s best you place the frame on the center of the fabric. Make dog-ear folds on the four corners of the fabric to give your dog bed a finished look when completed.

Step 4: Fold the corners of the fabric under PVC

Make a half-inch fold on the edge of the fabric; you can use glue to hold it in place if necessary. The edges are where you will be drilling the fabric to the frame. Wrap all folded fabric over the closest PVC pipe, and screw the fabrics to the pipe. Ensure you screw through the half-inch fold on the edge of the fabric that you made.

Place the screws at every 4 inches or so along the whole length of the pipe. Attach the fabric down each side, and screw each fitting into the pipe securely.

Step 5: Drill into the PVC pipe

After securing one side of the pipe, move to the opposite, and repeat the screwing process. Create a half-inch fold like on the other side, and screw it to the PVC pipe every 4 inches. After that, use a wrench or ask a friend to grab the PVC pipe, turn it inwards, stretch the pipe until taut. Hold the pipe tight and screw as you did the other side.

On completion, you have finished a DIY PVC dog bed. When it gets dirty, hose it off. Make use of an outdoor fabric that will last a long time. Your pup will love to lie on a comfy surface other than on grass or dirt outdoors. If you do not have a pet, you could craft a PVC dog bed and donate it to an animal shelter. It is an excellent way of contributing to your local shelter!

If you do not have the time or sewing skill to DIY a PVC dog bed, you can choose from the following ready-made products. They are comfortable and durable and will boost your dog’s sleep hygiene. 

Best PVC Dog Beds

YEP HHO Detachable Elevated Dog Bed

This detachable dog bed will keep your dog cool by keeping it off the ground and ensuring the optimal circulation of air around his body. The dog bed has a nice rating on Amazon and can be easily assembled. Simply stick the Velcro around the product, and insert the iron tube through it. Easy peasy!

It features a sturdy PVC frame, water-resistant fabric, and a non-slip rubber foot that prevents it from sliding on a slippery floor. The bed can be wiped down with a damp cloth or hose down. Plus, it is easy to transport around – just disassemble and place it into a portable bag, and you are good to go. It has a carrying capacity of up to 80 pounds.

Laifug Elevated Pet Bed for Small Dogs

This is a quality pet brand responsible for many premium animal products on the market today. Laifug is recognized all over the world for its fantastic work to help pets look and feel better. This bed is an example of one of their top-quality products.

The Laifug Elevated Pet Bed standout for its impressive performance and excellent quality. This is a solid elevated dog bed with a waterproof fabric. It features an Eco-friendly cotton canvas that is both sturdy and durable.

Furthermore, this dog bed is easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth or hose it; it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. And comes with easy to assemble and disassemble parts.

Raised Mesh PVC Pipe Frame Dog Cot

The strong and durable Raised Mesh PVC Pipe Dog Cot is ideal for keeping your dog above the ground during the warm summer months. Designed for extended outdoor use, the GREENGUARD Certified fabric is water-resistant and has low chemical emissions.

The fabric is breathable and allows optimal air circulation to provide comfort and calm to your dog. It is sunlight, mildew, and stain-resistant. It is super easy to assemble; the only tool you will be needing to fit this piece together is a rubber mallet hammer. The bed has a carrying capacity of 130 Pounds.

Bedsure Original Elevated Dog Cot Bed

The Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed is one of the most durable elevated dog beds on the market. The sleeping surface is made from a durable Teslin, a recyclable mesh that allows easy airflow when your dog lies on it. This material is super-comfy to lie on. It is resistant to scuffs, tears, and abrasions. This makes it suitable for aggressive chewers because it is chew-proof and scratch-proof.

Due to its construction, the dog bed is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is tough, highly resistant, and easy to maintain. This bed is worth every penny.

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

The Coolaroo Pet Bed is one of the most loved elevated dog beds on the planet because of its durability, high-density polyethylene fabric, and cleanability.

The frame surface is slippery and prevents mildew, fleas, mold, and fleas from ever reaching the sleeping surface. The sleeping surface is 7 inches off the ground, a much better option than having your pup lay on the hard floor.

All materials used in making this dog bed are certified safe and free from chemical compounds that may harm you or your dog. With a friendly price, this dog bed is a steal.


IPU Indestructible Raised Pet Cot

The IPU Indestructible Raised Dog Bed is a tough bed built to withstand even the strongest of chewers. This product is virtually chew-proof and a testament to IPU’s commitment to creating a long-lasting, durable, and high-quality dog bed.

This dog bed is also water-resistant; it will not change color or get damaged by accidents or rainfall. It is a no-assembly unit; just unbox and insert the plugs to get it ready. Its elevated design ensures it is perfect for use in all weather.


Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed

This is a popular elevated dog bed among pet owners. It has similar features to the Coolaroo but comes much cheaper. It is an easy to assemble elevated dog bed that comes with all the instructions and tools to get started. The bed is also super easy to clean and maintain.

Thanks to a mesh PVC fabric, your dog will stay comfortable and cool in all weather conditions. All you have to do to keep it in pristine condition is to hose it down. This bed has a carrying capacity of 150 pounds. Plus, it is covered by Amazon guarantee.

Our Final Thoughts

For your dog, sleeping on a DIY elevated dog bed is like sleeping on a human bed. It has the same level of support, raised height, and comfort. If you do not have the time or sewing skill to create a PVC dog bed for your furry baby, consider the high-quality products we reviewed above.

We choose these products because they are tough and comfy. They are chew-proof, scratch-proof, and have a flexible sleeping surface that will nudge your pup to sleep all the time. They represent good value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a PVC dog bed?

Cleaning your dog bed is part of maintaining and maximizing the dog bed life. Note, even though dog bed fabrics and PVC pipes are mold-resistant, mold grows on dirt and bacteria and not on the pipe or fabric.

To clean a PVC pet bed, wash with warm water and soap, then sprayed down with a hose, followed by air drying. For stubborn stains, use a sponge to brush the bed fabric and PVC pipe until the spots are clean. Then, rinse thoroughly.

Are PVC dog beds sturdy?

PVC dog beds are solid workhorses of the dog bed world. They are very sturdy but not quite indestructible. They are a better choice for pet owners who own aggressive chewers.

What is the best fabric for pet beds?

You can use any fabric type for your dog bed, but ensure your preferred material is durable and well suited for use outdoors, e.g., duck, canvas, or durable Crypton fabric. Crypton fabric is exceptional; it is easy to clean and wipe down and will stay fresh and clean all day long.