Raw Paws is a pet supply retailer with a presence in the world of eCommerce and they also have physical retail stores.

We liked the commitment that Raw Paws has to providing quality nutrition and delivering high-quality products that are also very convenient for you. As a pet owner, you can rest assured that you’ll get the freshest ingredients delivered that are intended to improve your pet’s quality of life.

  • Raw Paws is a retailer that sells pet supplies in eCommerce and physical retail stores
  • Their selection of products include pet food, treats for pets, chews and supplements
  • Raw Paws also sells horse treats
  • They are committed to providing quality nutrition in their meal plans
Soft Chicken Stick Treats for Dogs & Cats
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  • Your dog or cat will love the hearty flavor of our soft chicken stick treats!
  • Made from 100% real, USA raised chicken, these easy-to-chew, super tasty treats contain no wheat, soy, corn or with no by-products.
  • They are naturally rich in beneficial nutrients such as in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Folate, Phosphorus and Selenium.
  • All of which promote and healthy and happy life for your pet!

What is Raw Paws?

Raw Paws is a pet supply retailer that has a presence in eCommerce and physical retail stores. It was founded as a small family business with a mission to provide your dog or cat with the healthiest products at a competitive price. They offer pet food, treats, supplements, chews, and other products for the discerning pet owner. The main quality that makes Raw Paws an attractive brand is a commitment to serving your pets a raw diet through Raw Paws Pet food options that are free from additives and made in the USA. These recipes will typically come from free-range protein animals that are made into kibble, grain-free recipes, or other types of raw dog food or raw cat food.

Dog Eating Food

Who Owns Raw Paws?

Raw Paws is owned by Shelli McDonald, the company’s president. Raw Paws advertises that it is a woman-owned small family business. It was once owned by the Dan Creek Capital Corp, and the ownership of the company is currently in private hands.

Where are Raw Paws Products Made?

Raw Paws is made in Indianapolis, where the company is headquartered. Their raw ingredients are responsibly sourced from small family farms in the USA. They only source from ethical farms that provide animal meat that is free from preservatives, hormones, and GMOs. They will only produce pet products that are antibiotic-free and contain no fillers. The high-quality meals and supplements Raw Paws produces in Indianapolis are a great addition to any cat or dog meal plan. Raw diets should be left to professionals as they can present microbe hazards.

What does Raw Paws Sell?

Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw Paws offers a large selection of pet products to its customers. The categories of products that Raws Paws sells includes the following:

  • Pet Food: They offer many varieties of pet food for cats and dogs, like raw, freeze-dried, meaty bones, and special diet foods.
  • Pet Treats: There are various protein options for pet treats that come in baked, freeze-dried, dehydrated, grilled, and smoke treats.
  • Pet Chews: Raw Paws has an excellent selection of chews like bully sticks, dental chews, pressed rawhide, rawhide alternatives, smoked bones, ears for dogs, yak chews, horns for dogs, and hooves for dogs.
  • Pet Supplements: The supplements Raw Paws offers address several categories like digestive, probiotics, immune support, skin & coat, dental, dewormer, and BOOST toppers.
  • Pet Supplies: Various pet supplies like catnip lollipops, wrinkle cream, lick mats, and feeder bowls.
  • Gift Cards: You can purchase gift certificates that make a great gift for a friend or family pet owner.
  • Grooming Supplies: Raw Paws offers grooming gloves, dematting combs, pin brushes, and other helpful pet grooming tools.

Raw Paws: Dog Products

Raw Paws has an excellent selection of dog products for a dog owner’s furry friend, which is listed below:

  • Dog Food: meat patties, freeze-dried, meaty bones, grain-free, free-range, wild-caught, raw feeding, gluten-free, dry food, wet food, complete blends
  • Dog Treats: Baked, dehydrated, freeze-dried, grilled, smoked, cookies, biscuits, training treats, jerky treats, soft treats, chewy treats, tripe treats
  • Dog Chews: bully sticks, dental chews, smoked bones, ears, yak chews, horns, hooves, rawhide
  • Dog Supplements: dental, de-wormer, digestive, immune support, hip & joint, probiotics, skin & coat
  • Dog Grooming Supplies: Grooming gloves, brushes, nail clippers, bath brushes

Raw Paws: Dog Food

Raw Paws Baked


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Raw Paws takes great pride in its dog food meal plans and recipes that contain high-quality ingredients. The dog food that Raw Paws sells is listed below:

  • Freeze Dried: The meals from this category are USDA inspected to ensure they have quality protein ingredients. They are a great way to keep your animals on a raw dog food diet in a pinch.
  • Raw Diet: Raw Paws highlights items that are part of its raw diet meal plans. These meals are produced with high-quality ingredients.
  • Meaty Bones: These bones are hearty meals that are packed with protein and other essential nutrients like adiponectin, glucosamine, and chondroitin. You will also find high amounts of calcium, gelatin, and phosphorous.
  • Grain-Free Kibble: Raw Paws delivers convenient kibble meals that are AAFCO approved to be a complete and balanced meal. It is an excellent complement to raw feeding.
  • Signature Blends: The signature blends products contain higher quality raw items that are high in protein.
  • Frozen Patties: These patties come from free-range grass-fed cows that are raised on a family farm in Indiana. They have a ratio of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ.

Raw Paws: Dog Treats

A good round of dog training is not complete without tasty dog treats. Raw Paws has many exciting dog treat options, which include the treats listed below:

  • Baked: These treats are slow baked to perfection and can be made from venison, rabbit or beef.
  • Dehydrated: Tripe and jerky treats that contain high amounts of protein and can be crunchy or chewy.
  • Freeze Dried: Raw Paws uses a gentle freezing process that preserves the maximum amount of nutrients possible from the raw food ingredients. They help improve digestion and relieve allergies.
  • Grilled: Stick and sausage treats that are soft and chewy. They come in a resealable bag and contain no wheat, soy, corn, or other fillers.
  • Smoked: These treats come in smoked chicken feet and have a rich barbeque flavor.

Raw Paws: Dog Chews

Raw Paws has a whole section in their store just for chews. They have a wide selection of dog chews, including the following:

  • Bully Sticks: These treats have grass-fed meat that is low in fat. These are ideal for small and medium dogs and are free of antibiotics and additional additives. They can also reduce plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Dental Chews: A treat that is 100% digestible while giving your dog a nice oral cleaning. They contain grooves that stimulate a dog’s teeth and gums in a way that promotes healthy oral care.
  • Ears: This dog-only treat is high in protein. They contain chondroitin, which helps with arthritis and joint disorders.
  • Horns: A yummy treat with a hard texture meant for scraping away plaque build-up in your dog’s teeth.
  • Hooves: Delicious chews that come in peanut butter, bacon, and cheese flavors. They are another chew that is great at keeping your dog’s teeth clean. They last a long time, so they are a great treat to have handy.
  • Smoked Bones: These chews go through a smoking process where the bone is slowly smoked at a low temperature to lock in a delicious barbeque flavor. They have many healthy nutrients packed in and shrink-wrapped so you can be guaranteed freshness.
  • Rawhide: Dogs love these rawhide treats that contain omega fatty acids. They are a great way to help reduce your dog’s anxiety.

Raw Paws: Dog Supplements

Supplements are one of the best ways to increase the health and longevity of your dog. The dog supplements Raw Paws sells includes the following:

  • Probiotics: These supplements work through a holistic approach to a healthy digestive system. They are a high-fiber snack that encourages the growth of healthy bacteria to prevent constipation and diarrhea.
  • Skin & Coat: A delicious snack that contains Omega 3 fatty acids that will allow your dog to develop clear skin and a healthy coat. They also aid fur regrowth due to bad immune system or other health problems.
  • Hip & Joint: Each supplement contains glucosamine which is a supplement that could help to protect your dog’s joint cartilage and reduce joint inflammation.

Does Raw Paws Sell Cat Products?

Yes, Raw Paws sells cat products that are uniquely suited to cat diets. Raw Paws will often offer food and treats that both cats and dogs can eat.

Raw Paws: Cat Food

The first step to a happy and healthy cat is delicious and nutritious cat food. The cat food that Raw Paws sells is listed below:

  • Patties: A high-protein meal for cats that is stored in a cryo-vacuum sealed bag. They give cats a well-rounded and complete meal.
  • Freeze-Dried: This raw cat food meal is slowly frozen to preserve the nutrients contained within. It is chock full of flavor and nutrition and has an appealing texture.
  • Breast Chunks: Breast chunks from free-range birds with lean protein contain essential amino acids that cats crave.
  • Frozen: Frozen cat foods could be a good way to incorporate weight management into your cat’s diet.

Raw Paws: Cat Treats

Nothing makes a cat’s day like a yummy cat treat that keeps their excitement and energy levels up. The cat treats that Raw Paws sells are listed below:

  • Freeze-Dried Minnows: Whole fish treats that look and taste familiar to cats. They are an appealing treat that contains vital nutrients for growing a beautiful coat.
  • Stick Treats: A high-protein snack that contains nutrients like selenium, iron, and phosphorus.
  • Catnip Lollipop: This irresistible catnip treat also doubles as a way to scrape away plaque from your cat’s teeth.

Does Raw Paws Sell Horse Treats?

Yes, Raw Paws sells horse treats. They offer a package of gourmet apple & oat treats that horses love to chow down on. These treats are available on the Raw Paws website and on their Amazon store. They are pocket-sized horse biscuits that contain natural ingredients like applesauce, oatmeal, honey, and flax.

Is Raw Paws a Good Brand?

Yes, Raw Paws is a good brand to pick for both cat and dog owners. It offers a truly huge selection of products to buy and give to your pets. Raw Paws has a much larger selection than your typical pet supply brand, and there is something for everyone. They use high-quality ingredients in their meals and do their part to buy from local, sustainable farms. This commitment to sustainability is an excellent reason for someone to choose this brand.

Where can I Buy Raw Paws?

You can purchase Raw Paws products from their primary website, rawpawspetfood.com. Pet parents can also find some of their products offered on Amazon or in retail stores. You will typically find coupons that will save you money at checkout when you order from the official website.

Do Vets Recommend Raw Paws Products?

Yes, vets recommend Raw Paws Products. They contain high-quality ingredients made from whole foods and without any artificial fillers. Many vets recommend your pet’s diet be made from these types of ingredients for providing essential nutrients. 

Why Choose Raw Paws?

People looking for a good pet supply brand have many reasons to choose Raw Paws. The first reason is their massive selection of products that leave no stone unturned. No matter what cravings your pet has or what health condition they are dealing with, there is a product for them.

Another reason is that Raw Paws uses sustainable local farms to source many of its protein ingredients. They also make all of their products in the USA, so you can trust them to be of higher quality than traditional commercial pet feed.

Raw Paws’ commitment to quality nutrition and delivering the highest-quality products are also very convenient for you. As a pet owner, you are guaranteed to get deliveries of the freshest ingredients that you can trust to be vet-recommended to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Yet another reason to choose Raw Paws is their focus on raw food meals. A raw food feeding schedule can take some time to get your pet used to, but it is one of the healthiest ways to get healthy ingredients right for your pets. The cooking process of many other brands eliminates some of the vital nutrients your pet could be consuming. In a healthy pet’s life cycle, every nutrient counts. The sooner you choose to get your pet on a healthier lifestyle, the greater longevity they will have.


“There are numerous risks that are involved with giving your pets raw diets that can be easily overshadowed by the popularity of the trend. Before you start feeding them raw, make sure you understand the facts provided by your veterinarian and assess whether you are capable of going the extra mile to procure the most high quality, curated products.” 

– Alysper Cormanes, DVM